Matthew Rush
Raciel Castro
Mitchell Rock


ALIASES: Mitch, Shane
SITES: Channel 1 Releasing, CockyBoys, Contest Muscle, Falcon Studios, Hot House Video, Jet Set Men, Lucas Entertainment, Lucas Raunch, Manifest Men, Men, Muscle Worship, Raging Stallion Studios, Randy Blue


Easy Summer, Scene 5

John Magnum and Mitchell Rock
Hot House Video

October 7, 2013

"Mitchell Rock sees John Magnum sunning himself by the pool so he grabs some body oil and offers to rub down the muscular hunk. It doesn't take long for Mitchell to strip John out of his swimsuit so he can focus on his biggest muscle: 8 inches of rock-hard cock. Mitchell does his best to swallow John's fat dick to the base then stands up so John can get a mouthful of his cock. The sun beats down as the two chiseled hunks move to the pool so John can fuck Mitchell's big round ass. John makes Mitchell beg for it before he shoves his cock all the way in, pulls it completely out and shoves it in again. The brutal ass-pounding continues as Mitchell gets on his back so John can fuck him and jack him off at the same time. John, always the aggressor, slams Mitchell's ass so hard he cums then pulls his cock out and jacks a load all over Mitchell's washboard abs."

WATCH Easy Summer, Scene 5 Starring John Magnum and Mitchell Rock




















Hole Part 2, Scene 3

Jesse Santana and Mitchell Rock
Raging Stallion Studios | Monster Bang Productions

November 29, 2013

"Jesse Santana is splayed out on the prison bed and wrapped in red plastic. His ass is raised and immobilized. There's a man standing nearby, also encased in plastic. His cock is erect due to the intense need to fuck the ass before him. The standing man claws away the plastic. It's Mitchell Rock, a stud of behemoth musculature and bright tattoos. He crosses to the ass that's beckoning. Shredding the plastic, he grabs a cheek in each hand and begins to feed. A hand reaches back to finger the hole Mitchell is eating. Mitchell sinks his cock in the ass. Jesse finally breaks free. A meaty hand grabs his neck, pulling him up for a kiss. Jesse's hole clasps Mitchell's cock like a glove. Jesse flips over and hooks his legs through leather straps hanging from the ceiling. His abs stand out in high definition and he has rings in his nipples. Mitchell stops fucking to suck Jesse's cock and sit on his face, then they trade positions. Mitchell uses the same straps under his armpits to lower himself onto Jesse's cock. They trade positions again. Mitchell fucks Jesse's face before fucking his ass one last time before Jesse screams and cums on the mattress while Mitchell coats Jesse's enticing buns with cream."

WATCH Hole Part 2, Scene 3 Starring Jesse Santana and Mitchell Rock
















45030_001 45030_002

45030_003 45030_004
Raging Stallion Studios: Cock Tease

Cock Tease, Scene 2

Caleb Colton and Mitchell Rock
Raging Stallion Studios | Monster Bang Productions

April 23, 2013

"The groaning and slurping we hear is coming from Caleb Colton and Mitchell Rock. Furry, tatted Caleb is getting his supersized cock inhaled by super hard-bodied bodybuilder Mitchell. Caleb’s hefty slab slides easily all the way down Mitchell’s gullet. Mitchell uncouples and improvises an intimate muscle show, caressing every rigid contour of his smooth, magnificent torso. His ass makes Caleb so anxious that he shreds Mitchell’s shorts to be able to grab his buns and plunge his face in the crack. The aroma is intoxicating. Caleb sucks Mitchell’s cock, and his balls too. Mitchells pecs are amazing to behold when Caleb enfolds him in his arms. They crane their necks to lock lips and Mitchell’s nipples stiffen in Caleb’s hands. Holding onto rings hanging from the ceiling, Mitchell spreads and lifts his legs and swings onto Caleb’s cock. Every ab, delt and lat in Mitchell’s torso strains as he rocks onto Caleb’s cock, his hole grasping, then letting go, then swinging back to be skewered again. Caleb breaks out in an all-over sweat. Release comes in sequential orgasms that ice Mitchell’s pecs and nipples like a delicious dessert. Caleb licks up every drop. His verdict: 'One of the hottest guys I ever fucked.'"

