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Yakov Mukileck


ALIAS: Lucian
SITES: Live Muscle Show, PowerMen

Yakov Mukileck - Hard Hung Muscle Daddy

Yakov Mukileck

Hard Hung Muscle Daddy

"I want to be a Pro. I work a lot for that. I’m also a full time graduate student, studying psychology. My professional dream is to be a good psychologist and to own a private office. My first degree is in sports and fitness, and I work as a private trainer. I love to help people to look better and feel better.

I like to hang out with my friends on the weekends and love to dance and take my clothes off. I don’t drink but I like to get nasty sometimes. I feel awesome in the gym when my muscles are very pumped up. I love the feeling when I step on the competition stage - I feel so easy and free, and I like to be worshiped by the crowd. I'm a serious guy with a sense of humor. Sometimes I can seem sad but I’m not... It’s just my face when I think on something.

I work a lot for all that I want to achieve. I know there is no other way if you want to be the best. In the future I want to be the best bodybuilder in Europe. Besides that, I want to make people happy ...I like see the smile on a mans' face, because most of us have forgotten how to smile. I don’t want to live 100 years but want to life the best I can..... Feeling everything deeply inside, living every moment to the maximum. My word is: CARPE DIEM or 'Seize the Day.'"

Powermen Yummi Cosmin and Yakov Mukileck

"Double Trouble"

Yummi Cosmin and Yakov Mukileck

"When big, MACHO European musclemen get together all they want to do is show off. Prove who the top dog is. We told Yummi Cosmin and Yakov Mukileck, we didn't want to wrestle with them...well, at least not for a few hours, yet. But sooner or later, those Eastern European men always get at each other. Sooner or later.'s Yummi and Yakov are like bodybuilding fantasies come true! They're ripped, huge and built. These two make everything they do a contact sport. From flexing in the gym to horsing around in the showers. We didn't direct these men, we just turned the camera on and let them play and you get to see the tension that builds between them. Friendly hugs become tugs of war as they fight to keep their hands off of one another; but they soon find a way to release their pent up urges."

Powermen Yummi Cosmin and Yakov Mukileck Powermen Yummi Cosmin and Yakov Mukileck

Powermen Yummi Cosmin and Yakov Mukileck Powermen Yummi Cosmin and Yakov Mukileck

Powermen Yummi Cosmin and Yakov Mukileck Powermen Yummi Cosmin and Yakov Mukileck

Powermen Yummi Cosmin and Yakov Mukileck Powermen Yummi Cosmin and Yakov Mukileck
Powermen Yakov Mukileck

Yakov Mukileck

"Romanian Muscle Man"

"Hot muscle model Yakov Mukileck is a strong, silent Romanian - yet always, always, Yakov has a big grin on his rough-hewn face. We wondered about that grin, and, coming up to Yakov after a particularly brutal workout (in one of the dingy Romanian gyms), we asked him about that smile. "I smile," he says, "because men are puny and little, and I have big strong muscles to beat them up with." So saying he flexed an impressive bicep for us. "You see? Big strong muscles..." Our eyes strayed down to the front of his bulging jeans, and he followed our gaze. "That's big and strong, too. You want to see?" It didn't take too long for us to get him into our hotel room in order to inspect the goods. You can, too: live and in person! Check out Yakov Mukileck at!"



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PowerMen Lucian, Babercar, Adrian and Remus

"TagTeam WWF XXX"

Lucian, Babercar, Adrian and Ivan

"POWERMEN aren't born. They're made. They are forged in the ring and on the streets. To be one of the POWERMEN you've gotta be tough. There's no room for the weak here. We took 4 of our newest guys and threw them into the ring together to see if any of them have what it takes. Lucian, Babercar, Adrian and star Ivan Dragos go head-to-head in the "squared circle" to duke it out, then the Men go cock-to-cock in the locker room to work out their pent up energy!"





PowerMen Lucian, Babercar, Adrian and Remus

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