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ALIAS: Silvio Panthera
SITES: Jimmy Z Productions, Live Muscle Show, MuscleHunks

Jimmy Z Productions Silvio Panthera


Workin' the Client Part 2

Featuring Silvio Panthera
Jimmy Z Productions

November 24, 2013

"In Part 2, Silvio Panthera continues to show off his sexy body. He tries on several pairs of underwear picked out by the client. A hot pair of mesh briefs can barely contain his hard cock. Finally he flexes his beautiful muscles completely nude. He gives the client what he really wants, a hot bodybuilder jerking his cock til he explodes a hot load of cum."



Silvio Panthera


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Silvio_panthera_client069_ Silvio_panthera_client081_
Jimmy Z Productions Silvio Panthera

Workin' the Client Part 1

Featuring Silvio Panthera
Jimmy Z Productions

September 1, 2013

"In Part 1, a client comes to his hotel room to find a trail of clothes that leads to a sleeping naked bodybuilder, Silvio Panthera. Silvio takes a long hot shower, soaping up his dirty muscles and hard dick. Then he fixes his hair to look his very best for his client. Ready to show off his muscle moves, Silvio dances down the staircase while flexing his sexy muscles. He knows his client wants his body and knows exactly how to give it to him."



Silvio_panthera_client005_ silvio_panthera_client008_

Silvio_panthera_client011_ silvio_panthera_client012_
MuscleHunks Omar Fabrouk


Omar, Post Pump

Featuring Omar Fabrouk (4)

October 28, 2013

"Omar Fabrouk has just finished a light pump up at the bodybuilder resort where we love to shoot our biggest and most muscular men, and, observing a long-standing and deeply revered tradition, casually strolls to his duplex cabana where he performs the Old Reliable. Nothing new, perhaps, except that the magnificently beautiful, lushly muscled Omar brings so much - well, style - to his serene employment of his juicy and unusually thick organ, that all we can do is stand back, admire, and perhaps - join in?"





Omar_fabrouk5A011 Omar_fabrouk5A017

Omar_fabrouk5A022 Omar_fabrouk5A027
MuscleHunks Omar Fabrouk


Officer, Gentleman, Pole Dancer

Featuring Omar Fabrouk (3)

May 9, 2013

"Back in all of his glorified hardbodied muscle flesh is he of the faintly provocative sneer, the head-turningly handsome Mr. Omar Fabrouk. This time out Lieutenant Fabrouk is playing at shore leave, or something like it - anyway, he looks splendid in his scrubbed Navy whites. There's also some pole dancing involved, and a sensuous shower midway, but no matter. Soon enough buff Omar dispenses with the uniform, and we're left to ogle his stunning muscles as the thickly hung young bodybuilder pleasures himself. Carry on, Omar."








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Omar_fabrouk4A027 OmarFabrouk03

Omar_fabrouk4A030 Omar_fabrouk4A033

OmarFabrouk08 OmarFabrouk09

OmarFabrouk10 OmarFabrouk13
Muscle Hunks


The Tools We Need

Featuring Omar Fabrouk

September 3, 2011

"Omar Fabrouk was such an instant hit in his first MuscleHunks debut, that we had to get him back in front of the camera asap! The man just has it all, looking good in any outfit - and even better without any outfit. This time out, we just gave him a few tools and a simple carpentry job, but it wasn't long before he changed direction to work the tool we wanted to see to begin with. Enjoy this spectacular muscle man as he undresses and mesmerizes. Are you ready to play?"

WATCH Omar Fabrouk in The Tools We Need at!







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OmarFabrouk11 OmarFabrouk12

OmarFabrouk13 OmarFabrouk14

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MuscleHunks Omar Fabrouk


The Muscle Stripper

Featuring Omar Fabrouk

June 21, 2011

"As handsome as a classic movie star, yet rippled with deeply tanned 21st Century muscles, new muscleman Omar Fabrouk has been a head turner all of his charmed life. We first see Omar during his early morning solitary beach meditation, preparing himself for the crowds he dances for at night. In his dressing room, Omar suits up, inspects his perfect features closely in the mirror before heading on stage to strip to cheers and applause. And later, back in his dressing room, Omar whips out his ample cock and provides private visitors a different kind of show!"

WATCH Omar Fabrouk in The Muscle Stripper at!






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Omar Fabrouk

Age: 28
Weight: 215 lbs
Height: 5'10 ft
Chest: 55 in
Waist: 37 in
Bicep: 21 in
Thigh: 25 in
Language: English

"When you consider all of the different types of muscle men around the world, it is easy to see that many of them are hot, with great big bodies. But then, among all of these bodybuilders, there are those who stand out from the rest of the crowd as SUPER SEXY MUSCLE STUDS, because they are gifted with body proportions so perfect, faces so handsome, skin so flawless, eyes so entrancing, and charisma so irresistible, that we muscle worshipers are attracted to them like steel to a magnet. Omar Fabrouk is just that type of SUPER SEXY MUSCLE STUD. After making his debut on to worldwide acclaim, we quickly realized that Omar just had to be showcased on the pages of As stated above, as far as men go, Omar’s quite simply got it all. He looks good in any outfit—especially as a gladiator—but even better with no outfit at all. During his photo shoot, we gave Omar a few tools to play with, but before long Omar began to work his own tool… the big meaty one that gets all the attention here on LMS. So, take it from us, when it comes to Omar, his sexy muscle stud body, his probing tool, and his charismatic personality, your private session with him here on LMS will leave you mesmerized and counting the minutes until your next private session, together. Are you ready to play? Contact Omar, now, at or!"

Omar Fabrouk Omar Fabrouk