WATCH Cock Tease, Scene 2 Starring Caleb Colton and Mitchell Rock

















35694_001 35694_002

35694_003 35694_005

Deep Inside Part 1, Scene 3

Starring Landon Conrad and Mitchell Rock
Falcon Studios

October 19, 2012

"Out on the deck, Mitchell Rock’s exquisite physique lies on a massage table. Landon Conrad’s super star physique and his strong hands are all over Mitchell, working his hard muscle body and making him smile contentedly. They also make Mitchell rock hard. Landon may be a master masseur, but he’s even more of a cock lover, and he doesn’t hold back getting his mouth on Mitchell’s great big, thick piece of meat. Mitchell returns the favor diving into Landon’s near-perfect crotch, giving it a thorough tongue bath, before sucking in this towering tool. Landon splays the muscle-stud’s legs, zoning in on the exposed asshole. He laps so deep and hungry into the smooth, loosely-ringed rosebud. Mitchell doesn’t flinch when Landon slides his giant tool in his ass, but he’s gasping and moaning as Landon leverages all his strength to plow into the furthest corners of the dark cavern. Landon scorches that ass ‘til the heat makes both sweaty studs blast their awesome loads across Mitchell’s sculpted six-pack."













27792_002 27790_012

27790_013 27791_004

Big Wood, Scene 4

Mitchell Rock and Landon Mycles
Falcon Studios

December 24, 2010

"Burly Mitchell Rock is getting quite a workout splitting logs, his muscled arms flexing firm and strong with every swing of his ax. Landon Mycles is drawn to the hunky woodsman and ambles up close to him with mischief on his mind. Mitchell is equally intrigued. He's anxious to get more familiar with the young man and even put the screws to him, so they start to rock'n'roll. They suck face before Landon goes down to suck cock. Mitchell plants his hand firmly on the back of Landon's head forcing him to bob open-mouth back and forth on his pole. Then Mitchell gets his chance to nurse on Landon's swollen cock and he savors every slurp up and down the dick shaft and then all around his bunghole. Ready for more Mitchell splits his pal's asshole with his cock, fucking him faster and faster, harder and harder. Landon is soaring with pleasure and they carry on until both men explode with spurts of messy mancream."




Lucas Entertainment


Kings of New York (Season 1), Scene 3

Mitchell Rock and Sebastian Rossi Flip-Fuck
Lucas Entertainment

March 22, 2013

"Michael Lucas is overseeing an underwear shoot featuring Mitchell Rock when it’s discovered a second model is needed. This revelation is just the luck for Sebastian Rossi. He wanders onto the set and is enamored with Mitchell from the beginning, and because Sebastian has a gorgeous body himself he’s given the green light to perform with Mitchell. When the guys are left to prepare for the shoot they get horny really quick, and Sebastian lets Mitchell know just how much he likes him. From that point forward there’s no stopping them: the hardcore fucking reaches such intensity that Mitchell, who usually bottoms, tops for the first time at Lucas Entertainment!"






