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ALIAS: Devin, Devon
SITES: Jake Cruise, Men Over 30, My Friends Feet, SG4GE, Thunder TV Wrestling

Dev Worshipped by Cameron Kincaid

July 22, 2017

"It's been some time since Cameron and Dev have been in a video together, so it was nice to have them together again. Besides, it's been ages since Dev had his size 10 feet worshipped. Cameron was game and we all certainly know he will do a good job of it. Dev definitely approved and showed Cameron how he like his feet sucked. For the most part though, Cameron knew what to do, as he an worship a pair of like Dev's for days and never grow tired of it!"





















Dev Gagged and Tickle Tortured

February 9, 2017

"As much as Dev loves tickling other guys and their feet, he really doesn't like to have it done to him. At all. Well, it's rather a love/hate kind of thing. He ends up having fun, but he's so damn ticklish that he usually goes nuts like in this scene. Just for a sexy touch and show him who is boss in this scenerio, I put a gag over his mouth. Watch as big, musclebound Dev laughs uncontrollably as I tickle his size 10 feet with my fingers and tools, then work his big, beefy body. So hot to have him on the receiving end of the tickle torture!"





















Dev Michaels' Feet & Socks Worshiped

February 7, 2015

"When one of his grad students needs a little direction, Dean Dev Michaels gives him a foot worship directive. Dean Michaels is a bossy guy and he takes full advantage of having a guy who is forced to sniff his socks and suck on his toes. Hopefully this teaches his student a lesson and he makes better grades - as well as comes back for more foot licking."





















Dev Worships Brad Barnes' Feet

August 17, 2013

"Gay porn star Brad Barnes literally demands attention. The man is heavily muscled and downright gorgeous. So why wouldn't we be into worshiping his big, sexy feet here at MyFriendsFeet? Resident foot worshiper Dev wasted no time getting on his knees in front of Brad, massaging his feet and slowly stripping off his socks. From there on Brad was brought to complete bliss with some highly erotic foot and toe sucking!"

Brad Barnes' Feet & Socks Worshiped (2)

Brad Barnes' Feet & Socks Worshiped (2)

Brad Barnes' Feet & Socks Worshiped (2)

Brad Barnes' Feet & Socks Worshiped (2)

Brad Barnes' Feet & Socks Worshiped (2)

Ivan & Dev

"Ivan and Dev are good friends - both with great feet. They are also two of my favorite guys to shoot. They came over one day so I could shoot them both together. They sat on the couch to show off their feet - Ivan's 10 1/2's and Dev's size 10's. At first they were all serious, but they quickly started clowning around. They are like brothers the way that they pick on each other. Dev took off Ivan's shoes first, and then Ivan took off Dev's to show their white socks. They had gone to the gym before they came, so they were joking about their foot odor (but I couldn't smell anything bad). After I got shots of their workout socks they took off each other's socks and propped their legs up on each other. After this - to break the sexual tension I guess - they started punching and pushing each other like brothers do. Then they took their shirts off and started posing and flexing their muscles for me. That was really hot to see them all pumped up with their soles practically in my face! At the end they put their feet up to the camera to invite you to put your face up to their feet and worship them...Enjoy!"

Ivan & Dev


Dev's Socks and Bare Feet On His Motorcycle

Dev's Socks and Bare Feet On His Motorcycle

"Dev got a new motorcycle (well, new to him at least) and he came over to show it to me. He wanted me to take some photos of him on it for his MySpace page, and I was happy to do it. I told him I would trade my services for some foot and sock photos of him on the bike. Everybody wins - including you guys! It was late afternoon and the sun was low in the sky when we got to a place that I thought would be ideal for photos. Dev took his shoes off and started showing off his bulky socks. Soon the socks came off of his size 10 feet and he was sitting on the bike with his bare feet propped up over the handlebar. I love Dev's feet - they are really masculine male feet, and you can tell that he has been kickboxing for a long time from looking at them. One thing I think is so hot about Dev is that he is a real tough guy, but his feet (and body) are so ticklish too."

