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Ready for Action

Featuring Chris Bortone

December 16, 2014

"Chris Bortone is not your average kind of man, especially not when he opens his shirt or his pants. Your jaws might drop in both cases. This is one fine physique. He has such a supreme physique for any bodybuilding stage and a sculptured body ready for any camera. For those who know Chris from LiveMuscleShow know that he loves to show-off and go a few steps further .... Enjoy!"

Powermen Chris Bortone






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Raw Poser

Featuring Chris Bortone

January 18, 2014

"Chris Bortone is a natural man - a natural muscleman, that is. Now, we can't speak for his diet or supplements; what we mean is, Chris naturally just loves to pose. And he naturally just loves to pose……naturally. In the raw. Sans posers. Sans anything. Chris has already blown them away at, and he's doing the same thing with his new-found friends at LMS, where he poses the livelong day and night without benefit of much of any posing trunks, jockstrap, or g-string. What can we say? He's just a natural muscleman, that's all!"

PowerMen Chris Bortone



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MuscleHunks Chris Bortone

Ripped and Ready

Featuring Chris Bortone

October 18, 2013

"Musclemen just don't get much nicer to look at than Chris Bortone. With his slightly cockeyed yet strangely boyish face, young Chris could be just about any age from 21 to 35 - but whoa! just take in that body! His physique is wrought out of crushingly hard workouts and years of steady discipline. Hard pecs, cannonball biceps, broad shoulders, ripped 'n' rolling abs, and an iron-hard butt that just won't quit. Add a nice, unusually pretty engine under the hood in front, and you have another impressive debut exclusive muscleman, ripped and ready to play!"



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Live Muscle Show Chris Bortone

Chris Bortone

Age: 23
Weight: 200 lbs
Height: 5'10 ft
Chest: 52 in
Waist: 32 in
Bicep: 19 in
Thigh: 26 in

"Get ready to satisfy all your muscle desires and urges because Chris Bortone is in the LMS house, and he’s got what you’re looking for and then some. With his spectacular posing abilities and his charming personality, you’ll be hooked on Chris in no time. If that doesn’t convince you, then the big secret weapon that rests between his legs most certainly will! Talk to Chris now at!"

Live Muscle Show Chris Bortone Live Muscle Show Chris Bortone

Diamond Rip

"If u follow Internet muscle then you may know me, I have video online and I am as free and easy a muscleman as u will ever meet. I compete and like to stay ripped, and I am friendly and easy going. But there's more. I also have abs, quads, hams, and glutes that have to be seen to be believed. Now, I know there are other musclemen here at JockMenLive who also sport amazing glutes, but let me just add that I am one of them! I like to show off my muscles and I think u will find me friendly and accommodating. Oh, I am handsome too. Just look at the pix, what u see is what u get - and more!"

Diamond Rip Diamond Rip

Diamond Rip Diamond Rip

Diamond Rip Diamond Rip

Diamond Rip Diamond Rip

2018 Romania Muscle Fest Pro Qualifier

Light Heavyweight (2nd)
Novice Heavyweight (1st)




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