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MuscleHunks Zeb Atlas


Zeb's Holiday

Featuring Zeb Atlas

March 19, 2012

"Ft. Lauderdale needs men, and Muscle Master Zeb Atlas proves once again that he's the go-to guy for just such emergencies. Strolling casually through a fabulous Lauderdale resort, superstar Zeb shows off his blockbuster appeal poolside in an all-new scene. Fans of the mighty Zeb won't be disappointed as the massive powerhouse once again shows just exactly why he's the king!"






zeb_atlas2A005 zeb_atlas2A007

zeb_atlas2A009 zeb_atlas2A011
MuscleHunks Zeb Atlas


Muscle Master Zeb

Featuring Zeb Atlas

October 22, 2011

"If any muscleman has made a name for himself into today's wired world, it's Zeb Atlas! Never content to coast on his laurels, the superstar from Dynamite's video series ZEB UNZIPPED has gotten bigger and harder, always delivering top shelf muscle worship content. In this exclusive all-new HD video release from MuscleHunks, a super huge Zeb talks to you personally about the admiration you feel for his 19" biceps, his 52" chest, his solid abs, his splendidly hard, round butt and enormous flagpole man meat - and all the goods are on display for your close inspection."

WATCH Zeb Atlas in Muscle Master Zeb at






zeb_atlasA012 Zeb_atlasA014

Zeb_atlasA030 Zeb_atlasA033
MuscleHunks Zeb Atlas


Zeb Unzipped and Zeb Reloaded

Featuring Zeb Atlas

November 23, 2003

"Zeb's done it again! In his sequel to "Zeb Unzipped", huge muscleman Zeb Atlas shows exactly what he has, and what he can do with it! Watch as this hugely hung, 6'3", 255 pound MUSCLEMAN poses, flexes, jos, shows astonishing butt, and generally plays in just the way you hoped he would! This video also contains the always-rare, always wanted footage of a HUGE BODYBUILDER posing NAKED! WARNING- This video contains a lot of explicit, erect, frontal nudity!"





12p3 12p8

13p5 14p4
Legend Men Zeb Atlas

Zeb Atlas

HEIGHT 6' 2", 187.9 cm
WEIGHT 250 lbs., 113.6 kg
EYES Brown
HAIR Dark brown
LENGTH 8 inches, 20.3 cm
GIRTH 6.5 inches, 16.5 cm
CUT Yes with a big head
SMOOTH When shaved
SIGN Libra
BOXERS Almost always
BRIEFS Sometimes
CHEST 52 in, 132.1 cm
BICEP 21 in, 53.3 cm
WAIST 34 in, 86.4 cm
QUADS 27 in, 68.6 cm
CALVES 17.5 in, 44.5 cm

LOAD If I save up it's big
ANAL Love to give it
LOCATION You name it
PLEASE Feel my muscles

CITY Vegas
THING TO DO Relax at home
WEBSITE LegendMen and ZebAtlas
BEST FEATURE My big biceps

Comments from Ron Lloyd:

"Zeb may be my biggest discovery of all-time. I first shot with him in 2002, after spotting him at a local bodybuilding competition. I knew right then I had to work with him.

But it took quite some time to get him to shoot nude. After a lot of coaxing, he finally decided to go for it. He now says it was one of the best decisions of his life. Undoubtably, Zeb Atlas is one of the biggest names in gay porn today.

My latest work with Zeb was shot just before he added his tattoo sleeve. I prefer him without, but he tells me he gets a lot of compliments with the ink.

One more thing... you couldn't meet a nicer guy. After all his success, he is as humble today, as he was the first time we met."

Gallery I

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Gallery II



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Gallery III

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22 34
Zeb Atlas, Lyla Storm, Tiffany Tyler

Romance Novel Cover

Featuring Zeb Atlas, Lyla Storm, Tiffany Tyler

August 9, 2014

"Does Zeb Atlas have what it takes to be on cover of a romance novel? In Part 1, Zeb lets his muscles do the talking when he auditions and Lyla Storm the make-up artist gets easily turned on when he flexes. Lyla oils up his huge pecs and massive biceps. He gets turned on having her hands all over his shiny torso especially when she licks his muscles. They kiss and Lyla checks out Zeb's enormous cock. She sucks him hard while feeling his veiny muscles. He lifts her upside down and eats her pussy giving her the right angle to deep throat him. He then lays her back and licks her deep but its time for the audition to continue. Tiffany Tyler, the owner of the agency, gets Zeb in place for some test shots but can't keep her hands off him. His muscles must be an aphrodisiac because pretty soon she is all over his body and on her knees with his muscle cock in her mouth."