02 03

06 08

09 10
Lucas Entertainment Awake

Jessy Ares Tops Mitchell Rock's Ass on the Beach

Awake, Scene 3

Jessy Ares Tops Mitchell Rock's Ass on the Beach
Lucas Entertainment

October 12, 2012

"As Jessy Ares continues uncover a heightened illusion of sex and passion he never knew, we feel him spinning down a dark path of madness. Jessy visits Mitchell’s photo studio and finds a picture of his boyfriend Jonathan hanging on the wall. Jonathan went to Mitchell to gets his picture taken so he could remember his sadness and pain from there damaged relationship, he says, “If it hurts this much than it must be worth fighting for.” This throws Jessy into a heated rage but he has no choice but to move forward in the risky seduction he has pursued with Mitchell. To clear his head, Jessy agrees to go with Mitchell to the cliffs overlooking the beautiful sea. Once there Jessy is slowly realizing Mitchell knows him more than he knows himself at this point and gives up his mind and body to the powerful temptation. Jessy Ares and Mitchell Rock don’t bother concealing their rock-hard cocks -- they’re attracted to one another and there’s no hiding it. They both pull down their Speedos and step out of the water to a towel on the beach. The guys begin kissing passionately -- Mitchell under Jessy -- and Mitchell wraps his legs around Jessy as they grind their dicks into one another. Jessy then slips between Mitchell’s legs and starts sucking his smooth piece of meat, which glides easily down his throat at first, but the more aggressively he takes it, the more he gags and needs to take brief breaks for air. Mitchell hoists his ass up into the air and spreads his cheeks: Jessy can’t resist poking and licking Mitchell’s tight, clean hole. They flip around and Jessy spreads out his furry muscular body and lets Mitchell services him. It’s a job he wants to focus on to the fullest: Mitchell sucks on Jessy’s hard uncut cock with wet lips and a hungry hole. Mitchell hops on top of Jessy and they sixty-nine -- Jessy eats out Mitchell while the bottom sucks his man off, getting him ready for anal sex. Mitchell gets on all fours and Jessy teases him at first by slamming his cock against his ass without penetrating him. When Mitchell can’t stand it anymore Jessy rolls on a condom and starts pounding his ass: Mitchell’s muscular frame is built for being a power bottom, and he takes every thrust Jessy has to deliver like the sex god he is! Jessy doesn’t take it easy on Mitchell, nor should he. He flips Mitchell and tests him out in every position, seeing what he can handle and for how long. Mitchell is pumped so hard he jerks out his thick load with little effort, which is topped off when Jessy pops his seed all over Mitchell’s face and lips! After the passion is over, Jessy realizes what he has done and walks to the water to rinse of his sins. When he emerges Mitchell is gone and Jessy is abandoned in the middle of nowhere."

Jessy Ares Tops Mitchell Rock's Ass on the Beach Jessy Ares Tops Mitchell Rock's Ass on the Beach

Jessy Ares Tops Mitchell Rock's Ass on the Beach Jessy Ares Tops Mitchell Rock's Ass on the Beach

Jessy Ares Tops Mitchell Rock's Ass on the Beach Jessy Ares Tops Mitchell Rock's Ass on the Beach

Jessy Ares Tops Mitchell Rock's Ass on the Beach Jessy Ares Tops Mitchell Rock's Ass on the Beach

Jessy Ares Tops Mitchell Rock's Ass on the Beach

Jessy Ares Tops Mitchell Rock's Ass on the Beach

Jessy Ares Tops Mitchell Rock's Ass on the Beach

Jessy Ares Tops Mitchell Rock's Ass on the Beach

Jessy Ares Tops Mitchell Rock's Ass on the Beach
Jimmy Durano Interviews Hot Bottom Mitchell Rock

Gentlemen 05: Business & Pleasure, Scene 1

Jimmy Durano Interviews Hot Bottom Mitchell Rock
Lucas Entertainment

October 5, 2012

"Mitchell Rock brings a lot of experience to the table during his interview with Jimmy Durano, but it’s more than just bullet points on his resume that Jimmy is interested in learning about. If there’s something special Mitchell can bring to Jimmy’s team that all the other candidates can’t, he’s going to have to prove it. Mitchell first shows off his kissing skills, which quickly turns into an oral demonstration; the foreskin on Jimmy’s cock rolls up and down as Mitchell sucks and slurps on the meat between his potential boss’ legs. Mitchell stops working on Jimmy and stands up to take his own pants off; Jimmy follows the lead and falls to his knees to taste the prospective employee’s cock, making him moan with pleasure. Jimmy then bends Mitchell over and plays with his asshole before wrapping his dick up in a condom and sucking the subordinate as he’s bent over the desk. Mitchell must prove that he’s up to handling any challenge, no matter how big it is, if he’s going to succeed at the job. Jimmy’s cock is a great place to start, and when he buries it deep inside Mitchell, the muscular bottom truly shines!"

