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Fratmen Jameson


ALIASES: Jamey, Red
SITES: FratmenTV, My Friends Feet, Thunder TV Wrestling

Jamey Passed Out and Foot Worshiped

September 13, 2013

"Sexy redhead Jamey's dress socks and sexy feet are worshiped while he sleeps at MyFriendsFeet. Jamey was far too hard to resist as he napped at our place. His lean body and socked pair of size 11 feet were far too inviting for me to keep away from. As soon as I knew he was fast asleep I got down on my knees and sniffed those musky socks, Then it was on to a toe sucking and foot worshiping Jamey will never forget. Whether he was sleeping or not!"

Jamey Foot Worship Jamey Foot Worship Jamey Foot Worship

Jamey Foot Worship Jamey Foot Worship Jamey Foot Worship

Redhead Jamey's Size 11 Bare Feet & Athletic Socks

September 4, 2013

"When we first saw Jamey at MyFriendsFeet he was just back from the gym getting his pre photos pump going. He was wearing a plain white t shirt and his workout socks with his soccer slides. It was such a great look on him we decided to shoot him exactly in what he was wearing. His after workout socks clung to his feet in the sexiest way and once he took them off we saw that his bare feet are as flawless as his amazing body. Now if we could only talk him into doing a tickling scene!"

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Mffhq1196_jamey_053 Mffhq1196_jamey_075








"Man, we all do love us some bodybuilders, and Jameson is a couple more fetishes thrown in for good measure. Part college jock, part ginger redhead, but champion jr. bodybuilder through and through. Welcome Fratmen Jameson... psst, he's coming to the Fratpad!"

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Python vs Red

Python vs Red

September 16, 2013

"Newcomer Red enters in with big guns Python. Check out this new Gallery with over 100 photos of the new wrestler and Python."

Python vs Red

Python vs Red

Python vs Red