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ALIAS: Brad Coyote
SITES: Big Dicks at School, Buff and Bound, Drill My Hole, Jizz Orgy, Masquerade Men, Mission 4 Muscle, My Friends Feet, Paragon Men, Randy Blue, Sharpshooter Studios, Str8 to Gay, The Guy Site, Thunder TV Wrestling

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Braden Charon and Brad Barnes

"Pro Bros"

Braden Charon and Brad Barnes

July 7, 2013

"Braden Charron and Brad Barnes team up this week to show off every inch of their bodies and their masturbation techniques. So much beef on display here this one could have been called double bubble butt. These guys are such pros they can practically cum on command and their climax is almost at the same time."

Braden Charon and Brad Barnes

Braden Charon and Brad Barnes

Braden Charon and Brad Barnes

Braden Charon and Brad Barnes

Braden Charon and Brad Barnes

Braden Charon and Brad Barnes

Braden Charon and Brad Barnes

Braden Charon and Brad Barnes

Braden's Audition

"Braden is the dream combo of masculinity, good looks, an incredible "Top 1%" muscle-bound body, wide meaty dick, plum-sized low-hangers, and hot ass! The cherry on our Braden Sundae was that he's a super nice guy and one of the easiest to work with men we have had the pleasure of filming. His years of showing off in front of the camera paid off, and you'll see the awesome results as soon as you click "Play". Stay tuned for more of Braden because we're already talking about flying him back for some more fun!"









Braden Charron

Braden Charron

"Happy Horny Holidays. No mistletoe necessary! December is full of big package surprises... ready to unwrap? For our 4th anniversary, Paragon teams up with Adonis Club to celebrate. We're putting these and more naked muscle hunks on a pedestal 12/15 in New York City. Come see skyscrapers come to rock hard life!

Move over, Ken Doll, here's something just as pretty but twice as meaty! In a PC world, the perfectly pumped proportions of Braden Charren would be banned as promoting an unachievable ideal of manhood. Paragon promotes unfair ideals... to great acclaim!

This model cam star stripped for our cameras just before a bodybuilding show. At the top end of his weight range, Braden stuns with a muscle-rippling jack off session so hard... to forget. This Maine attraction is a sculpted 187 to 210, 5'9", 30/32 with massive ballsack and a thick hammer. Want inside this toolbox? Braden's a sucker for friendship, family, love and strength. Also, meatball pizza.

As bodybuilding isn't forever (gravity said so), Braden practices golf (the fairway to heaven). Not to worry, at Paragon unfair pieces of fine plastic are forever!"

Braden Charron Braden Charron

Braden Charron Braden Charron

Braden Charron and Jaxton Wheeler

October 19, 2012

"Something happens when men watch sports. Every time your team scores there is a surge of testosterone, a flood of adrenaline and a quickening of the pulse. If that sounds familiar its because that is exactly what happens when you have sex. When Braden Charron and Jaxton Wheeler sat down to watch a football game little did they know that terms like tight end and touchdown would play a lot more into the afternoon then they had planned. Once the excitement started to rise the beer and musky scent of two horny muscled studs kicked in the next thing you know Braden is looking for more than beer and chips to feed his hunger. He gets a mouthful of cock and that really gets things rolling. Then Jaxton goes down on Braden, savoring every inch of his delicious dick. There is something about sucking a nice firm cock that drives Jaxton wild and he just had to tap that hole. He lays Braden out on the couch and starts fucking his ass like there is no tomorrow. But Braden started this whole thing and he was not about to leave without his piece of ass, so he laid Jaxton down and went to town. All that muscle and sweat and cum. Nobody really cared how the game ended."








Braden Charron and Derek Atlas

June 25, 2012

"Braden Charron and Derek Atlas are two mountains of muscle. When both want to top the other how do you decide who wins. They decided to have an arm wrestling match and watching two biceps the size of bowling balls battle it out is quite something. The two of them make out and you just cannot help but notice the beautiful contrast between Braden with his totally smooth muscle and Derek with that nice dusting of brow fur that covers his rock hard pecs and chiseled abs. Once Braden got the better of Derek he could not wait to get started. After mutual blowjobs Braden gets the nice big Derek bubble butt ready with his tongue then gently works his huge throbbing cock deep inside. Braden then pounds Derrek nine ways to Sunday and just does not quit until Derek spills a huge thick load all over his furry stomach."






