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Raciel Castro

April 10, 2013

"Cuban bodybuilder and male physique model Raciel Castro is an instant hit in the physique modeling industry. Raciel lives in Idaho, where he can focus on his training with very little distractions. After inviting him to Miami in July 2012 we noticed he was so popular we had to fly him back just a few months after. Watch for yourself!"




Ruben Valdez

Age: 20
Weight: 204.6 lbs
Height: 5'9" ft
Chest: 58.0 in
Waist: 31.2 in
Bicep: 21.6 in
Thigh: 26.8 in

"Come on an meet our newest MH discovery - this man is so freaking hot. Dark, built, impossibly handsome, he simply simmers in front of the camera. On top of the perfect body he's got a perfect face, and an absolutely killer smile. This is the kind of man who makes our world go around!"