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SITES: Bare Foot Bound, Bare Foot Guys, Jake Cruise, SG4GE


Jim Nazium Solo and Feeds Jake

"Like his friend Brock (Johnny Castle), Jim Nazium would only do a solo for my Jake Cruise site. He has hard core sex with a girl on my Straight Guys for Gay Eyes site. I begged him to let me touch his hard muscles and suck on his thick cock. I would have rimmed him until he saw stars. But he did agree to shoot his load all over my face. Come watch this beautifully proportioned man show off for the camera, stroke his cock, and then shower my face with white affection."

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Brock and Jim Nazium

March 17, 2006

"Last we left off, Brock (Johnny Castle) stumbled in to find his girlfriend fucking Jim Nazium. But why fight over her? Especially when we can make a better video of them fucking her together."

Brock and Jim Nazium

Brock and Jim Nazium

Brock and Jim Nazium

Brock and Jim Nazium

Brock and Jim Nazium

Brock and Jim Nazium

Brock and Jim Nazium

Jim Nazium and Valerie

February 10, 2006

"Imagine a Greek sculpture come to life. It would look just like Jim. Johnny Castle, another statue come to life, referred Jim to me since they are best friends. So who did I get to be Jim's girl? Johnny's girlfriend Valerie, of course. It's good when friends share! Watch Jim's hard muscles flex as he pounds Valerie over and over again."



Age: 23
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 200
Eyes: Brown
Shoe Size: 11

"Gabe is a really hot guy who was recommended to us by his best buddy Brock (Johnny Castle). He was really easy to photograph and those hot meaty soles of his just about drove me wild."

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