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"A Bodybuilder's Worst Nightmare"

March 7, 2015

"The Pit - Muscled body builder Tatum gets his cock hard before his first challenge can commence. He's beaten down with heavy punches before having his nips tormented and his torso beaten with the flogger. - The Water Chamber - Chained to the wall, Tatum has clothespins clipped all over his torso before enduring the sting of the riding crop whipping against his flesh. Van turns the water on full blast to rip the clothespins away while Tatum screams at the top of his lungs. - The Gimp Station - On his backside, Tatum's tormented with the electric zapper while taking every inch of the gimp's giant cock deep in his ass. His torment switches from zapper to flogger as he's made to ride the gimp's cock until blowing his load all over the place."






Tatum and Trenton Ducati

Tatum and Trenton Ducati

"Bondage Boot Camp Workout"

September 4, 2014

"Creepy Handyman Trenton Ducati is working away in the gym when muscled hunk Tatum walks in looking for the 1 o' clock boot camp. Being a handyman, Trenton knows nothing about boot camp workout but he decides to give it a whirl. Trenton puts Tatum right to work with push-ups after some negotiation with the cattle prod. Bound to the bench, Tatum's made to lift heavy weights as the creepy handyman gets his cock rock hard. Trenton zaps the muscled stud as he rams his hard cock deep into Tatum's ass. To work on his cardio, Tatum is chained to the treadmill with weights clamped onto his nipples and balls. Finally, Tatum is horizontally suspended in mid-air as he's made to swallow Trenton's giant cock. After enduring a heavy flogging, Tatum opens his hole once more for a rough ass fucking before receiving Trenton's cum all over his face."

Tatum and Trenton Ducati

Tatum and Trenton Ducati

Tatum and Trenton Ducati

Tatum and Trenton Ducati

Tatum and Trenton Ducati

Tatum and Trenton Ducati
Legend Men Tatum Parks

Tatum Parks

HEIGHT 5' 8", 172.7 cm
WEIGHT 191 lbs., 86.8 kg
EYES Hazel
HAIR Shaved head
LENGTH 7 inches, 17.8 cm
GIRTH 5 inches, 12.7 cm
SMOOTH Hell no
HAIRY Fuck yes
SIGN Libra
BRIEFS Boxer briefs and into jock straps
NECK 16.5 in, 41.9 cm
CHEST 47 in, 119.4 cm
BICEP 17 in, 43.2 cm
WAIST 33.5 in, 85.1 cm
QUADS 25 in, 63.5 cm
CALVES 16.5 in, 41.9 cm
BENCH 350 lbs, 159.1 kg
SQUAT 405 lbs, 184.1 kg
PIERCING Only my tongue
LOW HANGERS Typically yeas

TOYS The more the better
KINK Flogging
BUTT PLUG Yes please!
DILDO I just broke my personal size record shooting for Ron Lloyd
ORIENTATION Bisexual and really love to get fucked
LUBE Gotta have it
NIPPLES Everybody loves them but they are not wired to my cock
MOST UNUSUAL LOCATION In public at a gay bar

ANIMAL My dogs are my babies
MAGAZINE Muscular Development
HOBBY Aquatic gardening
PROFESSION Trainer/Escort/Model
WEAR TO BED Boxer briefs
CHEAT MEAL Dominos Philly Cheeesteak pizza
BEST FEATURES My body hair and abs

Comments from Ron Lloyd:

"If you are into really hairy men, then Tatum is your guy. Plus he has a lot more going for him than body hair.

He's a competitive bodybuilder that finds it better to put his hard work to uses other than just being on stage looking to win a shiny trophy.

Tatum is very easy going, but give him a big butt plug or huge dildo, then his whole demeanor changes. He loves a challenge and you'll see as we progress he continues to break his personal record every time.

