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MuscleHunks Ben Dawson


Featuring Ben Dawson

"Out on an afternoon boat trip with another competitive bodybuilder buddy....cruising an exotic bay full of yachts and sea lions.....the unspoken words are always there, always the competition, the men flexing muscles for one another, feeling sexy and free. And expression of that freedom. Okay, we think this is just our first look at muscleman Ben Dawson. And we're fairly confident that this is one heavyweight bodybuilder who likes to tease and pose and play, and wants to come back - soon - and have a lot more of the same kind of fun with you. But first, we ask you: How often do you see monster glutes like these? And catch that mean, playful glint in Ben's eye. He'll be back. He'd better be back! Let's all hope that Ben will be back soon, to play again!"

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Golden Boy

Featuring Macho Nacho with Ben Dawson

"So why do we call Nacho "Golden Boy"? Is it because of the golden trunks he wears, bulging with his confidant young cock? Is it because of his beautiful golden skin? Or is it because of the confidence, swagger, machismo, and unselfconscious, confrontational stare that greets each curious, smitten onlooker? Enough of the words! Nacho is (in his own words) "gorgeous...." ....and do we begrudge him for it? Not on your life!

And while you're checking out Nacho's new clips, be prepared for Muscleman Ben Dawson's appearance - and their hot beach wrestling scene! Think Ben might be into Nacho too? Think maybe when Nacho gets down to JO business....he's thinking of Ben? Who can say? We can't! So see for yourself!"

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Powermen Ben Dawson

My Muscle Daddy Can Beat Up Your Muscle Daddy

Featuring Ben Dawson

"MUSCLEMAN! True lovers of muscle love those words. Particularly when the Muscleman is huge, dumb, hung, 250+ pounds, with massive pecs, big biceps, and killer quads. Muscle lovers often prefer their musclemen big and stupid, with a soft spot in their hearts - and nowhere else. That's Ben. Flex machines. That's Ben, too. Wearing tight posing trunks cut to revela massive slabs of hot, hard glutes in the rear, and a nice big bulging package in front. Ben shows up there, too. Rough n' tumble super-heavyweight bodybuilders who play hard....fight hard....but who really want to give their admirers a big bearhug, holding them protectively to their granite-like pecs."

Powermen Ben Dawson Powermen Ben Dawson

Powermen Ben Dawson Powermen Ben Dawson

Powermen Ben Dawson Powermen Ben Dawson

Powermen Ben Dawson Powermen Ben Dawson