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Damon Danilo


ALIASES: Damone, Marco Ducati
SITES: Jimmy Z Productions, Live Muscle Show, Manifest Men, Mission 4 Muscle, Nuru Massage, Randy Blue, Str8 Bodybuilder, The Male Form

Saint to Sinner!

Featuring Marco Ducati and Riley Star
Mile High Media | Reality Junkies

December 8, 2017

"When Marco Ducati stops at Riley Starr's house to talk to her about church studies, she has other things on her mind like getting this innocent church guy to sin like the bad girl she is! With her tiny tight body it isn't long before his massive cock is deep inside her tight pussy!"

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I Caught You!

Featuring Ashley Adams and Marco Ducati
Mile High Media | Cherry Pop

March 17, 2017

"Ashley Adams is laying out by the pool, when she catches Marco Ducati sneaking up behind her in a ski mask. She asks him what is in the world is he doing?! He tells her he's here for money. She surprises him when she tells him that he can have whatever he wants, as she pulls off her bikini bottoms. He sticks his hard massive cock in her mouth and then titty fucks her huge boobs! Leading to fucking each other like crazy! Finishing with a blast of cum on her huge tits!"

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My Marriage Game

Featuring Katya Rodriguez and Marco Ducati

June 28, 2017

"Marco Ducati confesses that he's in an open marriage and that his wife gets off on him talking about other women in bed. Like that time he hooked up with hot Latina masseuse Katya Rodriguez. It all starts out as a simple massage, but he's so hot for his masseuse, he dares to ask if she does extras. Katya makes an exception for Marco. She cannot refuse this particular client.

When Marco lies on his back, she unwraps the towel around his waist. She grabs onto his erect cock and strokes it with her oily hands. Then she removes her satin robe and climbs onto the table to blow him. Her dark skin radiates over her taut body as she noisily gobbles his cock.

Katya sits on his big dick, thrilling Marco with her tightness of her pussy. She cums on his cock then Marco fucks her sideways. He twirls her around and fucks her some more from behind, then plows her in missionary till she jerks his load all over her! He can't wait to tell his wife about this!"

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Pump Me Up

Featuring Jaye Summers and Marco Ducati

April 21, 2017

"When Marco Ducati develops anxiety from taking steroids, he samples the spa beside the gym for a stress relieving massage. His big worry is that his dick will shrink from the steroids. His sexy masseuse Jaye Summers has treated many of her bodybuilder clients with that problem. She recommends he gets off juice and begins treatment with her right away. He follows her into the massage room.

She peels off her little white robe and brushes up against his body. She takes off her pink bra and panties displayed her perfect form. She leads into the shower where she soaps him up and jerks his cock before a hot soak in the tub. After rubbing his shoulders, she sits in the bath and exercises his love muscle with a blow job.

She brings him to the mat to lie down on his stomach. She coats his backside in NURU gel and slides her lithe body on top of him, pressing her pussy into his ass till his cock nearly punctures the air mattress.

She gels up his frontside and sucks on his big cock. Then she straddles his waist and lowers her glistening pussy onto his dick. She fucks his throbbing knob and twerks her ass till she cums. He lays her on her side and fucks her from behind, building toward his big finish. When she begs for his cum he unloads it onto her pussy. Think Marco will come back for a follow-up?! Click to find out!"

