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Gavin McHale


ALIASES: Finn, Shane Clark, Steven Woods, Uno
SITES: Buff and Bound, Captured Guys, Live Muscle Show, Mission 4 Muscle, My Friends Feet, Thunder TV Wrestling

Gavin McHale

Position Lead
Hometown Philadelphia, PA
Birthday April 7

Tidbits about Gavin
Loves Sushi
Never broke a bone in his body
Eyes change color when he's hungry
Once caught a 7 foot sailfish that weighed 450 lbs

About Gavin McHale

"Whats up ladies, I'm Gavin the newest memeber of Chippendales. I grew up in a small town and never got too into team sports. I was more into one-on-one sports which is why I began to wrestle in high school. I then turned that into boxing. I wrestled for 4 years and participated in amatuer boxing for the Golden Gloves association for 5 1/2 years. I competed in multiple tournaments and had 5 matches. I have also taken a huge interest in bodybuilding and fitness which is why I was drawn to receive my degree in Kinesiolgy. I am an ACE certified personal trainer and ran a studio back on the east coast where I trained collegiate and professional athletes, before I moved to Vegas. I love hiking and being outdoors. That is what drew me to move out west and see what it had to offer. Working with Chippendales has been a new and different experience and I look forward to doing this for a long time."

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Live Muscle Show Steven Woods

Steven Woods

Age: 21
Weight: 245 lbs
Height: 6'4 ft
Chest: 55 in
Waist: 34 in
Bicep: 19 in
Thigh: 28 in

Live Muscle Show Steven Woods

Live Muscle Show Steven Woods

Live Muscle Show Steven Woods Live Muscle Show Steven Woods

Finn Tickled

Finn's Size 13 Feet and Hot Body Tickled

August 25, 2010

"When a dude is as hot looking as Finn with size 13 feet there's no possible way we can't tie him up and tickle torture him at MyFriendsFeet. Finn is a big, strong lad. Really sturdy with big hands and feet. Absolutely perfect, in other words. Finn was really leery about being tied up and tickled because he knew how ticklish he was beforehand. But he eventually gave in and presented his hot body and size 13 feet to us to do as we wish!"

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Finn's Size 13 Feet & Dress Socks Worshiped

Finn's Size 13 Feet and Dress Socks Worshiped

"Finn came back to MyFriendsFeet, pulled out his size 13 feet and we wasted no time at all getting down to worship those huge, sexy peds. Finn is always great company and so east to get along with. And while he may be straight he would never turn down a foot worshiping from anyone. Including a man. Besides, Finn is well aware that the MyFriendsFeet owner is the best foot worshiper on the planet. Finn loved having his size 13's adored to the fullest extent!"

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05 06 07 Finn's Size 13 Feet & Dress Socks Worshiped
Sonny and Finn Tickle Fight

Sonny and Finn Tickle Fight

"Sonny (Mark Monty) has size 10 1/2 feet and Finn's are no less than size 13s. Talk about a whole lot of feet to tickle! And I caught it all in this great MyFriendsFeet shoot. These two muscle studs are a sheer blessing on MFF. I still can't believe I have them on my site. But here they are messing around, showing off their big, sexy feet and tickling each other silly!"

Sonny and Finn Tickle Fight

Sonny and Finn Tickle Fight

Sonny and Finn Tickle Fight

Sonny and Finn Tickle Fight

Sonny and Finn Tickle Fight

Sonny and Finn Tickle Fight

Finn (3)

Finn's Size 13s In White Socks and Bare

"Finn is a good buddy of MyFriendsFeet's now and comes around quite a bit to show off his perfect size 13 feet. The perfect All-American hunk, Finn makes hearts melt wherever he goes and has a sensational body. I get hard and horny every time I see Finn, let alone when I get to take pictures of his gorgeous body and sexy size 13s!"

