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Todd Hunt


ALIASES: Hunter Robinson, Thomas Jenkins
SITES: Cop Feet, My Friends Feet, Sharpshooter Studios

Todd 4-03

Todd In Underwear & Bare Feet


"Todd is always one of the most requested guys here on MyFriendsFeet.com and for good reason. He is a very handsome guy with a great body and hot size 11 feet. He stripped down to his underwear for this session with me to show off those feet one more time. He laid back and wiggled his toes at me and chuckled as we were taking the photos. He loved to hear about how many guys were into his feet and seeing him getting tickled. If you like his feet too be sure to drop me an e mail and let me know!"

Todd 4-01 Todd 4-07

Todd 4-13 Todd 4-19
Todd 3-02

Todd's Socks & Bare Feet


"Todd enjoyed posing for the site a few months ago, so when we asked him if he would show off his size 11 feet for us one more time he was more than happy to. Just as long as we don't put his through the torture of tickling them again, he said...Todd has great feet nice long toes, great soles and a hot body to match. He came to the studio on his way to a workout. His socks were not filthy dirty, but he admitted that he had worn them the day before during his workout too. They had some nice imprints of his soles on the bottom, and he said that the socks stuck to his feet as he was pulling them off. He did some pushups and a few curls while we took photos. Then he took off the socks so we could see those hot bare feet. He gave himself a foot massage while we took photos. Todd is a great guy and always fun to do photos with we hope you like them! Enjoy!"

Todd 3-01 Todd 3-08

Todd 3-16 Todd 3-19

Todd 3-26 Todd 3-34

Todd 3-39 Todd 3-54

Todd 3-55 Todd 3-60

Todd Playgirl Centerfold Tickled!


"Well, We've started believing in miracles lately! We have been trying to get Todd to let me tickle him for months now and he would never let me "pin him down" to a date. He finally one time said "If my photos get published in Playgirl then I'll do a full shoot for your site." He had just started talking to the people over at Playgirl Magazine at this time so he had no idea that he would not only make the magazine but that his photos would be on the cover and in the centerfold! Check out his photos he's in this month's issue (Jan 2002). I'm very lucky to have Todd as a friend not only because he is gorgeous and ticklish but because he is a wonderful and honest man. When I reminded him of his agreement with me (he had forgotten of course) he was the man of his word I always knew him to be. I dusted off my tickling chair told Todd to strip down to his underwear strapped him in and away I went! To say that the scene was fun and exciting would be the understatement of the century. Todd has beautiful size 11 feet with great toes and perfect soles. His soles and between his toes are so sensitive and responsive that I thought I was in heaven. He was thrashing around so much it was hard to get clear photos of the action! I started with my fingers and ran them up and down the crinkles on his soles. He said "Oh shit!" when he saw that I was not going to go lightly on him. His laughter is booming and masculine which was a real turn on especially when I could tell his laughter was getting out of control. I slowed things down a bit using the soft end of the feather and I think he thought I was going to start slowing down and that the worst was over. Not! The stiff end of the feather was when he started to come unglued for the first time. It was amazing! You can tell by the expression on his face when I started that he was unprepared for the ticklishness. I took him even farther with the brush scraping it back and forth until he begged me for a break. After a quick breather I found his true weakness his pits and stomach. I spent a lot of time here digging my fingers in with abandon. Todd races mountain bikes as a hobby and is extremely fit but the tickling on his pits and on those tight abs had him gasping for air in no time between the fits of howling laughter. You can tell by the last few photos that he was totally worn out when I finally stopped his torture. He later said he was not prepared for such a sensory overload and that he had never been tickled to the extreme like that. While he said he would have to think about going through the tickling experience again he a greed to let me take some regular foot shots of his beautiful feet which I will publish next week. Enjoy!"

Toddtic37 Toddtic40

Toddtic41 Toddtic49

Todd's Feet & Dark Socks


"After last week's tickling ordeal, Todd was more than happy just to sit back and models his shoes, socks and feet for me. His shoes were really beat up, and the day he came over for this session he had been running around town all day. As he took his shoes off he was embarrassed because he said his feet might smell bad. We could smell his socks, but they smelled FAR from bad! Mmmm that sweaty smell! As the shoot progressed and he pulled off those socks to releave his beautiful feet and soles we could smell his socks and feet even more.Todd is a great guy, and very open to our fetish. He loved the attention that his feet got, because that's one part of his body that usually doesn't get all the attention. You can tell that he takes care of his feet and is proud of his body. We were in heaven when he put his sock and then his feet right up to the camera (and my face). We both had a good time with these photos. Maybe we had a BIT more fun than him, actually. He promised to come back and let me take even more photos of him another day. Enjoy!"

Mffhq0176_todd_001 Mffhq0176_todd_010

Mffhq0176_todd_032 Mffhq0176_todd_043

Mffhq0176_todd_055 Mffhq0176_todd_056

Mffhq0176_todd_060 Mffhq0176_todd_066

Thomas Jenkins

Cop Feet Archives

Officer: Jenkins, Thomas
Age: 31
Height - 6' 1"
Weight - 181 lbs
Precinct - Plint, IL
Boot Size 11, 17 1/2" shaft

Allegation (Fantasy): Suspected of using questionable search warrants to enter homes of blue collar males. After searching these mens' closets and drawers, Jenkins was often seen sniffing dirty socks which had been confiscated for 'evidence.'







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Jenkins2_18 Jenkins2_19

College Swim Team

Sharpshooter Studios

Featuring Alex Cee (Alex Castro), Hunter Robinson, Kyle Adams, Scott Alexander, Taylor Teavon, Trevor Dean

"These stunning athletes have been partying more than practicing. So their coach has a special nude workout in store for them. Poolside calisthenics, in-water workouts, rigorous laps, one-on-one sprints, side-by-side relay races, our underwater cameras capture every detail of their smooth, naked, muscular bodies knifing through the water. During breaks, each swimmer proudly displays the results of the hard work - his beautifully formed nude body in breathtaking close-up. Practice makes these men perfect!"




SwimAlex-big SwimMatt-big

SwimMattTodd-big SwimToddcover-big

SwimScott-big SwimTonyscott-big

SwimTinosquat-big SwimTony-big

Hunter Tyler

Men Magazine Jan '02

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Hunter 17