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88076_05 88076_08

Wife Hires Waif

Featuring Abella Danger, Melissa Moore, and Marco Ducati

January 27, 2017

"When slender NURU masseuse Melissa Moore greets her next client Marco Ducati, she's not expecting him to show up with his hot wife Abella Danger. But Abella tells Melissa that she loves watching her husband with other women and she's so excited for this NURU experience they're about to share. Right before the shower, the girls help Marco out of his clothes, revealing his huge, long cock that is already extremely erect. The waif masseuse disrobes, showing off her perfect petite body, and guides Marco under the running water. She starts rubbing his knob with soap, while Abella takes off her panties and fingers her pussy, putting on a show for both her husband and the masseuse. When they move to the bath, Marco keeps his attention trained on Melissa's novel body, and takes a stroking from his wife as she feeds his cock into Melissa's warm mouth. She continues to suck him off while Abella sits on the edge of the bath getting her tits felt up by her pampered man. Marco enjoys the view of Abella playing with her hairy pussy while his dick is deep throated by the masseuse. Melissa guides Marco onto the mat and applies a scoop of NURU gel all over his back, while Abella is perched on the counter rubbing her own wet pussy and watching them. When Melissa lies on top of Marco, Abella helps Melissa get covered in the viscous liquid. She rubs Melissa's pussy making sure she's sopping wet, and almost makes her cum. Abella rubs the gel over herself and joins Melissa in sliding on her husband. The girls make out with each other, then Abella asks Melissa to suck Marco's dick while she strokes his shaft. Marco fingers Abella's pussy frantically, fighting the urge to blow his load. After Abella gets a taste of Melissa's spit on Marco's cock, Melissa rides Marco's dick, thrilling Abella with the visual of penetration, and of Melissa's natural bouncing tits. Marco pummels her pussy deeply till Melissa cums vocally on his cock. The blissed out girls switch positions and Melissa feeds Marco's cock into Abella's throbbing pussy. Excited by the naked waif behind her, Abella bounces on Marco's lubed up shaft and instantly cums hard. Then Melissa lies on Abella's lap and spreads her legs invitingly. Marco fucks the masseuse deeply and repeatedly till she cums again, and then he busts a nut on her face. Think they'll be back for Moore? Click to find out!"

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Start My Engine

Featuring Brett Rossi and Marco Ducati

January 20, 2017

"When Brett Rossi's car breaks down, AAAA lets her know her membership is expired. But luckily, the gorgeous blonde isn't stranded for long. She attracts the help of motorist Marco Ducati who offers to give her battery a boost. Brett's already cleared her schedule so she can deal with her car. She wants to do something to thank him properly for extending a hand. Brett just started a career giving meditative massage and invites him for a treatment at her house. At first Marco rejects the hot blonde's offer because he felt she came off as abrasive. But Brett insists on making it right. When she heads back to her car wagging her tush behind her, Marco follows her all the way home. Brett shows him her NURU massage set up. She leaves him by the mattress to get undressed. After she comes back out naked and undresses Marco, she applies the NURU gel all over them both. Then she boards him and begins the full contact massage, making sure he can feel her pussy. She slides down to his erect cock and sucks his hardon while he pants heavily, trying not to blow his load. She climbs onto his cock and she moans in appreciation of the way he fills her up. She bounces her tight ass and grinds her pussy on him till she cums. Marco sideloads her wet pussy picking up speed. Then he gets on top of her putting his back into it, turning red in the face, and swollen in the head. The tension in his dick intensifies with every thrust, and Marco pounds the lady till his ballsack releases his sticky cumload all over her tits."

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Damon Danilo and Lindsay Watkins

Graffiti Lust

Featuring Damon Danilo and Lindsay Watkins
Str8 Bodybuilder

July 25, 2014

"Lindsay Watkins is a graffiti artist just finishing up her work when Damon Danilo wanders by to check it out. He gives her something to check out when he starts to show off his hot body. She adds her special touch to his muscles and oils him up to make him look even better. She starts to suck on his masterpiece of a cock. It's so big and veiny she can barely take all of it in her mouth. He then bends her over and fucks her from behind. The lust continues to a dirty old couch where we get a good view of his cock totally disappearing into her vagina. He pulls out and she sucks his cock some more before he eats out her freshly fucked pussy. Lindsay then rides his dick hard and they continue to fuck. Damon finally unleashes his load all over her."

