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SITES: Jimmy Z Productions


Neighborhood Posing - Part 2

Featuring Jacob Montana
Jimmy Z Productions

September 16, 2007

"Jacob oils up his bronzed body glistening in the sun as he continues flexing, posing and showing you what he’s accomplished on his journey to body building perfection. This is a one stud we’ll see more of in the future."

Jacob_montana08 Jacob_montana13

Jacob_montana14 Jacob_montana15

Neighborhood Posing - Part 1

Featuring Jacob Montana
Jimmy Z Productions

August 5, 2007

"Jacob explodes onto the scene in a heart pounding dance routine in an urban setting where he moves, strips, and captures your full attention with his flawless muscled body. As the clothes come off his red posing strap proudly displays his manhood."

Jacob_montana16 Jacob_montana02

Jacob_montana01 Jacob_montana07


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