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"I’m Nemeth. See that cellphone picture? They call them selfies, but I don’t call them that, this is more like a muscle-ie. And this pix don’t lie. It’s what I look like, big and muscled, with plenty of real man tattoos and a beard and stache. You might know my muscle videos from online. I’m a real man / muscle daddy type, I get bigger every day and I am all about GROWTH. Want to see more GROW even more, come and take me into chat and I’ll show you what REAL GROWTH is. I weigh 235 ripped and it’s all muscle. Pictures don’t lie and neither do I. Talk to me."

Nemeth Hammar

Nemeth Hammar

Age: 32
Weight: 245 lbs
Height: 5'10 ft
Chest: 50 in
Waist: 32 in
Bicep: 21 in
Thigh: 29 in

"Are you man enough to engage in some hardcore muscle worship? Are you willing to get down on your knees in front of this magnificent tower of power and strength known as Nemeth? Was that a “Yes, master!”? Well then, get ready to be taken to places you’ve never even imagined existed. But beware, because Nemeth’s hard and tough, and he's way nastier and more intense than most. Just check out the stats on this nasty boy: 215 pounds of pure muscle packed into a 5’8” frame. Then there’s that massive torso, complete with 58-inch chest, accentuated by a set of incredible 19.5-inch biceps. This tapers down to a 31-inch waist, bulging 28-inch thighs, as well as Nemeth’s other bulging secret weapons. So, if you’re ready to encounter a real man who plays rough, then contact Nemeth, now, at or"

Nemeth Hammar Nemeth Hammar

Nemeth Hammar Nemeth Hammar
Powermen Yummi Cosmin, Nemeth Hammar and Farris Caristeas

"Romanian Trio"

Yummi Cosmin, Nemeth Hammar and Farris Caristeas

"Three more of those hot built, and horny Romanian musclemen meet to work out, box, wrestle, flex, and enjoy a mutual shower room jo session! Watch as steamy, lean-muscled Nemeth Hammar and Farris Caristeas take on heavyweight Yummi Cosmin for the title of top muscledog... wonder who is going to win? One thing is're sure not going to lose when you check out these powermen in the native muscle-grunting habitat."







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