Gage Wilson, Alex Eden and Braden Charron

March 6, 2009

"I know when you guys want something. Every since Gage Wilson started with Randy Blue last year everyone raved about how hot he was. When he blew Reese I got tons of emails about it. When he fucked Trent, people went nuts. But the one thing everyone kept asking was... when is Trent going to get fucked. His toy video was so hot it just got everyone craving to see his ass pounded by another Randy Blue model. I knew it was time. And I knew it had to be hotter than you guys could even imagine. I called in not one but two fan favorites, Alex Eden and Braden Charron to make sure Gage got a fucking he won't soon forget. I don't know what was in the air that day but when we got into the studio Alex and Braden had this look in their eyes... like hungry animals. Gage and Braden started fooling around even before I turned on my camera and Alex was enthralled, just staring with a growing bulge in his shorts. That gave me a great idea. Have Gage and Braden making out while Alex watches. That didn't last long as Alex, unable to help himself, jumped into action. If this video doesn't put you in a good, and incredibly horny, mood for the weekend nothing will. Braden has become quite the talented cocksucker. Seeing that hunky, musclebound stud on his knees going down on both Alex and Gage at the same time is enough to make you pop before you even go any further, but you better hold off for the really good stuff. Then Alex takes a turn engulfing Gage and Braden's stiff members. But seeing Gage getting his ass rammed by both Alex and then Braden is where everything just goes through the roof. And after a good solid pounding he gets a crack at Braden's ass before unloading a pent up load of hot steamy jizz all over Braden's back."






IMG_0128 IMG_0139

Braden Charron, Chris Rockway and Kevin Falk

July 18, 2008

"It's been a while since we've had Braden Charron on the site. It was great to see him and he's looking better than ever. He's trimmed down some of that bodybuilder bulk he used to sport and now has a more streamlined body with all the gorgeous muscles still intact. I wanted to do something really special since he's worked so hard to look that good for us. I figured I'd give him the best of both worlds, someone he knows and has worked with before, and someone new. Chris Rockway has worked with Braden before in the All Star Circle Jerk, and a hot three-way with Alex Eden. I knew he'd be perfect. But of all the new guys, who would I pick that would be a good match for Braden and Chris. How about our newest powerhouse, Kevin Falk. Kevin has been growing by leaps and bounds since he started at Randy Blue. Talk about zero to sixty, he went from his solo video to ravenous cock monster in a handful of videos and in his recent appearance on RBL, Tyler didn't know what hit him. Kevin sends out a sexual vibe that few men can resist. And once he gets it in his mind that he wants something, most guys are more than happy to give it up. Now I have a little confession to make. When I choose the guys that go together in the videos I really try to pick them according to what I think you guys will like, however, this time I did it out of my own curiosity. And maybe because the idea of Braden Charron, Chris Rockway and Kevin Falk together in a hotter than hot three-way gets me... well, a little hot. The end result? It was something beyond anything I could have imagined. These three guys got so into it, fucking, sucking, flipping, taking turns. It was wild. And I got it all on video just for you, and well, maybe for me too. My favorite part comes at the end... literally. Braden shoots his load then looks over as Kevin covers his own chest in thick creamy goo. Then Chris has to share his load leaving Kevin practically swimming in cum. Now that's a hot scene."