Jimmy Durano Interviews Hot Bottom Mitchell Rock

Jimmy Durano Interviews Hot Bottom Mitchell Rock

Jimmy Durano Interviews Hot Bottom Mitchell Rock

Jimmy Durano Interviews Hot Bottom Mitchell Rock

Jimmy Durano Interviews Hot Bottom Mitchell Rock Jimmy Durano Interviews Hot Bottom Mitchell Rock

Jimmy Durano Interviews Hot Bottom Mitchell Rock Jimmy Durano Interviews Hot Bottom Mitchell Rock

The Power of Love, Scene 1

Rafael Carreras and Mitchell Rock Have Deep Sex
Lucas Entertainment

June 22, 2012

"While lounging and bathing in the Greek sun rays, Rafael Carreras and Mitchell Rock longingly admire each other’s bodies. Soon the turquoise waters of the swimming pool draw their attention, and they take a dip in their white briefs. The men feel an overpowering chemistry and are soon kissing and exploring each other’s bodies with their hands and tongues. Mitchell’s sucking of Rafael’s nipples stirs and an uncontrollable arousal in his underwear, and Mitchell happily peels them off and sensually sucks his partner’s cock and foreskin. Mitchell then turns around so Rafael can tease and eat his ass -- it’s foreplay that stirs Mitchell, and he sits on the edge of the pool with his own cock hard and alert for Rafael’s mouth. After they suck each other, they retreat to a bed overlooking the ocean and countryside, where Mitchell lies and surrenders his muscular ass to his Latin lover. Rafael is both sensual and hard as he penetrates and fucks Mitchell. Rafael enters Mitchell deeply on all fours and his back before they reach climax together."






01 02

03 05

Toy With Me, Scene 2

Charlie Harding Works Out Mitchell Rock with Toys
Lucas Raunch

April 4, 2013

"Charlie Harding finds a blindfolded Mitchell Rock sitting in only his underwear; Charlie strokes his hard-on and approaches the man with only dirty thoughts on his mind. Charlie touches and caresses all of the muscles ripped through Mitchell’s body and tastes his cock through the black jockstrap. Charlie strips off his shirt and shows off his own massive chest. Charlie’s cock pops out of his pants for Mitchell to use his mouth on, and oral sex leads to hot rimming. Charlie first loosens up Mitchell’s ass with his cock before pulling out his arsenal of toys. Each toy is bigger than the next, and Charlie doesn’t put up with disobedience. He tests Mitchell’s limits to the extreme!"





LVP149_02_Mitchell_Rock_Charlie_Harding_02 LVP149_02_Mitchell_Rock_Charlie_Harding_03

LVP149_02_Mitchell_Rock_Charlie_Harding_04 LVP149_02_Mitchell_Rock_Charlie_Harding_05
Vito Gallo Pounds Mitchell Rock in a Corset

PantyHos, Scene 2

Vito Gallo Pounds Mitchell Rock in a Corset
Lucas Raunch

October 4, 2012

"If there are two guys in gay porn who are capable of bending the line between masculinity and femininity, it’s Vito Gallo and Mitchell Rock. Vito appears onscreen in an officer’s cap, stockings, and a corset; he’s playing with himself when Mitchell Rock walks into the room. Vito tells him to undress, so Mitchell looses his clothes and flexes his body as Vito hands him a pair of stockings to slip into. Mitchell has a thick pair of legs and the stockings can barely contain them. Afterwards Mitchell drops to his knees and starts sucking Vito’s huge cock through the black material of the stockings. Mitchell bends over the bed so Vito can work on his asshole, balls, and cock, but not before ripping at the stockings for clear access! After Mitchell is worked on a bit, he flips back and sucks Vito off some more before the top puts a condom on and Mitchell takes a seat directly down on Vito’s cock. Vito is notoriously huge, and Mitchell’s ass provides something of a buffer, but it still takes him time to handle and ride Vito’s cock. Vito decides he wants to take total control, so he flips the muscular bottom onto his back and slams him deep until he pulls out and comes down Mitchell’s throat!"