I'm also looking forward to some man-on-man action with Tatum here on

Gallery I

Legend Men Tatum Parks Legend Men Tatum Parks

Legend Men Tatum Parks Legend Men Tatum Parks

Legend Men Tatum Parks Legend Men Tatum Parks

Tatum Parks

Video I

February 8, 2015

Legend Men Tatum Parks Legend Men Tatum Parks Legend Men Tatum Parks

Legend Men Tatum Parks Legend Men Tatum Parks Legend Men Tatum Parks

Legend Men Tatum Parks Legend Men Tatum Parks Legend Men Tatum Parks

Legend Men Tatum Parks Legend Men Tatum Parks Legend Men Tatum Parks

Legend Men Tatum Parks Legend Men Tatum Parks Legend Men Tatum Parks

Ronin & Tatum Parks: RAW

December 16, 2016

"I had been talking with Tatum Parks on FB and he was updating his feed with new body images. He is one hairy and fit beast! I had also just recently worked with Ronin (Rocke Rathburne) so I knew just who he would look great with.

Tatum snuck in some kissing that he responded to with quite a bit of passion!

Another thing I loved about Ronin was he was just fine with Tatum's big hairy body. He mentioned wrestling and he was already used to be up close and personal with a sweaty dude.

Which is a good thing! Tatum made it rain! Tatum apologized a couple times for raining sweat down on him as he rode Ronin's cock.

Tatum was working that table and Ronin's hard cock so much so that he was getting quite the workout in! More like yoga! He needed some hydration after this shoot!

Hope you enjoy these two big, beefy, furry guys!"












Tatum & Troi: RAW

August 15, 2014

"Tatum and Troi are definitely an odd visual pairing.

Tatum, with his hairy, stocky and beefy build is at odds with Troi's lean and hairless body. But one thing they do have in common is Tatum loves guys with big dicks that can make his cock super hard from ass ramming while Troi loves when someone can take his entire cock balls-deep!

Tatum voraciously goes after Troi's big uncut cock, and their energy together is magical. Not sure when Tatum turned into such an aggressive bottom, but my favorite moment is watching Tatum flip Troi upside-down to devour Troi's hairy hole with his tongue. There is a moment of surprise on Troi's face as he his is man-handled into that position. Usually he is the aggressive one and finding himself upside down getting rimmed did take him totally by surprise!

Troi also enjoys the fact that some of these guys can easily take his big cock at full-fucking-speed, when most girls have to take it slow-and-easy when he fucks their pussies.

Tatum does pull a groin muscle halfway through bouncing up-and-down on Troi's cock. Surprisingly it was while riding his cock facing him, and not in the reverse-cowboy position, that gives even the most quadriceps-endowed muscle-dude a work out. There was an audible "pop" sound as something got strained, and puts Tatum off his game for a bit.

So we actually have Tatum twice on his back in order to give his muscles a break. It allowed Troi to fuck the cum out of him though. Tatum limped around a couple days after this shoot, not really sure what muscle got pulled. He must have not been hurting too bad, because later that night he met a hot girl, and they ended up hooking-up. These boys are always horny!

As for Troi's cumshot, I wanted to capitalize on Tatum's cum-hungry attitude and total lack of fear of having a dude unload in his mouth. Troi drops his load into his mouth, then follows it up with some hot cum-soaked kissing!"


Cooper Reed & Tatum: RAW

March 14, 2014

"I love it when two guys connect that I didn't think would have much in common! Tatum always has a fascination for built guys, so I knew that would be fine. Cooper Reed actually doesn't seem real impressed with other muscular guys. His primary interest is women, so I think 'squishy' is more to his taste. And I certainly thought the body hair would throw him a bit.

But the two clicked on the car ride to the studio. Exchanging work out stories, girlfriend pics, and even a bit about movies they liked in common. Sometimes it is hard for the guys to find common ground, but these two talked my ears off on the drive!

Which turned out to be awesome. I didn't really count the minutes, but these two definitely liked kissing each other, and it feels like the most "kissy" movie I have on the site. Or maybe it is the most "rimmy"as both guy's took turns eating out each other's holes.