_MG_0294 _MG_0295

_MG_0559 _MG_0562
Braden Charron and Lucky Daniels

Braden Charron and Lucky Daniels

April 18, 2008

"Braden Charron is back! It's been a while since we've seen him and he looks amazing. Having been into the bodybuilding scene he was bulking up pretty huge for a while, but he's been working his body lately to be less hulkish and more hunkish and the results are breathtaking. Curvy and muscular at the same time, he's got the body of a champion. And he's also got a lot of pent up frustration to get out. We could tell that whomever was on the receiving end of this hunk of hot and horny manmeat was going to have to be able to hold his own. It wasn't long before we were all agreeing that Lucky Daniels was the man for the job. He's come a long way from "oh, I think I'll just do a jerk off scene and maybe a few blowjobs" to being quite the popular bottom on the site. And now getting these two into some major gay hardcore action was too much fun. The two of them had a great chemistry and it's obvious how much they are getting into it. In fact, when Braden says, "I wanna fuck you so bad" he looks like a hungry animal. And lucky, who's body just seems to get hotter and hotter, can't keep his moans of pleasure in. In fact, they're both really vocal and Braden goes at it with such fervor that he nearly shakes the bed apart! He rides Lucky so hard that when he shoots, he sprays the bed with a huge shower of pearl white jizz. Then it's Braden's turn as he grabs Lucky's head and pulls him inward to get a face full of his hot, steamy load."

Braden Charron and Lucky Daniels

Braden Charron and Lucky Daniels

Braden Charron and Lucky Daniels

Braden Charron and Lucky Daniels

Braden Charron and Lucky Daniels

Braden Charron and Lucky Daniels

Braden Charron and Lucky Daniels

Braden Charron and Lucky Daniels Braden Charron and Lucky Daniels

Braden Charron and Lucky Daniels Braden Charron and Lucky Daniels

Braden Charron Reese Rideout (2)

December 29, 2006

"If you have been following on the site for some time now you can't help but notice Reese Rideout. A year ago when I approached Reese about being our first real exclusive I was not sure if he would accept the offer or how our working relationship would play out. It was completely unchartered territory for us and for him. But looking back over the past year I can honestly say it has been an incredible experience. Reese has taken on each shoot with so much zeal and passion. He can turn the dullest mundane scene into some thing hot and usually funny for the crew. Reese knew this day was coming because how can you be a porn star and not give it up at least once? How can you fuck someone and not have the slightest curiosity about being on the receiving end? The answer is you can't. A real star gives it everything he has for the crew, for himself, and always for the fans. Reese has been a fucking machine and not one guy that has been with him has ever not enjoyed the experience. And how could they not with this sexy hung bodybuilder. When it came time to find someone to take Reese's cherry I knew I would have so many offers. Every guy that worked wit him weighed in with his reason why he should be chosen but in the end it was Braden who got the lucky job. Braden and Reese have some real affection for each other which is pretty evident when you see them kid and harass and work with each other. This, just so you know is Braden's first piece of tight man ass and I suspect it wont be his last judging by the hard pounding he gave Reese. Reese takes it all like the man he is and pretty soon is begging for more! This video was worth waiting for and I don't think Reese has ever looked better!"







Braden Charron with Toy

October 11, 2006

"If you had told me that Braden would take the plunge I probably would have disagreed. Braden is probably one of the biggest and one of the most beautiful guys I have featured on R.B. He has amazing body that has been groomed from hours at the gym and probably not one carb in 5 years. His body is his temple and he does treat it as such. Braden thought long and hard about doing a toy video before he called me up and I am pretty sure he put in some practice. Just how much he would never tell me. Braden started out slow and after a while felt a lot more comfortable with working the dildo in and out of his tight, beefy, bubble ass. The dildos got bigger and they got tighter and tighter till finally his ass opened up and he relaxed and went with it. Braden plunged them in deep and finally came with a huge shot! This is a really good toy video and Braden I know will be open to doing more. You are going to love this straight guy dildo hole action! Enjoy!"





