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Legend Men Max Kellar

Max Kellar


HEIGHT 6', 182.9 cm
WEIGHT 188 lbs., 85.5 kg
EYES Blue gray
HAIR Chestnut brown
LENGTH 6.5 inches, 16.5 cm
GIRTH 5.5 inches, 14.0 cm
HAIRY Just a little in the right places
SIGN Scorpio
BRIEFS Usually or sometimes I go commando
NECK 16.5 in, 41.9 cm
CHEST 48 in, 121.9 cm
BICEP 17.5 in, 44.5 cm
WAIST 30 in, 76.2 cm
QUADS 25.5 in, 64.8 cm
CALVES 16.5 in, 41.9 cm
INK Zero
LOW HANGERS If it is a warm place they hang

Comments from Ron Lloyd:

"Max is a favorite model of mine that started with me early in my career. First spotting him at a bodybuilding competition, I offered to photograph him. He said he was unsure about nudes, but might give it a go.

A few weeks later, he shows up at my studio with his wife in tow. SHIT!... right away I knew it was a bad sign. I told them that she couldn't be present at the shoot. He seemed relieved, but she walked out the door yelling "NO NUDES!" He was very embarrassed by her behavior.

I honored the "rules" and only shot fitness and physique images. It was a great first shoot. We did one more shoot under the same restrictions and then Max disappeared.

About 8 months later I received a call from him. He apologized for not being in touch and said that he could now do whatever he wants because he was divorced. It's selfish to say, but that was the best news I could expect from him!

We did a lot of erotic nude shooting for a couple years and I'm excited to share some of the classic images of Max with you here on Legend Men."

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