Tatum has topped infrequently, mainly cuz he gets so hard from being fucked. The last couple videos, he was struggling to not bust while getting fucked. That pattern still holds as his cock looks ready to pop the entire time he is riding Cooper's cock. Cooper and Gavin have similar sized and shaped cocks, and I think Tatum has found the Goldilocks size that hits all his right spots.

Tatum informed me that it was going to be so easy to bust, that he thought for sure he could get fucked upside down and give himself a facial. We have tried this technique before, and it is a challenge. But sure enough with just a little bit of jack-hammering from Cooper, Tatum spills his load all down his front side.

Cooper unloads all over Tatum's ass, then starts to eat it out of his hole!

All I can end with is that these two REALLY liked each other!"

















Gavin Sevin & Tatum: RAW

January 10, 2014

"I had been wanting to get Tatum back in. Fans of hairy guys have been asking for him back, and he read on some message boards that he should grow a beard, so he showed up even furrier than before.

Tatum also had been training for a body building competition, while Gavin has been hitting the gym extra hard, so I figured I would put two muscular dudes, one hairy, the other smooth, in a scene together.

Both guys had not had sex in a long time. Gavin had been visiting with family, and Tatum has been out in the country. Both guys stopped the video a couple times because they were about to nut. Rarely do I have the problem when both guys are struggling to NOT cum.

Tatum has turned out to be an amazing bottom. He truly really likes to get fucked. Either riding, doggy-style, or on his back, Tatum's cock is loves having Gavin fuck his hole. A couple times he had to stop from being fucked or risk nutting.

This scene was literally a race to see if we could get enough footage before either accidentally ejaculated.

So I thought that I would try to get Gavin to fuck till he cums, a nice internal cumshot, and maybe if we were lucky, Tatum would nut at the same time. It is usually very hard to get this, so it is a bit like the unicorn of porn mythology. I have seen it in a couple videos of course, and got it myself, and the guys usually are just shocked or smiling unbelievably.

I tried to edit the cums hot perfectly for you all, to get the full effect. The internal breeding, then Tatum nutting and his load raining down Gavin's cock and as he drains the rest of his cock into him.

Definitely and award winning finale!"













Jordan Cleary & Tatum: Pure

Jordan Cleary & Tatum: Pure

July 12, 2013

"Both these guys wanted to try doing a Pure video. Tatum had been working out really hard, so wanted to do some showcasing, while Jordan liked the idea of being part of a new theme.

I was worried Jordan might be a bit "stiff" when it came to oiling up another dude, but the week before he had done a scene with Theon, and based on his stellar performance, I knew he had natural instincts to get intimate with another dude.

He starts by oiling up Tatum, who quickly gets aroused from the sensual handling. Fans of cock showing through underwear will be really pleased.

After jerking Tatum's cock, Tatum climbs on up and coats Jordan in oil, showcasing his hard cock and red pubes through his underwear. Not one to leave a hard cock on its own, Tatum quickly begins sucking on Jordan's knob.

As I mentioned in Jordan's video with Theon, he wasn't too sure about sucking a guy, but he clearly has gotten over it, though I did worry the oil might make it more of a challenge. So far I have not had a single complaint from the guys about the crazy amount of oil, and most have gotten turned-on by this simple addition. (Tatum did get some in one of his contact lens and performed a portion of the shoot blurry in one eye, but we stopped and cleaned it out.)

Tatum shows what an eager bottom he is just by how hard his cock stays while being fucked. Despite a few leg cramps from some squatting action, his cock stays upright as he bounces up and down on Jordan's fat dick.

Jordan fucks the cum out of Tatum, then spills his seed all over his hole, ramming it in for good measure!

These guys did a great job working the the oil, the couch, and each other!"

Jordan Cleary & Tatum: Pure

Jordan Cleary & Tatum: Pure

Jordan Cleary & Tatum: Pure

Jordan Cleary & Tatum: Pure

Jordan Cleary & Tatum: Pure

Jordan Cleary & Tatum: Pure

Jordan Cleary & Tatum: Pure

Eli Hunter & Tatum Parks RAW

November 2, 2012

"These two really connected! Tatum was eager to Top and as usual, Eli Hunter is just a dirty boy!

