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SITES: Live Muscle Show, MuscleHunks, PowerMen

MuscleHunks Lucas Diangelo


Getting Bigger by the Minute

Featuring Lucas Diangelo

April 2, 2014

"Buffed and Bad LMS Musclestar Lucas di Angelo continues to show us his extraordinary development from devilish twenty-something post-adolescent musclepup into the dominant muscle player he is today! Just take a look at the panting honorifics this nasty muscleman garners on his LiveMuscleShow page - his fans crow that he is "big....and getting bigger by the minute"... all the while claiming that they all have a "special relationship" with him. And perhaps they do! Lucas is such an adept crowd-pleaser, we have no doubts that he holds his audience captive - somewhere between his clenched fist and those mammoth biceps!"

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Buffed and Bad

Featuring Lucas Diangelo

November 7, 2013

"Since we last saw him on PM, LMS muscleman Lucas Diangelo has developed into one tough dude. Sure, once he was a little on the playful side with his muscle, flexing and grinning and acting just a little like the teen idol next door. But now he's all business, all muscle, all hard edges, all about dominating the room with sheer rock-hard power. Think you know Lucas? We think you'll have a pleasant surprise when you see how big and bad he's become. And when Lucas flexes his rock-hard guns, you'll see he means business."

Powermen Lucas Diangelo




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Young and Ambitious

Featuring Lucas Di Angelo and Friends

"The squared circle just got a whole lot hotter as wrestling action is pushed to new heights when's newest heart throb, Lucas Diangelo is tossed into the ring with non-other then tough guy LEX ATTILA! We've told you before, we don't want just anyone on - we wanted to see if Lucas Diangelo had what it takes. What would you do if you were pitted in a ring against DENNIS MARTIN, MICU MALTA and BEN JOHNSON; with LEX ATTILA playing clean up? See if Lucas survives not only the bout in the ring, but the head to head in the locker room showers!"

Lucas Di Angelo





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Live Muscle Show Lucas Diangelo

Lucas Diangelo

Age: 29
Weight: 225 lbs
Height: 5'11"
Chest: 54 in
Waist: 32 in
Bicep: 20 in
Thigh: 31 in

"This young buck named Lucas is a dirty, nasty boy who loves to play. Lucas likes nothing better than to sic the other guys he plays with on each other, and he gets away with it. The other guys always forgive him, because all that this grinning troublemaker has to do is part his full lips, and betray just a hint of a smile. It's that sense of pure fun that Lucas brings to his private shows. Lucas will tease you, and then he'll turn around and let you play with him. He’s that special kind of guy who’s full of life, and with a great sense of humor. So, just go private with Lucas, and let go. You'll be having fun in no time, right along with Lucas. It's a wild ride, and it’s a trip to remember! Contact Lucas now, only at"

Live Muscle Show Lucas Diangelo

Live Muscle Show Lucas Diangelo

Live Muscle Show Lucas Diangelo

Live Muscle Show Lucas Diangelo Live Muscle Show Lucas Diangelo