Dev's Socks and Bare Feet On His Motorcycle

Dev's Socks and Bare Feet On His Motorcycle

Dev's Socks and Bare Feet On His Motorcycle

Dev's Socks and Bare Feet On His Motorcycle
Dev's Masculine Feet

Dev's Masculine Feet and Sleepy Sock Strip

"Dev comes home from the bar exhausted and a little bit buzzed, ready to crash. He pulls his shirt off and takes a second to admire his own body. His hard work at the gym shows in his chest, arms and abs. He unties one shoe and then the other, getting a whiff of the aroma from his socks in the process. As he gets up on the bed he remembers the guy who came up to him in a bar once and offered him a wad of cash to sniff his socks and have him put his bare feet on the guy's face. Of course he said yes - he needed the money and it was right of the guy to want to admire his feet and his body. He works and making sure that they both look great. It was actually pretty hot to have a submissive guy at his feet or worshiping his body. Of course he would never tell any of his buddies that (or his girlfriend)...

Dev turns his attention to getting his jeans off, and once they are he rests his eyes for a minute and drifts off to sleep for a second in his socks and underwear. He wakes up and since he is too tired to reach down to take his socks off, he pulls one of his socks off using his toes. Then he pulls the other one off. His size 10 feet feel great in the cool air and he wiggles his bare toes as he drifts off again. He is restless though, and he tosses and turns for about an hour until he wakes up for a minute, knowing that he has to turn off the light and get some serious sleep. He lays there thinking about that guy in the bar who was under his feet. Dev wonders if there are many other guys who would like to be under his feet. The rent is due soon and he is a little short...Enjoy!"

Dev's Masculine Feet

Dev's Masculine Feet

Dev's Masculine Feet Dev's Masculine Feet

Dev's Masculine Feet

Ivan & Dev Worshiped At Once

"It's every foot fetish site owner's wet dream to have as many gorgeous men to worship as possible. For this MyFriendsFeet scene I had Dev and Ivan come by and while they watched TV I approached them to worship their gorgeous peds. It was a nice, hot, sunny day and that meant their sport socks were ripe with man smells. Damn I love that! Both Dev and Ivan were very receptive to my touch, mouth and tongue. I left them in a well-pleased state, I'm sure. He He."

Devivanworship01 Devivanworship02 Devivanworship03

Devivanworship04 Devivanworship05 Devivanworship06

Dev Worship

"Dev's Socks & Feet Worshiped While He Sleeps"

"Dev is such a heavy sleeper that practically nothing can wake him up. His roommate takes advantage of this and sneaks into his room one morning and worships his socks and feet while he sleeps - and gets it all on film! The surprising thing is how much Dev likes it. Even in his slumber he is moaning, and eventually he starts rubbing his crotch in his sleep. And it's all on film to show him later..."

Devworship01 Devworship02 Devworship03 Devworship04

Devworship05 Devworship06 Devworship07

Dev Worship (2)

"Dev can be quite submissive with the right Foot Master, but sometimes he's very aggressive and dominant. He was with me in this MyFriendsFeet scene. Dev is huge and strong and has wonderful tasting feet. This is when Dev and I were still to get know one another and I must admit that his aggression freaked me out at first. But pretty soon it turned me on and I wasted no time in worshiping his sexy feet. Complete with being smothered by them and all!"

Devworship201 Devworship202 Devworship203 Devworship204

Devworship205 Devworship206 Devworship207 Devworship208
Dev Michael's Dress Socks & Feet Worshiped

Dev Worship (3)

"Dev Michael's Dress Socks & Feet Worshiped"

"Dev is a very good friend nowadays and it was fun getting to know him at MyFriendsFeet back then. This is an early video where I worship his sexy feet. He sure loved it. Dev was still new to foot worship at this time in his life. Which was great for me too, of course. I love it when a dude first experiences my mouth and tongue on his hot feet!"

01 02 03 04

Dev Worship (4)

"Dev's Feet Worshiped & Tickled While He Sleeps"

"Way back when when I was first getting to know Dev he stayed over at the MyFriendsFeet house one night. Well, being such a big, hunky dude with hot sexy feet I simply couldn't resist getting down on my knees to worship his feet while he slept. Something tells me that Dev was partially asleep throughout his foot worshiping. He moved around quite a bit and I thought I heard him trying to stifle some moans. He He. No doubt that he loved it and it was a great way to get to know my future best friend!"

