Waldinei De Lima Marcelino
Dean Fazzolari


SITES: FratmenTV, FratmenSUCKS

Hudson / Liam


"This week, we have two giant jocks taking a shower together. Without a doubt, Liam and Hudson are two of the tallest guys Fratmen has ever seen, and sometimes it's a little easier for the taller guys to reach everywhere with a shower buddy. With the water just right, Liam and Hudson step in and start bathing each other. The touch of a fellow Fratmen gets both of these guys nice and hard. Hudson and Liam take turns sucking on each other's cocks, before rinsing off and taking the action to the bedroom. Hudson swallows Liam's long, uncut cock and Liam returns the favor with some gentle sucking. Both boys sprawl their long limbs out on the bed and start jerking their cocks together intensely. Hudson cums on his tanned torso while Liam erupts up to his hairy chest. They may need another shower, but for now, these two jocks rest their heads together for a well-earned nap."













Hudson / Terry


"Though it's usually sunny and warm in Cyberspace, there are still occasional cold snaps, sending everybody indoors for the day. In this update, Hudson and Terry spend an afternoon in from the cold, warming each other up. After heading inside, both boys strip naked from their cold clothes and start heating things up with a sensual shoulder massage. Terry and Hudson are both muscular and ripped, so it's a real treat watching one muscular Fratmen work on another. With a small fire going, Hudson and Terry explore each others' naked bodies a little more before moving on to some buddy blowjobs. Slow and measured, the action really sets an erotic tone that will leave you wanting for more. Before long, Hudson and Terry need to put the fire out, and end the afternoon with a side by side jerk off session. It's a real treat up to the very end with some hot cumshots."

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Hudson / Marshall


"Fresh off his Fratmen.TV shoot and brief stay at the Pad, Hudson is ready for a little more action here on Fratmen SUCKS! This is his first time experimenting with another guy, but Hudson knows he is in good hands with Marshall. After all, Marshall has become quite experienced playing with cocks. So far, he's sucked Terry, Ajay, Mick, and even played a bit with wacky Wally. Hudson and Marshall begin casually, before they both strip naked, revealing Hudson's amazing muscles, and Marshall's toned torso. It isn't long before Marshall coaxes Hudson into full, mutual blowjobs. Afterwards, both studs back off slightly from the heat of the moment and jerk off side-by-side. The resulting cumshots are nothing short of hot."

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