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ALIAS: Braden
SITES: Adult Time, College Dudes, Corbin Fisher, Fantasy Massage, Hot House, Jake Cruise, Next Door Buddies, Next Door Hookups, Next Door Male, Next Door Studios, Straight Guys For Gay Eyes

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A Cancelled Appointment

Featuring Criss Strokes and Miko Sinz
Fantasy Massage | Nuru Massage

June 21, 2010

"Miko's last client is an hour late when he finally calls to let her know he won't be able to make it as he haven't even had time to eat lunch today. A bit disappointed Miko decides to take a relaxing shower when suddenly her client Criss walks in and catches her playing with herself Criss again apologizes for being late and tells her he still didn't eat, Miko tells him that if he is still hungry he can come and eat her pussy... The two enjoy licking and sucking each other and move on to the Nuru treatment for more action..."

WATCH A Cancelled Appointment Featuring Criss Strokes and Miko Sinz












Basketball Nuru Drill

Featuring Criss Strokes and Jackie Lin
Fantasy Massage | Nuru Massage

March 8, 2010

"Criss is a college basketball player who's team had lost a big game last week. One of the winning team's players suggested Criss go and cheer himself with a special massage. As he arrives to Nuru massage, Jackie greets him and shows him to the shower, there she gently kisses his giant dick. After Jackie makes sure he is all clean they move to the hot Jacuzzi for some pussy-cock sliding. The last station is the air mattress where Criss gets a happy ending treatment and forgets all about losing the game."

WATCH Basketball Nuru Drill Featuring Criss Strokes and Jackie Lin















Criss Strokes Serviced

Criss Strokes Serviced


"Criss first shot 3 scenes for my straight porn for gay men site, SG4GE.com. When I saw that monster cock, I knew I had to get my hands and mouth around it some day. It took a few months, but finally I got Criss right where I wanted him: deep inside my mouth.

Criss is very nice and we had a lot of fun. At first I didn't know what to do with that mammoth piece of meat. Do I put it over my shoulder and burp it? Do I rub it until a genie pops out? But my instincts soon took over and I had ten inches of hard cock sliding down my throat. I have to admit I'm very proud to have deep-throated the incredible Mr. Strokes several times. I guess practice makes perfect."






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Criss Strokes Solo

Criss Strokes Solo


"Violating my rule of no snakes in the studio, I made an exception for Criss Strokes who sports quite the python. Handling this monster, which, by the way, is rock hard almost instantly, is sometimes a two-handed job for Criss. (A guy gets tired stroking something that big!) But all the hard work proves worthwhile, as Criss' python spits out some tasty venom."

Criss Strokes Solo

Criss Strokes Solo

Chris Strokes and Naomi Cruise


August 3, 2007

"Large and in charge. Besides the fact that Criss is 6'3", with a whopping 10 inches to play with, he likes to take charge in the bedroom. He works every angle and just about every position as he gives Naomi Cruise a powerful pounding. She obviously loves it, as she reciprocates with a nice massage and blow job. Then Criss lends a hand, resulting in a big finish that's only appropriate for such a big guy."

Criss, Dallas and SeanCriss, Dallas and Sean

February 23, 2009

"Two guys worship thick 10 inch Criss! Not only do we get to see Criss boss 2 hot dudes to service his colossal meat weapon, these dudes are having some serious fun. By the time the shoot was over, Criss, Dallas, and Sean had worked up enough of a sweat to make the place feel like a steamroom. It was great to have Sean back - this time he was able to show us that str8 guys can suck dick too. And Dallas, a newbie with College Dudes 24/7, displays all of his hot cock-sucking talents. This scene is a cock worship scene for sure, you all will LOVE this one."
Criss, Dallas and Sean

Criss, Dallas and Sean
Criss Busts A NutCriss Busts A Nut

February 16, 2007

"How much pleasure can a guy get out of having a wank? Well, if you are Criss, then you have a 10 incher - and that means you can get A Lot of pleasure. Criss has a great time jerking off, only in this vid Criss is jerking off while he is watching himself fuck one of his favorite chicks! This is almost too hot to handle. Criss sure proved to us guys at College Dudes 24/7 that he is able to do almost anything to please himself and those around him. Join us to view the full length video and all hardcore photos."
Criss Busts A Nut

Criss Busts A Nut

Criss & Samuel

Featuring Criss Strokes and Samuel
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

July 6, 2007

"The tall, muscled 21 year old Criss Strokes and the handsome, dark haired 19 year old Samuel are here to put on a hot show.

Lately, Criss has been bitching about the cost of his new car, so we thought we'd help by offering a way to make an extra buck this month. Of course it's kinky and perverted, but that's what we're good at.Actually, it wasn't anything too extreme at all. We wanted to see Samuel work Criss's massive pole with his mouth, then stuff the huge thing up his ass and ride it.

Thankfully, things worked out just the way we wanted them too. Both of them start off by stripping down and stroking themselves hard to some DVD porn. Once thoroughly turned on, Samuel leans over slurps down Criss's stiff dick, making sure to rub his balls as well.

After a giving a great blow job, Samuel wants to slide that big thing into his hole. He takes a seat on Criss's lap, allowing his giant cock to burry itself into his ass before sliding up and down on the log sized member.

These two fuck this way and that, and when it's over, Samuel is wearing two men's cum; his own, and the studly Criss Strokes's, who happily drenched the submissive Samuel. Enjoy!"


Brady Rey & Criss

Featuring Brady Rey and Criss Strokes
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

June 1, 2007

"We have two super hung young men for you to watch today.

Welcome the tall, muscled Criss Strokes and the lean swimmer bodied Brady Rey.

Criss is straight and has been doing a little gay-for-pay to make life that much easier. Brady, on the other hand, loves to milk giant cocks until they're shooting their load all over his face and in his mouth.

