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Clayton Cobb


SITES: MuscleHunks, PowerMen

Fire Plug

Featuring Clayton Cobb

April 12, 2013

"As hot, thick, and solid as a fire plug, the short, buff and powerful muscle dude Clayton Cobb proves once again that big things come in, um - small packages? No, that can't be right, because there's nothing small at all about Clayton - anywhere. His brawny body promises pleasure, and if we're gonna talk fire department, then may we add his hose meets all thickness and pressure standards? You can park next to this fire plug any old time."

Powermen Clayton Cobb




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MuscleHunks Clayton Cobb


Encounters with Superboy

Featuring Clayton Cobb

July 10, 2011

"Everyone loves a big, tall super hero, but we suspect some muscle hounds may prefer short superheroes maybe just a little bit more. Who knows, maybe it's the suggestion of a touch of vulnerability that only the short powerhouse can deliver? And whether you prefer tall or short, no one can deny the appeal of Clayton Cobb. We'd love to see this particular superboy in a skin tight blue lycra suit, with a big badge splashed across those awesome pecs! Clayton apologizes that he can't deliver on the lycra, but he has plenty of powerful muscle to make up for it. Anyone need to be saved tonight?"



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MuscleHunks Clayton Cobb

Muscle Bullet

Featuring Clayton Cobb

November 5, 2010

"Hot things come in.....well, hot packages. Meet Clayton Cobb: built like a bull and with three times the testosterone. This feisty l'il muscle-flexer is caught dreaming in his hotel suite double bed, lying flat on those crisp abs, with that supple ass parked high to the ceiling.....wonder what's on HIS mind? What do YOU think? For those who like their musclemen compactly built and bulging every which way, Clayton's just the man for you!"

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