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Tony Rock
Emilio Calabria


ALIASES: Elio, Emiliano
SITES: Jimmy Z Productions, Maskurbate, Men of Montreal

Shower and Suck - Part 2-003

Shower and Suck - Part 2

Featuring Christian Power and Emiliano

September 3, 2015

"In Part 2, Christian Power and Emiliano (both from Men of Montreal) are done with their shower. They oil each other up and worship each other's bulging muscles. On the bed they suck each other off. Emiliano fingers Christian's beefy hole but its very tight. Both men lie back and shoot their loads with Emiliano's load coating is abs."

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Christian Power and Emiliano

Christian Power and Emiliano

Shower and Suck - Part 1

Featuring Christian Power and Emiliano

March 20, 2015

"In Part 1, Christian Power (from Men of Montreal) and Emiliano meet and the chemistry is instant. They kiss passionately and are impressed by the other's muscles. Christian is a giant of a man with his big beefy muscles while Emiliano is an athletic jock with his hard chiseled body. They pose and flex and worship each other. Taking the action to the shower they enjoy their bodies further and take special attention to their cocks."

Christian Power and Emiliano

Christian Power and Emiliano

Christian Power and Emiliano

Christian Power and Emiliano

Christian Power and Emiliano Christian Power and Emiliano

Christian Power and Emiliano Christian Power and Emiliano

Christian Power and Emiliano Christian Power and Emiliano

Christian Power and Emiliano Christian Power and Emiliano

Welcome Back Emilio!

Emilio Calabria

July 13, 2016

"By popular demands we are bringing back Emilio to the screen. The italian man took a time off to concentrate on his family but he is ready to get back in the porn biz for good. He dosent make his fans wait and start stroking his big hard cock. His 8 inch uncut cock is so inviting u just want to jump on him and help him out. The sexy versatile boy then turn around to show his hungry hole. Bouncing and twerking he finger himself giving us a nice show. The sexy stallion then get on his back to shoot a delicious load all over his belly… wanna taste?"






"Private Encounter"

Alexy Tyler & Emilio Calabria

March 10, 2015

"Ok. So two hot guys. Two similarly shaped guys, equally inked and hunky. Both primarily hungry bottoms.... So who goes to the top? In this case, Alexy Tyler pops Emilio Calabria's hole. When they both arrived, there was little time to waste (in their opinion) with preliminaries. So right down to business here. They get it on and this all starts with Emilio servicing Alexy's bone hard cock after they lock lips passionately for a while. The rest pretty much speaks for itself as these two get it on with intensity."















Gabriel Clark, Ben Rose, Emilio Calabria

December 12, 2014

"US Thanksgiving Weekend...

Football is a great excuse to bring guys together for a little competitive spirit. Indeed, for four days on the last weekend of November, it is almost non-stop football playing on American networks.

So, why bother stuffing a turkey when you can stuff one or two of your buddies and give thanks that they are there. Well this is exactly what Gabriel Clark, Emilio Calabria & Ben Rose had in mind (or was it?!) when they stripped naked, bonded and watched Thursday's match up in nothing else but their birthday suits, asses in the air and dicks dangling.

Who was this game's winner? We will let you be the judge of this one. It's all a matter of perspective. Would you rather be a wide receiver, a line backer or a tight end."
















"Riding The Boss"

Marko Lebeau & Emilio Calabria

October 21, 2014

"Marko Lebeau has been spending a lot of his time working behind the scenes and behind the camera of late, so he hasn't been performing for a few months. His schedule has been quite busy as Men of Montreal is launching a line of briefs, jocks, boxer-briefs and Ts.

But ever since Emilio has come on the stage, Marko has wanted to take this hot Italian Stud to the movies... huh... rather doing a movie with him... So Marko felt this was the perfect candidate for his return to acting. I guess these are the privileges of being the site's boss!

Emilio is quite an engaging kinda guy. And, Felix Brazeau move over! Emilio is shaping up to become a new power bottom at Men of Montreal.

So, in this scene, Marko has his way with Emilio, who definitely appears to enjoy getting fucked thoroughly. Hang on to your jeans as Emilio rides again!"








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53430_12 53430_15

Morning Glory

Featuring Alec Leduc and Emilio Calabria

July 15, 2014

"Marko met up with our newcomer, Emilio Calabria, to talk more about Emilio's plans with us. He wanted to show Emilio some of the guys on the site and see who he would team him up with for his first guy-on-guy scene with us. Already, Marko had mentioned that Alec Leduc was at his place and he could introduce him to Emilio.