This scene has Criss and Brady kickin' it on the couch, watching some hot porn Criss said he had just picked up. It's not long before the two strip down to free themselves of all those pesky clothes. Once hard and stroking, Criss decides he wants to feel a warm, wet mouth sucking his cock, so he invites Brady's eagerly awaiting mouth over to his cock ...which of course he does.

Criss gets sucked this way and that way, sitting down and standing up. When he's ready to get his nut off, he lays Brady's head down so he can get the majority of his cum onto his face. Brady loves it when a guy cums on him, so of course he climaxes right after Criss, flinging his man-milk out of his own dick while the cum still drips down his face from Criss's cock.










Criss & Sebastian

Featuring Criss Strokes and Sebastian
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

April 27, 2007

"This week, we bring to you another straight stud from Next Door Hookups. That hot young guy would be the ultra-hung Criss Strokes.

His last scene he was paired with the sexual goddess Maile. He got to stuff both of her holes with his 10+ inch cock.

Today, Criss is really horny. It's been a few days since he's had some pussy on his dick, but he really wants to get a nut off. What's a boy to do?

Meet up with Sebastian and tell him to suck your dick, that's what we say...and that's exactly what Criss does.

Sebastian was minding his own business, reading a men's magazine, when Criss shows up and demands a blowjob. Sebastian prefers women, but doesn't mind helping a buddy out, especially this chiseled bodied, horse-hung young man.

Sebastian services his friend well. The two move from the chair to a massage table, where they have a bit more room to get into it.

After a good suck down, Criss wants to finish himself off, and Sebastian wants to watch anyway, so the two plant their firm asses on the table and stroke themselves into cum-flinging orgasms. Leaving both of them drained, the two decided to take a midday nap. Enjoy!"

WATCH Criss & Sebastian Featuring Criss Strokes and Sebastian

Tommy D Sucks A Big One

Featuring Criss Strokes and Tommy D
Next Door Studios | Tommy D XXX

February 27, 2007

"Tommy has a hot one for you today! Criss Strokes is in town, and is a new addition to the Next Door Studios family. Who is Criss Strokes? He is a 6'3', 185 pound muscled stud who's packing a monstrous 9" inch cock that loves to be serviced. He says he's straight, but has gotten a few BJ's from guys.

Today, he's here to get a rub down from Tommy...and maybe a little more. As Tommy is rubbing him down, he decides to push the limit and put Criss's cock in his mouth. With no objection, Tommy continues to suck his new friend, making his huge cock get rock hard.

When Criss is ready to explode, he stand up and unloads his balls onto Tommy's chest. Tommy loves the cum baths, and this gets him turned on enough to send him into a loud, satisfying orgasm, which leaves even more man milk running down his chest. Enjoy!"

WATCH Tommy D Sucks A Big One Featuring Criss Strokes and Tommy D
















Featuring Criss Strokes
Next Door Studios | Next Door Male

October 16, 2006

"All of the guys on Next Door Male have something to offer.

Occasionally a guy comes along that has everything; he has the muscles, the looks, the cock and a charming attitude.

Criss Strokes , our Next Door Male for this week, is one of those guys.At 6'-3', 188 pounds, and packing a 9 and 3/4inch donkey-cock, this stud HAS something to offer.

We just hooked him up with Ruby over at Next Door Hookups, so he was ready to dish out an awesome solo for us.

Criss starts out on the couch, wearing a nice shirt and some kakis. This guy has class.

As he watches the porn, he rubs himself through his pants, awaking his mammoth for some fun. Once warmed up, Criss strips off his clothes and sits down in the nude, his lengthy package swaying back and forth as his naked ass touches the couch.

When Criss moves into the shower, he soaps himself up, cleaning his already lickable body. Criss says hygiene is a big thing to him...Good to hear! Criss doesn't cum in the shower, but moves out to the bed to unload his balls.

But first, he takes a little time to hump the bed, something he says he has been doing since he was 12. When he blows, Criss starts moaning as his cock surges with each expulsion of his slippery, warm seed. Enjoy!"














Backroom Exclusives 18, Scene 1

Featuring Criss Strokes
Hot House

September 29, 2009

"Catch up with Criss Strokes and his 'punisher' in a sunny loft in San Francisco. This time the super-hung stud teases you by poking his giant cock out from under his red soccer shorts then spits on it and bends over to fuck the couch. (You know it's huge when you can fuck a couch!)"


Backroom Exclusives 1, Scene 4

Featuring Criss Strokes
Hot House

June 16, 2007

"See why Backroom Exclusive Man Criss Strokes calls his enormous cock 'The Punisher' when he strokes and blows just for you."

Corbin Fisher Braden



May 21, 2006

"Goodness, how I enjoyed working with Braden. This young man is a stud to the core. His voice and mannerisms are all a turn on, he's got a hot face, and his body is utterly amazing. He's completely ripped and wonderfully defined, which is quite amazing given his height. For guys that are very tall - which Braden is - it can take quite a lot of work and some great genes to have a stellar body. And Braden's body is entirely stellar! Being quite the athlete has shaped Braden's bod into something definitely worth drooling over.

But his great qualities don't quit with the body alone! As you'll see in this video, when he pulls down those shorts he's packing way more than just a great chest and arms! This guy's got a dick that'll blow you away! 9.5 inches of dick, to be precise! Ah, those tall guys!

Ripped bod, hot face, huge dick? That's good stuff right there :) And he knows how to work that big dick too, stroking himself off and really getting into it, showing off that big piece of meat and then blowing a huge load all over his defined chest!"

Corbin Fisher Braden

Corbin Fisher Braden

Corbin Fisher Braden

Corbin Fisher Braden
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