Zeb Atlas, Lyla Storm, Tiffany Tyler

Zeb Atlas, Lyla Storm, Tiffany Tyler

Zeb Atlas, Lyla Storm, Tiffany Tyler

Zeb Atlas, Lyla Storm, Tiffany Tyler

Zeb Atlas, Lyla Storm, Tiffany Tyler Zeb Atlas, Lyla Storm, Tiffany Tyler
Jimmy Z Productions Zeb Atlas, Giovanni, Luis Carlo and Tyler Lee

BBJAM #23 Group Posing Finale

Featuring Zeb Atlas, Giovanni, Luis Carlo and Tyler Lee

December 5, 2010

"This special Jam showcases the super-mega hit ZEB ATLAS in his 3rd performance on stage for a muscle show. And if that isn't enough, we have the always-sexy GIOVANNI in a no-holds barred performance. Rounding out the roster is super-tattooed TYLER LEE, and also nicely endowed LUIZ CARLO, making this event a muscle worship delight, which was hosted by the legendary BILLY HERRINGTON. You will love this edition, especially after admiring the abundance of muscle one can see on one stage."

Zeb Atlas, Giovanni, Luis Carlo and Tyler Lee 01

Zeb Atlas, Giovanni, Luis Carlo and Tyler Lee 05

Zeb Atlas, Giovanni, Luis Carlo and Tyler Lee 07

Zeb Atlas, Giovanni, Luis Carlo and Tyler Lee 09

Zeb Atlas, Giovanni, Luis Carlo and Tyler Lee 12

Zeb Atlas, Giovanni, Luis Carlo and Tyler Lee 15
Jimmy Z Productions Zeb Atlas



Featuring Zeb Atlas

October 28, 2007

"Zeb preps for a stage appearance. His surgical scrubs set the scene for this fantasy show. The scrubs come off and his display of raw strength powers the crowd on to a wild ride. Sweaty and raw, Zeb excites himself as his crotch swells and the crowd roars."




Zeb09 <Zeb18


Featuring Zeb Atlas and Vin Marco

June 12, 2005

"Zeb Atlas and Vin Marco are muscle buddies, so when they were invited to appear in this Bodybuilders' Jam as solo performers, they decided to come on stage together and play for a little. They tease each other, and out-muscle the other, but it's the oiling up of each other's bodies that is so scintillating to watch. They love to touch, to entice, to lift the other, and, best of all, to enjoy...and boy, did the audience receive their sparks these two produced."






Zeb Atlas
Cinema 496

"You, a hotel room, and the muscle king. Imagine."

Muscle-Worship Cinema 496

Muscle-Worship Cinema 496

Muscle-Worship Cinema 496

Muscle-Worship Cinema 496

Muscle-Worship Zeb Atlas Collection

Zeb Atlas
Cinema 730, 732, 733: The Caretaker

November 2010

"Fortunately it was your last night at your deceased brother's old lodge high in the California redwoods. Unfortunately, however, your car wouldn't start and there wasn't a garage or mechanic or miles. So you were high in the forest, without any method of escape...just you, and the caretaker; the huge, strapping bodybuilder your brother had warned you about before he died. And tonight, the caretaker told he was going to take control! Domination by an overpowering muscle god and you were trapped."

Muscle-Worship Cinema 730

Muscle-Worship Cinema 730

Muscle-Worship Cinema 732

Muscle-Worship Cinema 732

Muscle-Worship Cinema 732

Muscle-Worship Cinema 732


Cinemas 425, 435: The Hitch Hiker

"Follow our innocent yet willing hero as he sets off to seek his fortunes in the big city to the north, completely unaware of the evils that await there. Well, mostly unaware. OK, he can't wait to experience those evils as he hitchhikes from his hometown in Santa Cruz all the way up Highway One to San Francisco, where hungry souls lie in wait for his brawny, bulbous biceps. His tauntingly turned-out triceps. His magnificent male member. Little did he know we were following his descent into sin with our video cameras. And what we saw, what he did, shall be herewith presented to you in three parts in color and sound."

Zeb Atlas - Cinema 425

Zeb Atlas - Cinema 425

Zeb Atlas - Cinema 425

Zeb Atlas - Cinema 425

Zeb Atlas - Cinema 425

Zeb Atlas - Cinema 425

Zeb Atlas - Cinema 425

Zeb Atlas - Cinema 425

Zeb Atlas - Cinema 425

Zeb Atlas - Cinema 425

Zeb Atlas - Cinema 435
Manifest Men Zeb Atlas


Zeb Atlas

Age: 33
Height: 6'3" | 190.5 cm
Weight: 250 lbs | 113.4 kg
Biceps: 21" | 53.3 cm
Chest: 52" | 132 cm
Waist: 33" | 84 cm
Quads: 28" | 71 cm
Shoe: 13 US | 46.5 EU

"There is no one that comes close to the muscular beauty of Zeb Atlas -- his gargantuan and defined muscles seem to have exploded from his massive frame. There are no flaws on this super-human man whether looking at his confident and handsome face, his thick and wide lats, his dense chest and arms, his redwood sized legs, or even the thick muscle cock that hangs between them. The ancient god Atlas does live on earth today."