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Dev Turns Best Friend Josh Onto Foot Worship

Dev Turns Best Friend Josh Onto Foot Worship

"Dev loves turning his buddies onto foot worship, so I had cute hunk Dennis come and worship both Dev and Joshua's feet for this MyFriendsFeet shoot. Joshua and Dev are good friends and so Josh was open to anything pretty much. Besides, he could see how good Dennis was at worshiping feet by watching him adore Dev's. Before long, Joshua wanted a piece of that action and he certainly got it. He loved it!"

01 02 03

04 05 06

07 08 09
Dennis Gets Off Worshipping Dev's Feet

Dev Worship (5)

"Dennis Gets Off Worshipping Dev's Feet"

"What could be better than coming home to have a cute hunk like Dennis getting down on his knees to worship your tired feet? That's what Dennis did for Dev in this MyFriendsFeet shoot. Dev is usually the submissive foot worshiper, but Dennis loves big, muscular men and smelly socks and feet. He couldn't resist what Dev was offering up. These two dudes really hit it off and I got really hard watching Dennis adore Dev's muscular feet!"

01 02 03

04 05 06

Dev Tickled (2)

"Back when Dev was a newbie at MyFriendsFeet he was tied up and tickle tortured by Ivan and myself. Dev was still pretty new to all this kinky tickling stuff but he was certainly interested in it. There's no doubt about that. He had no idea what he was getting into by the time we had him bound and ran hairbrushes and other things across his big feet. He soon found out though and ended up going crazy!"

Devtic201 Devtic202 Devtic203

Dev Tickled (3)

Luis The Boxer's Revenge...Luis Escapes & Tickles His Abusive Coach

"I should have known when I tied up Luis in this MyFriendsFeet scene that there was a possibility he might get out of his bondage and get revenge. After all, he's a real boxer and pretty tough. It was Dev he went after though, not me. He and Dev have a friendly rivalry going that is pretty intense. I of course helped Luis out tickling the hell out of my best friend Dev!"

01 02 03

Dev's Socks & Feet

"Dev has been with me for a long time now. This shoot goes back a ways though, to when I first met him. He's always been into working out and loves feet about as much as I do. One thing I found out about Dev the first time I met him is how much he loves to tease. He knew I was drooling at his feet while I took pics of them on the street!"


29 32

41 57

Dev Gets Off Showing His Feet

"Way back when Dev was just a newbie to MyFriendsFeet he kicked back by a fire, got naked, jerked off and showed off his sexy feet. Dev is one of my best friends, but I swear he looks SO hot here. Dev works out a lot and that's pretty obvious. He loves fireplaces and the thought of showing off his naked feet for all to see really got Dev off!"

Dev Gets Off Showing His Feet Dev Gets Off Showing His Feet Dev Gets Off Showing His Feet

Dev Michaels Tickled

"Dev is big and tough MOST of the time, when he's not being tickled silly. Being ticklish is this bodybuilder's one weakness and I proved that big time in this MyFriendsFeet shoot. Bodybuilders have so much body mass to tickle, which makes my job both easier and much more fun. Dev is ridiculously ticklish and went through a whole new life experience with my fingers and tickle toys driving him insane!"

01 02 03 04

Dev Michaels Tickled (3)

Ultra-Ticklish Muscleman Dev

"It's always a lot of fun getting Dev in a compromised, vulnerable position. It doesn't happen often. Way back when Dev was ripe for the picking when it comes to bondage and tickle torture and I gave it my all in this MyFriendsFeet scene. Dev is very ticklish, which is probably why he doesn't get tickled a lot. But with me running the show I insisted that he endure some of the punishment he dishes out on a regular basis. I drove Dev nuts!"

Dev Tickled 3 Dev Tickled 3 Dev Tickled 3

Devon's Massage

March 23, 2007

"Muscles - it seems I can't get enough of them. And Devon has muscles to spare. He really loves his body and when he's not showing off in front of a mirror, he loves to show off for the camera. Devon let me rub and worship every hard ripple on his abs and every sinew of his big, strong thighs. He was more than generous with his cock, too. I'm sure you'll enjoy watching as much as he enjoyed showing off for you."