Image_058 Image_064

Image_087 Image_090

Image_103 Image_108

Braden Charron and Reese Rideout

August 25, 2006

"Braden has really been working on that body of his....I mean damn, will you take a look at it? Its obvious he dropped some weight and has been hitting the gym even harder. I think it goes with out saying that this boy has an amazing ass. It's one of the biggest and hardest bubble butts I have ever seen. Braden surprised me not too long ago with a call out of the blue asking me if he could do some more work. He also mentioned that he felt very comfortable working with me and that it would not happen for anyone else. What a sweet talker! I was more then happy work him in quickly. But with any shoot the question remains of who to put him with. That choice was simple. Muscle loves muscle and Reese Rideout won out. I knew if anyone could hang out with Braden and help him to relax it would be Reese. Boy was I right! Reese really got Braden to chill and talk about his body building routine and totally feel comfortable. It wasn't too long before the two of them were jumping in the pool and sunning themselves without a care in the world. Some of the footage we shot was of the guys just horsing around outside and it's really good. When the guys got out of the pool it was time Braden was feeling a little sore from all the workouts he has been doing and Reese was more then happy to oblige with a great back rub. The rest you will just have to see. If you notice Braden has a huge raspberry on his leg from a sports related injury. I cant help it that these guys get all busted up sometimes and I know some of you are going to appreciate the fact that these are real guys and not models. Enjoy!"







Image_091 Image_106

Image_132 Image_140
Sharpshooter Studios Manforce



Putting Their Muscle Into Every Package!
Sharpshooter Studios

Featuring Dillon McIntyre (Sean Patrick), Brad Coyote, Aaron Mark, Derek Cruz (Jeremy Pascual), Travis Carlson, Taylor Eastwood

"FOR HIRE: The Men of Manforce: Handsome, strong and muscular. They'll strip off their clothes and tackle any tough and dirty job. Watch this breathtaking crew of models and centerfolds invade an industrial warehouse. See them scramble naked to the highest shelves, organize nude assembly lines, stage mail cart races, romp in the packing peanuts and wrap each other up for express delivery. During their breaks, each stunning nude stud relaxes privately just for you in the employee lounge. If you need a man, you need Manforce."

Sharpshooter Studios Manforce



0003 0004

0005 0007

0008 0011

0012 0016
Thunders Arena Braden


Braden Charron vs Archer

Mat Wars 53
Thunders Arena

"Archer (Jake H from MyFriendsFeet) has some fresh ink, as well as some newly defined muscle he shows off for the camera! Braden Charron has returned after a long break from Thunder’s. Braden talks trash and shows off all his bulging muscles with his bodybuilding poses. Braden starts teaching his poses to Archer, once he’s had enough Archer starts pushing Braden around and challenging him to wrestle. Archer gets Braden into a painful full nelson and then takes him to the ground to choke him and gut punch him. Archer tells Braden he’s gotten weak while he’s been away and this is too easy. Braden doesn’t like that and puts Archer into a round of crippling bear hugs. Archer’s trying to catch his breath, but Braden’s just getting started, he starts to overhead press him and then drops him into an agonizing backbreaker where he puts Archers abs to wok. Braden flips Archer back over and stretches his back and chest to the limits with a surfboard. Braden continues his assault by flipping Archer’s legs into a back breaking boston crab, then flexing and trash talking him. Not giving up without a fight Archer flies onto Braden’s back and begins choking him out. While Braden’s struggling to catch his breath Archer begins flexing all his bulging muscles over Braden, showing off his lean and mean body. He then picks Braden up into a camel clutch before dropping him and taking him all the way into a tormenting full nelson. Braden’s recovered enough to retaliate and start choking out Archer and get him into a fireman’s carry. Will Archer concede defeat or will he fight back to the victory?"














Halloween Havoc 2012 Braden Charron vs Brendan Cage

Halloween Havoc 2012

Braden Charron vs Brendan Cage

"In part 2 of the Halloween Havoc installment Brendan Cage takes on Braden Charron. Brendan Cage starts off by checking out his newest victim Braden. Braden is here and ready to wrestle as Brendan Cage feels up on his muscles, continuing to checking out Braden. Braden's ready to start things up and gets into a stance while Brendan continues to feel up on Braden's chest and arms. You can all ready feel Braden getting furious because he's just looking to wrestle and nothing more. Brendan stops all the touching and feeling for now and holds Braden in the stance until he flips around and swiftly takes off Braden's wife-beater because he really wanted to see his chest. Now Braden doesn't look to happy but then asks to see Brendan Cage's chest and he then proceeds to take off Brendan's shirt and they both stand chest to chest. Brendan Cage is smart and quick to grab a hold of Braden into a bear hug.