Damon Danilo and Lindsay Watkins

Damon Danilo and Lindsay Watkins

Damon Danilo and Lindsay Watkins

Damon Danilo and Lindsay Watkins

Damon Danilo and Lindsay Watkins

Damon Danilo and Lindsay Watkins Damon Danilo and Lindsay Watkins

Webcam Extra

Featuring Damon Danilo
Jimmy Z Productions

June 23, 2013

"We watch as hung stud Damon Danilo puts on a webcam show for his fans. He teases the viewers with some flexes to get their juices flowing. Damon pushes us to the edge as he flexes and plays with his big dick. This hunk shoots a big load, spraying his pecs and abs with hot thick cum."






Damon_danilo_web047_ Damon_danilo_web075_
Manifest Men Damon Danillo

Manifest Men Damon Danillo

Damon Danilo


Age: 25
Height: 5'10" 177.8cm
Weight: 190lbs 86.2kg
Biceps: 18" 45.7cm
Chest: 48" 122cm
Waist: 29" 74cm
Quads: 26" 66cm
Shoe: 10.5 US 44 EU

"Your eyes may be riveted by the perfectly sculpted torso, ripped abs and the baseball biceps of Damon Danilo, but you’ll also be captivated by his intensely serious and soulful eyes. Damon is that focused guy you see at the gym whom you’ve watched lift his weights, pump his body and seen his progress as he’s grown and carved out his physique. He inspires you to work out harder and concentrate but he also distracts because you simply can’t turn away. And that makes him work out that much harder because he knows eyes are glued to his physique."

DamonDaniloBlueTank_26 DamonDaniloBlueTank_2

DamonDaniloBlueTank_1 DamonDaniloBlueTank_17

DamonDaniloBlueTrunks_19 DamonDaniloBlueTrunks_18

DamonDaniloSunsetMuscle_1 DamonDaniloSunsetMuscle_6


DamonDaniloSilkTie_14 DamonDaniloSilkTie_5

20090313iDamon57_016T3U3433 20090313iDamon57_6T3U3429
Manifest Men Damon Danilo

Damon Danilo

"Studio 1010 Black"
Video Gallery Update

August 19, 2009

"You've never seen hung muscle stud Damon Danilo like this before thanks to the artfully erotic direction of Adam Killian. You'll watch and hear as Adam directs Damon Danilo to slowly strip down, feeling every inch of his rock hard ripped muscle body. As tempting as it is for Damon Damilo to unleash the rock hard python cock that's stretching out his underwear, he lets Adam guide his every erotic strip-teasing move. Even when Adam allows Damon Danilo to get naked and stroke his massive cock he makes sure that he takes it slow, creating achingly hot sexual tension for you.

Finally when Adam gets the perfect camera angles of Damon Danilo that you have longed to see, he allows the muscle star to stroke his cock. With an audible moan Damon Damilo strokes his cock to full length and unleahes a massive load you can almost taste. "












Manifest Men Damon Danillo


Damon Danilo

Video Gallery Update

May 4, 2009

"You've seen hung muscle stud Damon Danilo in action---now see him from a whole different angle. Watch Damon Danilo in the morning light, on the picturesque beach showing off his natural jock side as he stretches, jogs, and enjoys the great outdoors---all the while thinking about enjoying himself indoors! You soon see Damon Danilo languishing nude in the window of the sun-drenched Manifest loft, brazenly stroking his thick cock.

Shot so close you will feel as though you were there, standing right next to him as he strokes muscle cock bigger & thicker. Then, Damon Damilo takes to the nearby bed and changes from the laidback and quiet jock into a sex-charged muscle man in heat, letting loose verbally and shooting his load over his chiselled abs."


