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SITES: Muscle Worship

Muscle Worship

Rob Cody

Cinema 766

"He's considered by many people to be one of the best-looking men in bodybuilding. He has been shot on video by Muscle-Worship over 12 times. He is also known to some as "Bobby of New York!" By whomever his known, he is among the three kings of muscle worship."

Muscle Worship Cinema 766 Rob Cody

Rob Cody (2)

Cinema 328

"The muscles of Rob Cody."


Rob Cody (2)

Cinema 317

"In reply to all your emails, he's back! This time, we shot him in a New York hotel room. And this time, he looks even bigger and better than before. In fact, we shot him twice and next time you'll see him in LEATHER."


Rob Cody

Cinema 313

"A perfectly symmetrical physique. A strong, handsome face. Thighs bigger than his waist. Perfect biceps. Perfect quads. Perfect."

CONTEST HISTORY 2018 IFBB Indy Pro Men's Bodybuilding


2017 IFBB Chicago Pro Men's Bodybuilding (16th)
Masters Pro (4th)