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ALIAS: Hugh Sparta
SITES: Jimmy Z Productions, Mission 4 Muscle, Muscle Worship, Repetrope Productions


Sunday in the Park with Hugh

Featuring Hugh Sparta
Jimmy Z Productions

May 4, 2014

"We caught up with the powerful Hugh Sparta a few days after he competed. This bodybuilder is in impressive condition with his hard striated muscles and veins popping out all over. He takes us to a green park and his body is the perfect match to the beauty of his surroundings. Posing and flexing for our pleasure, he strips down to get oiled up. He slides his posers back to reveal his shredded glutes and awesome hamstrings. Hugh really knows what a worshiper wants as he gives us a full posing routine and a close up look of his muscle packed body."







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Jimmy Z Productions Hugh Sparta Flex Power


Flex Power

Featuring Hugh Sparta
Jimmy Z Productions

March 10, 2013

"If you are looking for some hot powerful muscles, Hugh Sparta is the man to give it to you. He lets the worshiping begin by flexing in his gym clothes and then exposing his hard muscles. Wearing some posers he rubs oil all over those high quality muscles while teasing the camera with his sexy body. In the shower we appreciate his body even more as he lathers up and shows us his beautiful ass. Finally its time for this stud to go leaving us wanting even more."



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Muscle Worship

Victor Del Campo

Cinemas 403, 485, 494, 626, 628

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Cinema 494 Victor Del Campo

Cinema 485 Victor Del Campo
Mission 4 Muscle Victor Del Campo

Victor Del Campo and Frank The Tank

"Hard Bodies"

January 1, 2010

"2010 is here and what better way to start off the new year resolution than with a great workout with two competitive bodybuilders Frank The Tank (Frank Defeo) and Victor Del Campo. Watch as these huge muscle hunks flex, pose and demonstrate how to get monster legs and muscle ass."

Hard Bodies

Victor Del Campo


October 5, 2008

"2008 USA contestant Victor Del Campo is 2 weeks out from this major contest and gives you a preview as he struts his magnificent musculature before Mission4Muscle lens in this latest video. In as beautiful park in fall, Victor will captivate you as his muscles bulge from every angle. His pectorals are huge beefy slabs, his biceps like cannonballs, his massive legs are ripped with corded thews that remind one of tree trunks. The muscle is all oversized like the contours of a statue of Hercules. So close to contest, he has achieved a very shredded physique. The cuts of his brawn are clearly visible, creating peaks and valleys that would excite a cartographer. If you like prime competitive grade muscle, this is the video for you."

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Victor Del Campo and Frank The Tank

"Rock Hard Workout"

August 26, 2008

"Victor del Campo and Frank the Tank put their muscle to the test in an intense a workout. These two muscle hunks battle the iron in a test of endurance, power and determination. Although their muscle looks sculpted from granite, you will see how every bit of this corded twisted steel like muscle is built through hard grunting work. This is the video for those who savor male muscle. It is a video that all lovers of muscle will want to view again and again. Victor del Campo is fast becoming one of the most popular models on Mission4muscle and Frank of course is already on the way to becoming an internet muscle icon."

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