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Gabe Marco


SITES: Jimmy Z Productions, Manifest Men, Sharpshooter Studios, Smoking Hunks


Gabe Marco

Height: 6'1"
Chest: 48"
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Weight: 220
Waist: 32"
Biceps: 18"
Quads: 28"
Body Hair: Smooth




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Brothers Vin Marco and Gabe Marco

Manifest Men Vin Marco and Gabe Marco Manifest Men Vin Marco and Gabe Marco

Manifest Men Vin Marco and Gabe Marco Manifest Men Vin Marco and Gabe Marco

Manifest Men Vin Marco and Gabe Marco Manifest Men Vin Marco and Gabe Marco

Gabe Marco: Cigarettes

"Gabe starts off smoking in his Jeep, while working on his engine, then he moves inside to do a live smoking cam show. He shows everything up close. He does massive inhales to expand his chest and lets out the smoke in a slow deliberate way. He starts showing more and more and wants you to see everything. He bends over a chair so you can get a close up look at his ass while he puckers his hole in and out. He then sits down and lights up two cigarettes at once and gets so excited that his cock is standing up by itself. After he cums, you can relax and watch the slow motion segment in spandex and photos. This is a true SMOKINGHUNK."


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BBJAM #15 Solo

Featuring Gabe Marco
Jimmy Z Productions

October 25, 2005

"This Latin muscle stud, Vin Marco’s little brother, makes his first appearance at the Faultline pumped and ready to rumble. His tats are great and that’s just the beginning of his power routine. He loves the show and loves his body. You will too."



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Naked Diner Jocks: Serving Beefcake 'Round the Clock!

Starring Ryan Flak, Gabe Marco, David Lee, Anthony Giraud
Sharpshooter Studios

"Naked waiters, busboys and cooks are on the menu at the Fantasy Diner where the good times roll 24 hours a day. When four hunky jocks stop by, it's time for naked fun. Stripping out of their varsity jackets, the visitors join the staff in nude countertop dancing, arm-wrestling, food fights and creating the sexiest hot dogs and banana splits you've ever seen. Each one of these hot models, athletes and centerfolds takes a break to give you a one-on-one private show. Then the party climaxes with a steamy, erotic whipped cream fantasy. Next time you're on the highway, don't miss the off ramp to the Naked Diner Jocks."