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SITES: Jimmy Z Productions

Jimmy Z Productions JR Bronson, Armani, Chaz Ryan, Xavier

Jimmy Z Productions JR Bronson, Armani, Chaz Ryan, Xavier

BBJAM #33 Group Posing Finale

Featuring JR Bronson, Armani, Chaz Ryan, and Xavier
Jimmy Z Productions

January 19, 2014

"Bodybuilder's Jam #33 comes to an end with a spectacular show of muscle upon muscle on stage. First we get a special look backstage watching JR Bronson, Armani, Chaz Ryan and Xavier get ready for the posing finale. These hunks come out and pose in some colorful underwear and thongs for a cheering crowd. The stage is full of half naked bodybuilders with hands all over their bodies feeling every muscle. Even Jack'd Muscle joins in the fun on stage."







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Jimmy Z Productions Armani


Ripped to the Max - Part 2

Featuring Armani
Jimmy Z Productions

September 29, 2013

"In Part 2, Armani uses the hose to cool off his scorching hot body. He heads indoors and the bad boy comes out as he puts on his leather jacket while wearing sheer black briefs. His big hard cock needs to be unleashed as he flexes and poses. That cock is just like the rest of him... ripped and veiny. Armani then strokes himself on the couch til he cums a nice thick load."




Jimmy Z Productions Armani

Ripped to the Max - Part 1

Featuring Armani
Jimmy Z Productions

July 21, 2013

"In Part 1, Armani heads outside to a private backyard where he teases his ripped torso under his shirt. His clothes can barely contain his hard muscles. Stripping down to pink briefs we can finally see the contest ready condition Armani is in. He changes into tiny white posers and oils up for some intense flexing that shows off every fiber of muscle. Armani is ready to step on stage and have all eyes on him and his incredible physique."



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Jimmy Z Productions JR Bronson, Armani, Chaz Ryan, Xavier

Jimmy Z Productions Armani

BBJAM #33 [Bodybuilders' Jam 33]

Featuring Armani
Jimmy Z Productions

April 21, 2013

"Dressed in his white uniform, Armani hits the stage and instantly commands attention. With powerful poses and sultry dance moves, he gives the crowd an incredible show of his ripped competition ready muscles. Every inch of his body is hard and ready to perform."

Jimmy Z Productions Armani

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