Zeb_Atlas_Nude_Bodybuilder30 Zeb_Atlas_Nude_Bodybuilder36

Zeb_Atlas_Nude_Bodybuilder42 Zeb_Atlas_Nude_Bodybuilder44

Zeb_Atlas_Nude_Bodybuilder54 Zeb_Atlas_Nude_Bodybuilder55

Zeb_Atlas_Nude_Bodybuilder61 Zeb_Atlas_Nude_Bodybuilder64

Zeb Atlas Big Sky

"Two muscle icons Zeb Atlas and Vin Marco went out West to create this series of photographs that capture all the majesty of the Big Sky and Big Muscles. We always enjoy working with Zeb. This muscle giant is a true pro."

20081215iZAtlasCowboy31_01_ZAVM-outdoorsmanifestmen286 20081215iZAtlasCowboy31_01_ZAVM-outdoorsmanifestmen299

20081215iZAtlasCowboy31_01_ZAVM-outdoorsmanifestmen296 20081215iZAtlasCowboy31_01_ZAVM-outdoorsmanifestmen278

20081215iZAtlasCowboy31_01_ZAVM-outdoorsmanifestmen307 20081215iZAtlasCowboy31_01_ZAVM-outdoorsmanifestmen309
Manifest Men Zeb Atlas

"Hairy Hard Muscle Dream"

Zeb Atlas
Video Gallery Update (4)

July 10, 2009

"Muscle icon Zeb Atlas was shot recently in the Manifest Loft in his natural hairy state. He certainly put us into a state as well. Is there anything better than hairy, hard muscle? Especially when paired with a thick cock and a libido that is every ready to go? See how much muscle you can handle with Zeb Atlas at Manifest Men."

Zeb Atlas in Day Dreams

"Day Dreams"

Zeb Atlas
Video Gallery Update (3)

"Muscle icon Zeb Atlas returns to the Manifest Loft with his newly grown fur. Hairy muscle lovers will be in heaven when the watch this week's update to the Manifest Men Galleries."

Zeb Atlas in Day Dreams

Zeb Atlas in Day Dreams

Zeb Atlas in Day Dreams

Zeb Atlas in Day Dreams

Zeb Atlas in Day Dreams

Zeb Atlas in Day Dreams

Zeb Atlas in Day Dreams

Zeb Atlas in Day Dreams

Zeb Atlas in Day Dreams

Zeb Atlas in Day Dreams

Zeb Atlas in Day Dreams

Zeb Atlas in Day Dreams

Zeb Atlas in Day Dreams

Zeb Atlas in Day Dreams

Zeb Atlas in Day Dreams

Zeb Atlas in Day Dreams

Zeb Atlas in Day Dreams

Zeb Atlas in Day Dreams

Zeb Atlas in Day Dreams

Zeb Atlas in Day Dreams

Zeb Atlas in Day Dreams

Zeb Atlas in Day Dreams
Manifest Men Zeb Atlas

"Muscle Worship"

Zeb Atlas
Video Gallery Update (2)

August 7, 2008

"The ultimate muscle worship fantasy is brought to life by the ultimate muscle man Zeb Atlas as you've never seen him before. No music, no elaborate set--just Zeb Atlas standing in front of you, commanding you with his voice and overpowering you with his massively muscled body. When Zeb Atlas bounces his engorged pecs and flexes his cannonball biceps you'll know you're in the presence of a muscle god and that this whole scene is for HIS pleasure.

Zeb Atlas commands the scene, stripping off his clothes and taunting you with his thick, veiny muscle cock. At the end when Zeb Atlas shoots his load from his mushroom-head cock he lets loose with a deep grunt and animalistic growl that will have you totally convinced he is the king of muscle worship."

Manifest Men Zeb Atlas
Manifest Men Zeb Atlas


Zeb Atlas
Video Gallery Update

May 4, 2008

"In his ManifestMen debut, Zeb Atlas stands and flexes his incredibly huge body as he looks to the sky. Which part is the best you wonder; his cannonball biceps or his slabs of rippling chest muscles, the carved and veined granite of his legs or his thick muscle cock hanging and swelling with muscle pride.

Zeb Atlas knows he has an unseen audience as feels his own flexing muscles and grips his cock. He knows what you want him to do and he wants to do it just for you--leaning back against a weathered boulder, his tanned muscles glistening in the sun, Zeb Atlas begins to stroke his cock. At last Zeb reclines on the desert floor and jacks his cock until his muscles flex and swell and he lets loose with a thick load. Just for you."

Manifest Men Zeb Atlas
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