This match gets even more intense later as these guys are taking off clothes and messing with the other guy while going in and out of different wrestling moves like back to back full nelson, test of strength and more. Find out who takes who out of the ring."

Halloween Havoc 2012 Braden Charron vs Brendan Cage

Halloween Havoc 2012 Braden Charron vs Brendan Cage

Halloween Havoc 2012 Braden Charron vs Brendan Cage

Halloween Havoc 2012 Braden Charron vs Brendan Cage Halloween Havoc 2012 Braden Charron vs Brendan Cage

Halloween Havoc 2012 Braden Charron vs Brendan Cage Halloween Havoc 2012 Braden Charron vs Brendan Cage

Jules Payette


Birthdate: July, 1983
Weight: 188 to 217
Neck: 17 Chest: 46
Arms: 17 1/2 Waist: 31 1/2
Quads: 23 1/2 Calves: 15 1/4
Email: [email protected]

"Hello my name is Jules Payette; I am 23 years old from Berlin, NH. I started training and competing for Bodybuilding on April of 2005 after a brief stint the National Guards. The first contest I ever entered was The 2005 INBF N3 Championships in which I place 2nd in the Men's Novice division. My weight was 170 competition and 195 in the off-season but this past winter I started training heavy and my peak weight was 217 pounds . Some of my best lifts during the off-season were a 450 pd max bench press, 435 squat for 6 reps, and a deadlift of 500 pds for 2 reps. I made some bi changes to diet and training in preparation for m upcoming contests in 2006. They are as follow.

Precontest Diet
Meal 1- 2 scoops whey with water plus 5 grams creatine and glutamine
Meal 2- 12egg whites with two pieces of low carb whole wheat bread
Meal 3- Steak or chicken with brown rice or oatmeal with 5 grams creatine and glutamine.
Meal 4- 2 scoops whey with water and 2-3 whole grain rice cakes with 5 grams creatine and glutamine.
Meal 5- Chicken, steak, or tuna with a large salad with ff dressing
Meal 6- 2 scoops whey with water and 1 or 2 slices low carb whole wheat bread plus 5 grams of creatine and glutamine.

Precontest Training Schedule
Day 1- Chest and hanging leg raises
Day 2- Quads and Hamstrings and decline ab crunches
Day 3- Biceps and Triceps with side crunches and machine crunches
Day 4- Deltoids and Calves
Day 5- Back and Leg Extensions (light 12-15 reps for added definition)
Repeat may rest after 10 days or so

Cardio is done Monday-Saturday on treadmill in morning for 45 mins and then at night at least 4 of those days for an intense 30 minute session.

Competition Results
2005 INBF Gatecity Bodybuilding Championships
1st place Junior Men Division and 4th in Novice Men

2006 OCB Maine Event
3rd place Men's Division

2006 INBF Gatecity Bodybuilding Championships (Oct 21st)
2006 INBF Monster Mash Championships (Nov 4th)

My hobbies include playing ice hockey and golf when I have the time. When I'm not in the gym or at the office I enjoy going out to eat at good restaurants and enjoying a good comedy or action flick. Some of my favorite movies are Pumping Iron, All Rocky movies, Meet the Parents, and Boondock Saints. I also enjoy going bowling and have gotten pretty good at it. My best game so far is a 210 which is good considering I only go about once or twice a week. My ultimate sport is hockey in which I have been playing since I was three years old. I played junior hockey in Laconia, NH for the Leafs after high school and could of play at the University of Southern Maine but my main passion is bodybuilding.

Well I haven't done a shoot with John in about nine months due to intense training to add muscle mass. Then John came up to Berlin where I am from and we did an amazing shoot and thus made me remember how much of a true professional John is. I can honestly say that John is more than just a photographer, he is also a good friend and I can't wait to do another shoot with him in the future."

Jules1 Jules7
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