Vito Gallo Pounds Mitchell Rock in a Corset Vito Gallo Pounds Mitchell Rock in a Corset

Vito Gallo Pounds Mitchell Rock in a Corset Vito Gallo Pounds Mitchell Rock in a Corset

Vito Gallo Pounds Mitchell Rock in a Corset Vito Gallo Pounds Mitchell Rock in a Corset

Vito Gallo Pounds Mitchell Rock in a Corset Vito Gallo Pounds Mitchell Rock in a Corset

Raising The Bar, Scene 2

Brent Everett and Mitchell Rock
All Worlds Video

Cast: Adam Killian, Brent Everett, Conner Habib, Jason Longh, Jimmy Durano, Jock Hudson, Landon Mycles, Mitchell Rock, and Steven Daigle

"When a group of hot oversexed friends decide who can outdo each other in the fucking department, the bar gets raised to orgasmic proportions. As they capture their darkest and dirtiest sex-capades on amateur cams to present to each other, a carnal game is created that separates the boys from the men and may even separate the friends from each other."





Full07 Full08

Full09 Full10

Full12 Full05
Men Network - 9 Sites For The Price Of One

ShowMeSomeInitiativeBDAS (3)

Show Me Some Initiative

Featuring Mitchell Rock and Robert Van Damme
Big Dicks At School at

July 3, 2012

"Robert Van Damme has his eye on Mitchell Rock for the new team captain. The only trouble is he's not sure that Mitchell wants it badly enough. When Robert tells him what's on his mind, Mitchell doesn't hesitate to use every hole he has to close the deal!"

ShowMeSomeInitiativeBDAS (1) ShowMeSomeInitiativeBDAS (2)

ShowMeSomeInitiativeBDAS (4) ShowMeSomeInitiativeBDAS (5)

ShowMeSomeInitiativeBDAS (7) 0006


ShowMeSomeInitiativeBDAS (6)






ShowMeSomeInitiativeBDAS (8)

ShowMeSomeInitiativeBDAS (9)

ShowMeSomeInitiativeBDAS (10)

ShowMeSomeInitiativeBDAS (11)

ShowMeSomeInitiativeBDAS (12)
PleaseHelpMeCheatBDASphotos (5)

Please Help Me Cheat

Featuring Mitchell Rock and Rylan Shaw
Big Dicks At School at

April 24, 2012

"Mitchell Rock has spent more time working on his body than his grades so he asks Rylan Shaw to help him cheat. Rylan declines until Mitchell finds a way to make the risk pay off!"

PleaseHelpMeCheatBDASphotos (3) 0001

PleaseHelpMeCheatBDASphotos (1) PleaseHelpMeCheatBDASphotos (2)

PleaseHelpMeCheatBDASphotos (4) PleaseHelpMeCheatBDASphotos (6)

PleaseHelpMeCheatBDASphotos (7) PleaseHelpMeCheatBDASphotos (8)

PleaseHelpMeCheatBDASphotos (9)

PleaseHelpMeCheatBDASphotos (10)

PleaseHelpMeCheatBDASphotos (11)

PleaseHelpMeCheatBDASphotos (12)
ClashOfTheCoachesBDASphotos (4)

Clash Of The Coaches

Featuring Jessie Colter and Mitchell Rock
Big Dicks At School at

April 20, 2012

"Coach Mitchell Rock just found out that Coach Jessie Colter has been inappropriately sextexting students at the school. When confronted with these allegations Jessie not only doesn't deny his dirty texts but also adds that he's fucked the short-stop who has a giant cock! Jessie has dirt on Coach Rock too and pulls out one of his favorite pictures, Mitchell fucking a student! All this sex talk is making both of them hot and the locker room is empty sooo....."