Dev Michaels Massaged

Dev Michaels Massaged






Dev Michaels Massaged






October 13, 2006

"Muscles and freckles. Usually, they don't go together. But in Devon's case they go together very, very well. Devon has a body builder physique and is proud of every single one of his muscles. He loves to look at himself in the mirror and loves to be watched having sex with Brianna Beach."






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MenOver30 Devon

Pardon My Hardon

Featuring Devon
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

January 4, 2007

"Looking like the Scandinavian cousin of Atlas or Zeus, Devon arrived at with as much muscle as we have ever seen packed onto the human body in a nearly perfect example of symmetry, proportion and definition. With his square jaw, deep eyes, and a statue-like profile, that shade of sandy brown hair speaks of someone who was a tow-headed blonde as a child—serving as the only reminder Devon was ever a boy. He is a 100% grown man. Before we can even finish the introduction, he is already on his feet and starting the show. You can’t keep a good man down; and with a man like this, it is a joy to see he is as eager to get on with the show as we are. He hesitates just for one moment, allowing us to follow the silhouette of his body through his t-shirt before turning around and giving us the equally impressive back view. As he raises his shirt up from the bottom, it is like he’s raising a garage door to reveal not a compact model car inside—but a tank. With flaring lats and densely-packed shoulders, the sheer width of his back, especially as it tapers into that narrow waist is almost unbelievable. When he faces forward, the vista becomes even better.From his traps to his pecs, triceps to his obliques, all the way down to his quads, Devon has spent time developing every single muscle and shows off each one with appropriate reverence. To be this built and this lean is quite a feat—from the ridges in his abs, it is a feat accomplished for this guy. His attentions, and ours, now move to his shorts. “Walking down” his waistband inch-by-inch, side-to-side, revealing lower abs as tight as the real estate above it and a bulge below it that is definitely showing signs of life. A quick glimpse of the white marble ass cheeks, Devon drops the shorts and takes to the bed. He stretches that incredible body, all eyes riveted to the black lycra briefs molded to his form like a second skin.Devon rises again, and his cock rises right along. He begins to display the one muscle we have not seen yet: his cock. Devon’s cock is just like the man himself: thick and very well-formed with a blunt, cut head over a pair of tight, smooth balls that are already showing signs of needing to unload as they contract tight in that sack. With one arm behind his head, his pierced, pumped pecs glistening, his stomach like a series of well-defined ridges, he begins a slow, steady, well-practiced stroke of his cock. Moving one hand to the base, adding more lube, he is in total control of every fiber and, as if by a silent command, with a vise-like grip he milks out a thick white protein shake to end his morning work out."

MenOver30 Devon

MenOver30 Devon

MenOver30 Devon MenOver30 Devon

MenOver30 Devon MenOver30 Devon

MenOver30 Devon MenOver30 Devon
Thunder TV Wrestling Devin

Mat Wars 6: Match 2

Devin vs Dimitre "Russian Judo Champion"

"INTENSE & BRUTAL Devin's at it again!!! This man isn't going to stop until someone is seriously hurt. Now he tells us about this tough guy Russian, who he invites over saying he's thinking of learning Judo. Well that is NOT what is on Devin's mind. He challenges Dimitre to a gut punching contest and then starts really tearing into him with wrestling move after wrestling move. Dimitre is a tough guy but who can stand against Devin's massive POWER and STRENGTH when he focuses everything he has on destroying you? Devin master of domination has plans for every wrestler in Thunder's Arena. He's going to destroy each and everyone until he gets a match against Titan. He just squashes Dimitre like he's nothing. Devin just goes from brutal submission hold to another on the mat, body scissors into a head scissors into a rear choke lock. Then he picks Dimitre up only to crush him back down. This bruatal match tells me one thing attacking and dominating a smaller guy doesn't make you the makes you Devin buddy, Devin!

Devin dominates again with bearhugs, full nelons, scissors holds, ab stretches, gut punching and once again his power and size leave the guy on the mat, unable to walk off.... We should change his name to Devin the dominator, he just leaves a line of fallen bodies on his way to the top of Thunder's Arena."

Devin vs Dimitri

Devin vs Dimitri

Devin vs Dimitri

Devin vs Dimitri