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10214 10229



10302 10334


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10507 10510





10556 10612











20422 20451

20520 20543





Manifest Men Damon Danilo

Manifest Men Damon Danilo

Damon Danilo

"Urban Body"
Video Gallery Update

January 30, 2008

"The hottest Urban Body video to date explodes with the amazing power and intensely sexual muscular beauty of Damon Danilo. If you thought Damon looked awesome in his first two Manifest Men videos, then prepare yourself for a jaw-dropping visual feast. Follow Damon as he puts his perfect arms through a hardcore muscle-pumping, vein-popping workout that evolves into a nude muscle-flexing cock-throbbing exhibition of male erotica. You may be content to watch his perfect arms flex while his hands roam over his impressive physique in between sets, but Damon Danilo offers and delivers more. He ends his workout lying back on the bench stroking his thick, mushroom-headed muscle cock, writhing and flexing his whole body until his pumps out a thick load over his abs. In the end, Damon may use his bandana to wipe his cum off his 10 pack abs, but it will take much more to wipe this video from your mind."

Manifest Men Damon Danilo
Manifest Men Damon Danilo

Manifest Men Damon Danilo

Damon Danilo

Video Gallery Update

December 14, 2007

"With a look of strength and impenetrably serious dedication Damon Danilo works out by a sun-drenched pool, pumping his muscles with a series of exercises that showcase their beauty and perfection. After his workout Damon tosses aside his sunglasses and dives into the pool and strips off his trunks, washing away his serious side and bringing out his sexually playful nature. While reclining face down on the lounge chair the camera scans the entire manscape of Damon's sculpted physique. When Damon Danilo turns over to show off his muscles and big cock and full balls, the camera continues its journey until Damon at last grasps his swelling cock to massage it. He lifts his head but once to smile knowingly and teasingly into your eyes before lying back to soak up the sun."

Manifest Men Damon Danilo
Manifest Men Damon Danilo

Damon Danilo

Video Gallery Update

November 17, 2007

"The dream world of beautiful and flawlessly built Damon Danilo is revealed as he lies in bed- naked, restless and aroused. And when you look as perfect as Damon there is only one person to dream about yourself. Split into two, Damon watches his other self, standing and reclining, running his hands over his muscular body and turning himself on. When Damon's gaze catches yours you are drawn further into this world of muscle worship and sexual voyeurism. You won't be able to turn away when you see Damon stroking his big cock as though he were handling a thick snake. He wrangles his meat, getting it bigger and bigger until he lets it stand like a tower over his body and strokes it shooting his thick cum over his hands and abs before awakening from his own wet dream."

Manifest Men Damon Danilo

Damon Danilo


November 27, 2009

"Winter is just around the corner and many people are freezing or under the rain. Damon Danilo is back to heat things up with a muscular poolside posing. Watch as Damon soaks up the sun and water as he flex and show off his muscular body for your viewing pleasure."





Damon Danilo


"After hiking through the sculpted red rock landscape of the Nevada Desert, Damon spot the perfect location to stop and rest giving the viewers his own rock hard sculpted geography of curves and crevices. He has a set of perfect abs, bulging biceps, tear drop muscled quads, and of course what he is best known for, his large cock. This muscle hunk is hotter than the desert rock sweltering under the summer sun with a sizzling sex appeal that is enough to give viewers a heat stroke."


Damon Danilo


"SWEAT, the debut video of our latest model Damon Danilo. Damon is the kind of sexy muscular star that will have members working up a sweat as he flex, struts and showers after a session at the gym. His muscles glisten showing off their well defined perfection. His chiseled chest is hypnotic, his biceps s are like cannonballs, his abs unbelievably shredded, his athletic bubble glutes, AND he is hung like a bull. Damon projects a charisma on camera that undoubtedly along with his physical assets has made him perhaps one of the best known and most popular models on the internet. See for yourself why Damon is such a star at Mission 4 Muscle."