ClashOfTheCoachesBDASphotos (2) ClashOfTheCoachesBDASphotos (3)


ClashOfTheCoachesBDASphotos (5)



ClashOfTheCoachesBDASphotos (6)

ClashOfTheCoachesBDASphotos (7)

ClashOfTheCoachesBDASphotos (8)

ClashOfTheCoachesBDASphotos (9)

ClashOfTheCoachesBDASphotos (10)


ClashOfTheCoachesBDASphotos (11)

ClashOfTheCoachesBDASphotos (12)

ClashOfTheCoachesBDASphotos (1)
Manifest Men Mitchell Rock


Mitchell Rock

Age: 26
Height: 5'10" 177.8cm
Weight: 205lbs 93kg
Biceps: 18" 45.7cm
Chest: 48" 122cm
Waist: 29" 74cm
Quads: 28" 71cm
Shoe: 10.5 US 44 EU

"Mitchell Rock doesn’t need to hear the compliments, he doesn’t crave the praise. His eyes and serious look tell you he doesn’t care what you think. He KNOWS how handsome and powerfully built he is. Thickly muscled and with tattoos etched into his cannonball shoulders, Mitchell Rock embodies the confidence and physical beauty of the well-disciplined bodybuilder. He may not show it in his face but his body language tells you he is turned on by his own muscles and his uncanny ability to show them off in their best form."

MitchellRockOcotillo_4 MitchellRockOcotillo_64

MitchellRockOcotillo_32 MitchellRockOcotillo_6

20080330ImRockOctilo01_6T3U3203 20080330ImRockOctilo01_6T3U3205

MitchellRockOcotillo_51 MitchellRockOcotillo_57
Mitchell Rock & Adam Killian

Mitchell Rock & Adam Killian

"Oil and Ink"
Video Gallery Update

September 3, 2008

NOTE: "This week Manifest Men updates its video gallery with a duo massage fantasy featuring Mitchell Rock and Adam Killian. Adam is the website's videographer as well as the lead of his own dance troupe. You are most likely familiar with his work with Zeb Atlas in Zeb's first hardcore scene with Adam on the receiving end of Zeb's first on-screen blow job. Mitchell Rock and Adam Killian are real life boyfriends."

"Muscular & handsome Mitchell Rock is alone, horny and hard, jacking his thick cock right from the get go. What could be driving this young tattooed bodybuilder to such intensity? The memory of a sensual midnight massage from his real-life boyfriend Adam Killian. While Mitchell Rock lies back jacking off you'll see what he's thinking--sleekly muscled,inked & shirtless Adam Killian as he massages Mitchell's thick hard muscled body. Adam kneads the muscles of Mitchell Rock's brawny back thick, hard glutes, his powerful arms and thickly muscled pecs, where he pays "special" attention to his erect nipples.

These thoughts drive Mitchell Rock to try and recreate that massage by rubbing his own body, flexing along the way before lying back to pump his hard muscle cock. Finally Mitchell Rock lets loose with an intense orgasm that he doesn't want to end as he milks his cock to the limit. Shot on location in the Manifest Loft."

Mitchell Rock & Adam Killian
Manifest Men Mitchell Rock

Mitchell Rock

Video Gallery Update

June 22, 2008

"Mitchell Rock is a force of nature! His flawless muscular body and sexual energy cannot be contained or diminished, even in the middle of a majestic granite desert landscape as timeless as his mythical muscle god body. Under a cloudless blue sky and bright warm sun you'll see Mitchell Rock posing and flexing, feeling his own body and becoming aroused. Whether he's standing atop the craggy peaks or peering down upon the mere mortals who gaze upon him, Mitchell strikes every classic pose with supreme confidence.

Once the sexual engine inside this perfect physique is turned on there's no stopping Mitchell Rock. You'll see him emboldened by his solitude and stroke powerfully until he shoots a massive load from his muscle cock onto his thick quad. Be prepared to be blown away!"

