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Gavin Wolfe


SITES: Legend Men

Legend Men Gavin Wolfe

Gavin Wolfe

HEIGHT 5' 10", 177.8 cm
WEIGHT 185 lbs., 84.1 kg
EYES Brown
HAIR Dark brown
LENGTH 8.5 inches, 21.6 cm
GIRTH 6.5 inches, 16.5 cm
SMOOTH When shaved
HAIRY Pleasantly
SIGN Cancer
BOXERS Boxer briefs
BRIEFS Now and then
NECK 17 in, 43.2 cm
CHEST 46 in, 116.8 cm
BICEP 17 in, 43.2 cm
WAIST 32 in, 81.3 cm
QUADS 25 in, 63.5 cm
CALVES 15 in, 38.1 cm
SHOE 11.5
INK Zero

POSITION Any and all of them
ANAL I get into it as the top
MASTURBATE Usually a couple times a day
BLOW JOB I love it when someone can deep throat my big thick cock
FACIALS I like giving a good hot load on a pretty face
ORIENTATION Straight but to each his own
PORN I make my own amateur porn
KNOWN FOR Being addicted to sex and always ready to go at it

ACTOR Jim Carrey
ACTRESS Olivia Wilde
FOOD Honey glazed salmon
BOOK The Oath by Frank Peretti
GAME Loaded Questions
HERO Rorschach
PROFESSION Personal Trainer and aspiring actor
QUOTE "Life is 5 % what happens to us and 95 % how we react to it"
BEST FEATURES Some say my smile and others say my abs. What about you?

Comments from Ron Lloyd:

Shooting with Gavin is a blast. He's full of energy and a lot of one-liners. Sometimes I had to remind myself to keep shooting and not be distracted by his witty charm.

Gavin has it all going for him. He's smart, handsome, built and hung. When discussing his cock, he says that it has a few nicknames including "Ol Lefty" and "The Cobra".

One other interesting fact is that he masturbates over the toilet on a daily basis. He says he likes to cum standing-up. So he just shoots his load into the bowl. No clean-up required. And I thought I've heard it all."