They really liked making-out and sucking each other's cocks. Eventually Eli lays on top of Tatum, and Tatum rapid-fire face-fucks his mouth. It's very hot seeing his balls jump up and down and Eli gets his face pummeled by Tatum's cock.

Both of them are way into ass eating, so we get some awesome rimming.

Eli ends up riding Tatum's cock, and there is some pretty fast fucking going on. No tentative fucking here! Eli's cock really wakes up as he rides Tatum's cock balls deep. He flips around and does some reverse cowboy action. Tatum is enjoying watching his cock slide in and out of his ass.

Tatum gets Eli doggy-style, and really fucks him hard. He gets close to cumming, and has to stop, and you can see how close he was...his dick starts twitching! This was good sign that he could do an internal cumshot. I was hoping to get Tatum to fuck Eli tell he cums, but after the close call, Tatum knew he was going to have to be fucked in order to cum. He kind of half-nutted and needed some anal stimulation to bust again fully.

So they flip-flop last minute, and Eli expertly fucks Tatum. Eli is such a pro he reaches down and literally jerks Tatum's cock till he is nutting, all the while pounding him with his cock. Tatum was one happy camper and I was pleased too as I rarely get this kind of cum shot.

There is another rarity on the ending. Eli knew he could just fuck till he came. No ramping-up with his hand needed. He fucks Tatum till he is busting out a major load. He pulls out a little, squirting juice on his hole, then dumps the rest inside of Tatum. Twitch, twitch, twitch!

Both guys look VERY satisfied with ending on this video, and I am pretty sure you will like it too!"



















Solomon Aspen & Tatum Parks Bossy

October 12, 2012

"I thought Solomon Aspen and Tatum would be perfect for a Bossy video. Solomon is versatile when it comes to being Bossy. He likes both the active and passive roles.

Tatum said he generally like the girl to take control, and although he wanted to Top his first time out, I wanted someone who could take control of him, and make him do all kinds of naughty things.

They both smile a bit as they get into Solomon making Tatum strip and then stroke for him. They both quickly get into it, with Solomon making Tatum suck on his hard cock.

Solomon then has a lot of fun pushing a butt plug up Tatum's ass, then going through all the vibrating cycles. He then sucks Tatum's cock, making him hard and totally in bliss as his ass and cock get the royal treatment.

Next, Solomon gets up on the chair and makes Tatum clean his ass and then crawl under to suck his cock. Totally Bossy!

They swap places at the bed where Tatum takes Solomon's cock with total pleasure. The dude may have wanted to start-off by Topping, but his cock and brain sure liked getting fucked!

Tatum even knew he would be able to cum from being fucked, so Solomon drills him until cum starts oozing out his hole.

Solomon then shoots and breeds Tatum, ending with a rather sweet kiss!"












Sinclair & Tatum Parks Serviced

October 10, 2012

"As I mentioned during Sinclair's solo summary, he was pretty nervous about working with a guy. He thought the Edge video sounded like a great way for him to do a video, but wasn't down for any of the extras stuff that usually goes along with an Edge video.

So I thought I would put the new bed straps to use, and I actually kind of like these modified Serviced videos, though not seeing their eyes does take a bit away.

Tatum does a fine job Servicing him, but Sinclair gets wobbly here and there like he did during his Solo. So I don't think it had much to do with Tatum's skills or the situation. I think Sinclair is just the epitome of the nervous straight guy.

Tatum likes to rim, and as we learned from Sinclair, he likes his ass eaten!

I figured Tatum wouldn't be able to make him bust, plus Tatum is down to eat cum AND can bust right along with the other guy, so I had Tatum lay down while Sinclair unloaded in his mouth. Tatum had access to his own cock and was spurting in no time.

I like the ending on this one cuz Sinclair takes off his blindfold and we get some eye contact in there. Plus there is something to be said for the 'ole dump-your-load-in-the-mouth type of cumshot!

Stay tuned for Friday when we see Solomon get Bossy with Tatum!"