Manifest Men Mitchell Rock

Mitchell Rock

"Palm Springs Idyll"
Video Gallery Update

May 13, 2008

"It is mighty hot inside this Palm Springs living room lit only by flickering candles and a blazing hearth fire, Mitchell Rock relaxes with a cocktail. Soon, Mitchell is stripped to his briefs to display his perfect body, from his powerful pecs to his thick legs. The fire within grows and Mitchell Rock goes from rubbing his bulging crotch to stripping down and standing naked by the fire. Completely hard he gazes into a nearby mirror watching his muscles flex as he strokes his cock.

As much as Mitchell Rock lets the pleasure build and he extends the pleasure of stroking his cock and flexing his body all the while transfixed by his own reflection. At last, with muscles pumped and veins bulging Mitchell Rock lets loose--pumping out his thick load over his quads as he milks cock dry."

Manifest Men Mitchell Rock

Mitchell Rock

"Rock HARD"
Video Gallery Update

"From the minute that Mitchell Rock wakes up he is aroused by his own thickly muscled body and knowing he's being watched turns him on even more. Flexes and posing for the camera while he sits atop his bed becomes an erotic show that Mitchell Rock is totally into. Your eyes aren't deceiving you---his cock gets hard right away and when he oils and feels up his body he takes his thick cock in hand and strokes it slowly and deliberately. Mitchell never forgets he's being watched and the writhing of his flexed muscles becomes a sexual dance that reaches a cum-filled conclusion."

Manifest Men Mitchell Rock

Prime Cut 9

Jet Set Men

Starring Jamie, Jeff, Jeffery, Rico, Tony

"Nine is the magic number in anybody's book! Hook up with Tony, Rico, Jeff, Jamie, and Adam! Prime Cut 9 won't disappoint! Check out these hot muscle studs showing off their ripped, chiseled bods. You'll work up a sweat with them until you both erupt together!"

Primecut9_cover_large Primecut9_back_large

"Mitch After Work"

August 16, 2007

"Mitch is a waiter at a bar in Los Angeles where I hang. He plopped down next to me at my table one night and said, ‘Hey man I hear you own a porn company.’ I just glanced over at him – I wasn’t about to confirm or deny shit until I knew where it was going. That night he introduced me to his friend Beaux who wanted to do a solo for me. About two weeks later Mitch came over and whispered in my ear, ‘Can I jack off for you too?’ I literally choked on my Grey Goose and soda. Next he sat down, unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick under the table. ‘I’m serious bro – I can use the cash and I kind of get off on people watching me.’ He has a great cock, a six pack and serious muscles. It took every ounce of restraint not to lean over and just start going down on him. I told Mitch to meet me at my car after work. We went back to his place and shot his solo that night. I figured that any boy who will pull his cock out in a bar will deliver a good solo performance. Mitch even surprised me. During his scene he strokes his cock, rubs his ass, plays with his asshole – at one point he even bends over the sofa and pushes his ass in my face. Then he straddles me and pushes his cock in the camera. I thought for sure he was going to cum right on my face. When he finally blows he dumps a serious load of cum all over his abs. That night I went home and did the same thing. Hot."











February 14, 2003

"Shane's another one of those sweethearts who came to LA in hopes of finding his dreams. I don't know if he's found all of them yet, but this Alabama native has undoubtedly dashed a few of the guys' hopes he left behind. Shane was an all-star on his school's baseball team. He was an achiever and very popular, causing the girls to swoon and the guys to compete for his attention. All of his early athletic training placed him in a good position for the West Hollywood gyms, where he spends a great deal of his time. "I love it there. The guys are friendly-none of that attitude I'd heard about when I got here. I get asked out a lot, and so far, I think LA's where I'm going to stay for a while," he says."

Contest Muscle

2009 NPC Tournament of Champions

"Contest Muscle goes behind the scenes to bring you exclusive videos of muscle hunks backstage at competitions pumping, posing, flexing & oiling up before heading out on stage to be judged on who has the best physique. Also, individual bodybuilders pose and flex in a natural setting to show off their hard-earned muscles, and also give interviews on bodybuilding, techniques, training secrets, dieting, and how they prepare for a bodybuilding contest."

Toc0953 Toc0955

Toc0975 Toc0976

Toc0980 Toc0981

Toc0979 Toc0982