Randy Blue Damone Danilo

Damone Danilo (3)


December 15, 2008

"It's been a while since I've seen Damone Danilo. I got a call from him the other day and we started talking. I can't believe how fast time flies. We shot Damone in our second year when he was just starting out in modeling. Since then he's done some amazing things and I'm so proud of him. When we did his first shoot with us I was so impressed with his hot body and he really sweet personality. We both thought it would be great to do another shoot and when he walked through my studio door I was blown away with how amazingly hot he looked with his sexy buzzcut to a body that is to die for. I mean, he was yummy the first time but he's not only managed to keep up his rock hard muscular body but he's even surpassed it. This is the kind of body that inspires sculptors to create their best works of art. Every inch of Damone is perfection, from his bulging biceps and washboard abs down to a pair of legs that are thick like tree trucks. He's quite the smooth muscular jock. And as if this wasn't enough, he drops his sorts and lets loose a monster of a cock that you swear is going to land on the floor with a loud thud. And to watch him lift those heavy weights is a thing of beauty. You can truly tell how hard he works to get this body. Then, when he stops pumping iron and moves over to pump his big thick dick he gives himself a whole different kind of workout. He works his manmeat with all the skill of a detailed workout, making sure to get every ounce of pleasure from every movement, working up a sweat and making his whole body look even hotter. And when he shoots his load all over his beautiful buff body you'll be ready to head to the showers yourself."

Randy Blue Damone Danilo

Randy Blue Damone Danilo

Randy Blue Damone Danilo

Randy Blue Damone Danilo

Randy Blue Damone Danilo

Randy Blue Damone Danilo

Randy Blue Damone Danilo Randy Blue Damone Danilo

Randy Blue Damone Danilo Randy Blue Damone Danilo
Men Magazine October 2008

Damon Danilo: The Anatomy of a Centerfold

Photography by Edendale Studios
Men Magazine, October 2008

How could Damon, a hunky, hung, down-to-earth guy who puts the mmm in "man," be any closer to perfection? Oh, yeah, he loves to fuck.

Damon, when did you first realize that you are a volcanically hot man—and don't be modest?

I don't know how long ago it was, but I first realized it when both men and women would stare at me like they wanted to eat me.

Who could blame them? Let's divvy you up: Do you think you're sexier above the waist or below?

That's a tough question. Is it OK for me to say both? Above the waist lures them in and below the waist finishes the job.

High or low, what do you consider your strongest physical asset?

Another tough question. I'd say my torso as a whole!

Is it easier for me, um, for someone to seduce you with liquor or compliments?

Definitely compliments. I'm not much of a drinker.

What's the best compliment you've received after having sex?

Well, the best compliment was something that was never spoken. The person was passed out asleep and snoring five minutes after it was all over. I know after I have great sex I pass out the same way.

You clearly work your body hard. How much effort does it take to stay in condition?

It takes a lot of hard work and gym time. I think what you do while you're at the gym is more important than how long you're there. And, of course, all those pushups in bed...

Aside from bedroom calisthenics, what hobbies do you enjoy?

The gym helps me relieve stress. Also, football and basketball, playing with my dogs, the beach...I like to have fun whatever I do.

Boxers, briefs, or commando?

All of the above. I like to mix it up.

We'll check that out in just a minute. Meanwhile, what one thing would you want our readers to know about you?

That I'm an extremly down-to-earth kinda guy.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Sitting on a beach somewhere reading Hustler and Playboy magazines.

Funny. I see myself sitting on a beach somewhere reading this issue of Men again and again.

That's a nice compliment.

Glad you noticed. What five words describe you the best?

Hardworking, caring, dedicated, sexy, and horny.

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Damon Danilo


Age: 30
Weight: 195 lbs
Height: 5'10 ft
Chest: 47 in
Waist: 32 in
Bicep: 19 in
Thigh: 28 in

"I was born in the Bronx, NY January 31st 1983. Then I moved to Orange County, CA when I was 11 years old. I went to high school in Orange County where I played football and basketball. I got into working out when I was about 18 years old but, wasn't fully into it until 21. I was really excited that I could mold my body any way I wanted to. I got into modeling a little later and realized I loved to show off my body, among other things. If there is anything else you want to know, stop in and feel free to ask."