Alec was having breakfast when Marko and Emilio entered. Emilio seemed rather comfortable but it was obvious that he was still nervous about shooting with another guy. He was still negotiating with himself the idea of having a crew around him while having sex. Alec had had a night filled with sex and debauchery, but had failed to shoot his load (and by the look of the load he spat out at the end of this scene, he was hankering to let loose!). So the kitchen counter became their play space. Emilio shoved aside the basket of bananas while Alec pulled out Emilio's sizable banana, got on his knees and sucked away...

Emilio was enjoying this attention and eventually started to loosen up. Speaking of loosening up, his butt hole did the same thing... it loosened up as he first got fucked from behind by his more experienced partner and he eventually rode Alec's cock and worked up a significant sweat. The kitchen counter was definitely not the most comfortable place to be screwing on, so the guys made their way to the couch and, there, it was time for Alec to take Emilio's very sizable 9' uncut Italian sausage. Alec was a real trooper. He has become quite comfortable and enjoys taking it just as much as giving it.

Emilio's fucking action was hot to look at from behind. That hot bubble butt moving back and forth as he was shoving his big dick into Alec.

His fucking action was getting him close to coming and he gradually pulled out to let loose on Alec's abs. Then, Alec surprised us, because as soon as Emilio came, he jacked his cock off and quickly unloaded a HUGE amount of cum that flew right up to his chin. Load after load came out of his dick as he finally was able to release his pent up cock from a night filled with sexcapades and a morning romp.

Emilio was impressed and couldn't help himself by calling Alec a real pig! So he was..."










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51011_022 51011_026

"Italian For Beginners!"

Emilio Calabria

June 10, 2014

"Meet Emilio Calabria, another Italian-Canadian making his debut on screen for Men of Montréal. Emilio is a 30 year old hunk who immigrated to Montréal with his family at an early age. Today, he works as a body guard providing security services to professional athletes. This mature jock stands 5'8' tall and weighs in at 205 lbs of pure muscle. He is not new to porn, having shot a couple of times in the past for other sites. Emilio defines himself as sexually open-minded and quite curious.

Marko Lebeau was impressed with his application and, although he's been traveling regularly these days, he wanted to move forward quickly to get Emilio to do a solo. After reviewing his application, Marko booked Emilio for a solo and did his introductory interview by phone.

Emilio started his solo by stripping off his top and installed himself on the window sill, where he played with his muscular body. He's got one heck of a beefy chest. After showing off for us and people on the other side of the window, he moved to a corner chair and pulled his balls, then his shaft, out of his underwear and was stroking his big dick into a bone hard position. He did so by lubing up his hand with spit and stroking his meaty dick. Emilio caught a couple's attention on the patio across the street from our loft and this really got him turned on. The patio wasn't busy but we could tell that the man and woman were not in the least offended as they kept looking up to our window.

Emilio kept stroking his boner while he was lounging in the chair. He then got up and knelt on the chair and kept stroking his massive uncut meat. After a few minutes, he then bent forward on the chair and showed us his massive butt and hungry-looking hole. He kept moving his huge cock back toward his butt and we were hoping that he was going to shove it in his ass. When we asked if he could get his cock to reach his butt hole he told us he couldn't push any further back. He then again moved into the window to give passers-by an eyeful while giving us a great view of his asshole and huge solid back.

Emilio then positioned himself against the wall and jacked off until he shot a decent load all across the floor. He was definitely proud of his accomplishment and gave us a devilish smile. Emilio is down for more, so we will be calling on him soon."

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50336_030 50336_032
Maskurbate Elio and Manuel Deboxer


Vice Versa

Featuring Elio and Manuel Deboxer

April 29, 2014

"A series of circumstances makes this scene a stand out. First, our straight guy Elio agreed to fuck Pornstar Manuel Deboxer for the first time. 15 minutes into the shooting we noticed that Elio forgot to put his mask on. He said 'fuck it' and decided to continue with no mask on. Then, after fucking Deboxer very intensively, anal virgin Elio asked Manuel to fuck him back! I felt very privileged to witness this moment and to record it for you guys! There's a first time for everything and who better than Manuel Deboxer to make it happen!!!"

WATCH Vice Versa Featuring Elio and Manuel Deboxer









Body Work

Featuring Elio (Unmasked)

July 25, 2012

"Elio came to my office determined to get the next shoot. He offered me to model unmasked and showed me why he should get the job..."
















Blowing Elio

Featuring Elio and Pascal

February 28, 2012

"I've been waiting for this moment for a long time. Today is the day that I will finally have the chance to suck my straight friend's cock. The biggest Italian sausage I've eaten to date! Yummy! :p"















Elio The Drummer

January 14, 2007

Comments from Pascal:

"I met Elio a while back at a recording studio. He is a very talented drummer. When I recently saw him, I couldn't believe how muscular he had become so I asked him to perform for me with a mask on..."