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Cameron Johnson

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July 7, 2014

"Cameron Johnson is a bad boy, originally from Queens, who has found a way to turn hard knocks into success, and also how to turn a soft body hard. As a fight stuntman, Cameron is used to taking a blow, but here he's looking for one as he unzips his cover-all in the garage to reveal his hard muscled body. You can see the bruises on his hands as he pulls his pants down and peels the layers off, revealing a strong back, cut arms, and a cock that is ready for a starring role. Cameron leans back against the hood of the car and slowly massages it, prodding at its base and then squeezing just a drop or two of pre-cum from the head before stroking in earnest, turning around and dousing the hood of the car with his load as he runs his hands down his quivering ass and looks back into the camera. Now that's some stunt!"

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March 30, 2011

"Lee is one of those guys that you think is going to be very a serious, intimidating, big guy when you first see him. He might even try to play that off to a certain degree but there is no way he can pull it off with a face like his.

He's got a nice chiseled jaw line, dark eyes and full lips. At 19, he's still has that youthful look to him and once he smiles, any chance he had at convincing anyone he is a big tough guy is gone. He stands 6'2" tall and he's a solid 190 pounds of muscle. His golden tone comes from a melting pot of different backgrounds.

When he's not working as a trainer, he plays soccer, football and anything else that gets the adrenaline pumping, including MMA sports. He showed us some of his moves, and then his pants came down... and his dick was already hard!"



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