Dakota James
Marcus Blue
Luke Garrett


SITES: Colt Studios, Jimmy Z Productions


Bodybuilders' Jam #20 Group Finale

Featuring Ricky Starr, Luke Garrett, Ty Fox and Dakota James
Jimmy Z Productions

June 1, 2008

"We have 4 of the hottest guys in the industry in this Finale, including superstar Ricky Starr, legend Ty Fox, Colt Man extraordinaire Luke Garrett, and Dakota James. They dazzle the crowd with their muscularity, and as a group, they loved working together. Even another Colt Model Gage Weston shows us to tease the guys. What a display of muscle on one stage."










Featuring Luke Garrett
Jimmy Z Productions

January 7, 2007

"Luke is a former Colt Model and he’s got the body to prove it. As he works the crowd he suddenly is joined on stage by his partner the famous Gage Weston, another Colt Model. Boy they know how to turn each other on."








Hawai'i, Scene 4

Starring Carlo Masi and Luke Garrett
Colt Studios

"COLT Man Emeritus Carlo Masi meets another legendary COLT Man Luke Garrett on one of the islands renowned black sand beaches for an interlude as hot and powerful as the forces that created it."

Hawai'i, Scene 2

Starring Darin Hawk and Luke Garrett
Colt Studios

"When COLT Man Darin Hawk and COLT Man Luke Garret take over a grassy meadow with an unbridled display of sexual excitement and muscle worship the sexual fury between them is as eternal as the sweeping vista which lies behind them."


Waterbucks 2, Scene 3

Starring Adam Champ and Luke Garrett
Colt Studios

"Scene 3 features COLT Man Luke Garrett and introduces all-new COLT Man Adam Champ. Luke guides the newcomer Adam into discovering each other’s bodies, as if he were a Roman Centurion rewarding his lieutenant. Luke passionately kisses the powerfully built Adam, while rubbing against Adam’s uncut cock. Luke releases Adam’s cock from his swimsuit and orally services him with unbridled gusto. They continue their fervent love making on a bench next to the pool. Adam eventually explores Luke’s smooth, chiseled ass with his fingers, tongue and dark uncut cock. Luke takes a thorough fuck from Adam before he explodes all over himself. Luke then services Adam’s cock while running his hands all over Adam’s extremely hairy and muscular torso. Adam douses Luke’s face, and then passionately kisses him clean, before they re-enter the pool."

Waterbucks2_s3_tgp1 Waterbucks2_s3_tgp3

Waterbucks2_s3_tgp2 Waterbucks2_s3_tgp4




Man Country, Scene 2

Starring Carlo Masi, Gage Weston, Luke Garrett
Colt Studios

"Scene two uses a bright blue farm tractor as a backdrop - a first for COLT. Three COLT Man Exclusives make this a threesome to remember! Partners Luke Garrett and Gage Weston take on Carlo Masi, first by sharing his cock, and then by letting Carlo have both of theirs at the same time! They put Carlo on his back over a tire and work both ends orally before letting him fuck and eat ass at the same time. Then Carlo gets to be in the enviable middle of a fuck sandwich, then ending with two big loads of cum on his face - and an even bigger smile. This scene could single handedly reverse the disappearance of the American family farm."

Wide Stroke, Scene 2

Starring Gage Weston and Luke Garrett
Colt Studios

"Scene Two is a grand welcome home! Brand new COLT Man Exclusives Luke Garrett and Gage Weston are familiar faces to fans of many big muscle websites, in real life Gage had just returned from military service overseas when this scene was shot. The scene plays out as if Luke is giving Gage a spectacular welcome, starting slow and romantic, building up fire that soon out burns the little fireplace in the room! Gage feasts on Luke’s hard cock before Luke returns the favor... and so it goes back and forth in a powerfully erotic flip- flop see-saw of sex, escalating through passionate sucking, ass eating and mutual fucking. When the scene ends on Luke’s cum soaked face - it’s a beautiful thing!!!"

Work It Off, Scene 3

Starring Luke Garrett
Colt Studios

"COLT minute man Solo Series welcomes you to WORK IT OFF. The iconic studio that continues to set the standard for high-quality male solo movies serves you with three sizzling scenes of hot voyeuristic man action.

WORK IT OFF is an up close and personal look at three superstars from the COLT stable of studs. Starring COLT Man Luke Garrett, Rod Roddick and Brad Patton."

Inside Out, Scene 4

Starring Luke Garrett, Ricky Parks, Sky Thompson
Colt Studios

"The muscle buffet begins as COLT Men Luke Garrett and Ricky Parks take on new-cumer stud Sky Thompson for a three-way feast of the flesh. Luke is the first to unleash his meat form the tight confines of his jockstrap. Sky and Ricky go at it like cock starved dick-a-holics, getting all they can of Luke’s hard muscle-bod. A three-way suck fest gets every pole nice and wet until Sky’s ass takes center stage. Sky takes these COLT Men on both ends. Luke delivering the cock from behind with Ricky up front keeping his hard dick lodged deep in Sky’s throat. Ricky and Luke get off watching each other as they tag team this hot piece of ass. Sky power bottoms and takes them both like only a real man can, milking both their cocks with his tight round muscle ass. The sights and sounds of ass-slapping, sweat-flying sex reaches a boiling point until one by one the loads start flowing."

Dual: Taking It Like A Man, Scene 4

Starring Luke Garrett and Skye Woods
Colt Studios

"Final Scene Four is the second scene for new COLT Man Exclusive Skye Woods, this time paired the popular COLT Man Exclusive Luke Garrett. In a bedroom things start with a familiar ring, Skye is flexing his muscles in a private show for Luke who flexes his main muscle in appreciation. Soon it becomes a mutual oral appreciation society with two members - with two BIG members! Luke soon goes where COLT Man Exclusive Carlo Masi has gone before in the first scene and throws one wild fuck into Sky’s big muscular booty. It’s a grand finale as you get to witness two magnificent physical specimens going at it with great energy and one of them well and truly is taking the videos title to heart as you watch him TAKING IT LIKE A MAN."