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Calvin's Peak Week

July 26, 2016

"One week prior to his 4th bodybuilding competition, Calvin meets us during his peak week training. He finished twice at 2nd place and once at 4th place. Learn what he did differently this time as he aims for the highest podium..."

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MSKB Trivia Quiz - Calvin

June 28, 2016

"Calvin is our first contestant on the MSKB Trivia Quiz. The rules are simple: Watch, Guess, Strip & Wank. The model watches a Maskurbate clip, then must answer a question related to this clip. A good answer is worth $100. If the answer is incorrect, the model must take a piece of clothing off. When totally naked, the model must jerkoff and cum, while watching our clips. Not easy for straight guys! Hope you'll enjoy this new Maskurbate series!"

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Calvin Unmasked

July 22, 2014

Comments from Pascal:

"Days before his bodybuilding competition, Calvin came to my house to shoot his very first Maskurbate unmasked scene. The timing was perfect! Calvin's body was astonishing and even though he felt a bit weak, he was in a great mood. He talked about his sacrifices and discipline in order to reach his goals and even gives some advice to young bodybuilders. Hard to keep your hands off such a work of art, so I convinced him to let me worship his muscles before he started stroking his big cock. I've shot a lot of scenes since 2006, but I feel this one is special, as is Calvin."

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Calvin Fucks

Featuring Calvin

June 10, 2014

Comments from Pascal:

"Just weeks before his bodybuilding competition, Calvin, a.k.a. the Gladiator, took a break from his intensive training and came to our Studios to try the new Fleshlight Mount. That session was an opportunity to learn more about Calvin, especially about his sexual fantasies, his definition of a perfect blowjob and his preference towards anal sex. When I handed the Fleshlight to him, I didn't know it was his first try. I could tell that he got really excited and with every stroke, he was on the verge of cumming as he slowly took it up and down his shaft. But before he did, I asked Calvin to try the Fleshlight Mount, to give it a good fuck. And he did! Not only did he enjoy it, he told us afterwards that it was better than the real thing!"

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May 6, 2014

"Calvin could easily have been a Gladiator back in the days, that's the first thing that came to my mind when he came to my house. This guy is big and may seem intimidating to some, but don't be fooled. Under those massive muscles lies a shy country boy who is still trying to adjust to the city life. Calvin likes the outdoors. He is very active, plays all kind of sports and of course, he is very serious about building those muscles and doing competition. Welcome to the city of sin Calvin!"

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Big Beautiful Calvin

Featuring Calvin

"Turns out Calvin is a bit friendlier than he first appears. He is a bit butt shy but I still managed to get a shot for his movie."

The Guy Site Calvin

The Guy Site Calvin
The Return of Calvin Pierce

The Return of Calvin Pierce

Featuring Calvin Pierce

January 2, 2015

"Happy 2015!! What a happy new year having the opportunity to rediscover this hunky stud.

In one year, Calvin Pierce's physique and look have changed quite dramatically. Now 22, this rugged bodybuilder has put on some 25 lbs since November 2013. Since his last appearance with us, he's been doing competitive bodybuilding and has been quite successful at it. And, to no one's surprise, he takes his training regimen quite seriously.

He's also another guy who has shirked the urban metrosexual look for the lumber sexual allure. This is no surprised to us as Calvin is naturally quite hairy and usually sports a hunky GI Joe look. In recent weeks, he has let his beard grow out and he's given it some style. His massive chest is adorned with an outcrop of hair that is spreading feverishly. And, what can we say about his hairy bubble butt ... Oh, Mon Dieu!

A couple of things have remained the same with this massive piece of man during the past twelve months. His rock hard cock is as stiff as ever (me thinks he gets turned on while showing off!) and his outgoing and jovial personality are just incredibly endearing. He's no push over though as he's as head strong as ever.

Marko & Calvin met up a couple of weeks ago and the 245 lbs. hunk agreed to Marko's invitation to show off his new look and transformation by doing another solo performance. He wanted to share his buddy's evolution with his fans and supporters. I tell you, that Marko is just so generous a guy.

Things soon got into motion for Calvin to show off his hunky stature in this solo. It didn't take all that long for him to get down to business, to spring sa boner and to show off his massive build and blow a load for all of you... So, enjoy & Happy New Year All!"

The Return of Calvin Pierce

The Return of Calvin Pierce

The Return of Calvin Pierce

The Return of Calvin Pierce The Return of Calvin Pierce

The Return of Calvin Pierce The Return of Calvin Pierce

The Return of Calvin Pierce The Return of Calvin Pierce

The Return of Calvin Pierce The Return of Calvin Pierce

Post Work Out Relief

Featuring Calvin Pierce

December 10, 2013

"We have been trying to get Calvin Pierce to appear for Men of Montréal for some time. So you can imagine how pleased we were when we got the call from him saying that he was game to try out a solo. Calvin initially comes across as an intimidating stud. But his 5'11', 220 lbs. stature is misleading. He is only 21 years of age but can easily come across as much older with that dark and dense facial hair and huge frame. Although he is a determined and headstrong kinda guy, his jovial personality and huge smile breaks down that first impression.Calvin is a single bi guy sporting a 7' uncut cock. This personal trainer also occasionally takes part in amateur bodybuilding competitions. In fact, he's been putting on some weight of late in preparation for an upcoming competition. Originally from Montreal's South Shore suburbs, he now lives in the city. When he arrived for his shoot, Calvin had just finished working out and was ready for a shower. That was good timing as we had planned to have him do a short work out and shower scene for his solo. So back to the gym we went so he could show us a bit of his routine. Then it was time for that shower he so badly wanted to take.Calvin hadn't shot a load in a few days, so he was primed and ready to play with his stiffening curved dick for us. He was so lit up that we had to slow down the pace a couple of times otherwise he would have shot a load of jizz much sooner. Not only does Calvin like to show off, but he also enjoys looking at himself. There was a mirror across the way from the shower stall and you will notice him glance in that direction a few times while he is showering and jacking off. Undoubtedly, he was taking in his performance. When we finally asked Calvin if he was ready to shoot, he smiled at us and simply said 'get ready'. We did, and he shot a nice load in the shower's glass wall..."



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