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ALIASES: Bebe, Mario Sardi, Rudolf Zotkov
SITES: BelAmi Online, PowerMen, William Higgins

PowerMen Rudolf Zotkov

Lean and Young Euro Muscle

Featuring Rudolf Zotkov

"Oh, to be young and muscled. Maybe then you'd have some idea what it's like to be Rudolf Zotkov! On the streets of Europe, women want him and men want to be him. Macho, yet sweet. Big, but elegant. Rudolf's body will astound you! The symmetry and chiseled masculine proportions of this man."

PowerMen Rudolf Zotkov PowerMen Rudolf Zotkov

PowerMen Rudolf Zotkov PowerMen Rudolf Zotkov

PowerMen Rudolf Zotkov PowerMen Rudolf Zotkov

PowerMen Rudolf Zotkov PowerMen Rudolf Zotkov

Jan Dvorak & Bebe, Full Contact

Comments from William Higgins:

"Here's a shoot that we've certainly received many, many requests for: Jan Dvorak and Bebe from the Jan Dvorak Story.

This is a very electrifying scene from The Jan Dvorak Story. It was literally the first time that I'd worked with Bebe in a hard action situation, and I didn't know what to expect. We all found out soon. Bebe to say the least is somewhat dynamic.

Jan loved the workout.

The story, as you may know, Jan left his previous calling (See Prague Buddies 2) and has taken up a job as a hotel bellhop in Chesky Krumlov, where he experiences all kinds of adventures. For any of you who have ever visited Prague, we have many, many bicycle messengers who wear very sexy tight pants and whiz around the city. They are noted for the large yellow and black back satchels in which they carry the express packets. I had to do an episode with that story line.

Naturally, the handle is that Bebe is delivering a parcel that requires a signature, unfortunately, Bebe's pen malfunctions. No Problem! Jan has a fully functioning pen up in his room!"

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Out at Last 3: Cocktails

George Duroy comments:

"'Out at Last 3: Cocktails' is made up out of orgy scenes that were cut out of other movies for one reason or another. But I don't believe the description we have already given for this episode properly describe what happened that day. I had to call Marty Stevens into my office to iron out the details of this little anecdote.

What happened was we took Josh Eliot with us to this little mountain chalet where we also shooting "Personal Trainers 5," I believe, with a large group of models who were doing their training. Most of the big faces from our African generation were trained over there. And Josh came with us.

Marty Stevens was directing, as I had not yet arrived. And I don't know what happened, whether Marty did this as a joke or simply forgot, but he did not take into account that Josh at that point had not filmed anything at all. Not even his training episode with Sebastian Bonnet, which our customers know so well.

At the time for this orgy we had our most aggressive tops at the time: Sebastian Bonnet, Dano Sulik and Oliver Krist, who were really as machine-like as possible; they could fuck in any position and very hard. Also in this scene was Mario Sardi, who did not film much with us and later became a bodybuilder.

Little Josh was studing for an exam in school. He was sleeping in the room where they were filming and walked in to retrieve a textbook while Marty was preparing for filming. And somehow he ended up in this orgy being fucked by all three of them. They really fucked the hell out of him and it was his first time, perhaps his first time with sex ever!

Marty told me Josh did a very good job, but was in such a state of shock afterwards that he walked downstairs and drank an entire bottle of vodka and nearly contracted alcohol poisoning.

Some of our customers might wonder how little virgin Josh could simply walk into the room and end up being the bottom for three of our most aggressive fuckers. How this happened changes depends on who is doing the recollecting. But he apparently just walked in the room and Marty said, "Why don't we try it?" And Josh was stupid enough to agree. It was quite an experience for him!

I was really pissed with Marty at the time because I thought Josh would quit. I did not want to risk a first-class model over a start like this, but over time he became as good a fucker as the others and suffered no ill effects.

A postscript: Everyone knows the story of Tommy Hansen and how his appearance on "Big Brother" on Czech television exposed all of his costars as well as Bel Ami itself to the tabloids. However, it was Mario Sardi who gave us our first taste of mainstream media nuisance. Mario won a Jr. Bodybuilding competition and bragged to the media about shooting porn. He somehow believed the media would take this news as casually as he delivered it to them."






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