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Finn's Size 13 Bare Feet

"Finn is a gorgeous giant. The body on this 6'3" stud is amazing and those huge 13 feet are awe inspiring. Finn showed off his pride and joys at MyFriendsFeet for us all. He wants to go to law school when he graduates. With looks and gorgeous feet like his we think this stud will go very far. And those size 13s and the rest of his hot body are ticklish too, as we found out a while back. If you haven't see the tickling scene, be sure to check it out!"




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Finn's Size 13 Feet In Dress Socks and Bare

"Finn is a gorgeous giant. The body on that 6'3" is amazing - and those huge 13 feet are awe-inspiring. This jock has played just about every sport possible - football, baseball, rugby, hockey - you name it. Finn is just a natural born jock. He is in college now and working a few jobs to make money. He wants to go to law school when he graduates. Just check out his striped nylon socks he brought with him to the shoot. They are so sexy on those huge feet of his. With looks and gorgeous feet like his I think this stud will go very far..."


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116 Finn's Size 13 Feet In Dress Socks and Bare


"Naked, tied, and ballgagged Finn is tickled and tormented by Sonny (Mark Monty)..."







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Thunder TV Wrestling Uno

Battle of the Male Models 1

Match 2: STL vs Uno
Thunders Arena

November 29, 2010

"Once STL finishes up dominating Zman he wanders into the living room to get some rest. There he finds Uno watching TV in the family room. Uno makes some crack to about, "Why are you even sweating. It's Zman he's easy to beat up." This leads to them fighting verbally over who the bigger man is size wise until, they both challenge each other to arm wrestling. Which resolves nothing and they quickly take it to the next level and go into the garage to fight it out and prove who the bigger man is and the BEST wrestling male model at Thunder's Arena. Right out of the gate, Uno picks STL up and carries him around on his shoulder. STL bearhugs Uno. then lifts him up. The two lock hands in a battle of mercy and try to make the other submit. Uno puts STL down then jumps on top in a schoolboy pin. STL quickly gets out of it and armbars start flying. Uno counters by put STL in an ankle lock. Uno grabs STL and puts him in a reverse bearhug, which STL gets out of and slams Uno to the mat and gets Uno in a leg scissors. Uno comes up behind STL and grabs him in a standing headlock, then gets him on the mat in an armbar. Both wrestlers grab each other's ankles and have a ankle lock competition. Flexing and sweating showing off their amazing builds. After wrestling around on the mat for a while Uno gives STL a reverse bearhug but STL quickly counters with a body scissors on Uno. Uno grabs STL's arm in a standing armbar, twists STL around until he gets him in a headlock. Uno gets STL up against the garage door and gives him several gut punches. After some wrestling on the mat, Uno has STL in a headlock and decides to pinch STL's nose, followed by a camel clutch on STL, then he gets STL in a surfboard. STL continues his rampage of destruction and domination with a bearhug that leads to a headlock on the mat, then a reverse bearhug. Uno puts STL in a bearhug that doesn't last long,as STL rakes his fingers over Uno's eyes. STL picks Uno up and slams him on the mat, gut punching Uno several times, then picks him up and slams him down again, followed by a painful lock lock, choking and more gut punches that finally makes Uno scream out, "I Give!". Uno's ribs were damaged from all those bearhugs and finally had to medically forfit the end of the match."

Halloween Havoc 2010

Match 2: Uno vs Cage
Thunders Arena

"Trick or Treat! Kids trying to get candy is a Halloween tradition, but when Uno walks into the mat room and finds our latest rookie wrestler training well things get out of hand quickly. Introducing Cage who is a real MMA fighter and decided to step up to Thunder's Arena because he likes to hurt pritty boys. Uno thinks he's the best, which is why he wore a king costume for Halloween, but Cage puts him into some MMA submissions where Uno screams like a little girl right from the first round. This match is amazing to watch for all the ground work as they work in and out of guard trying to get rear naked chokes and arm bars. The chain wrestling from one move into another between these two is amazing to watch. Uno gets some advatages with his bearhugs but Cage quickly takes him back down with a flying head scissors. The GRINDING it out and punishment of these two hurting each other as they get the other one to SCREAM out submissions is way intense! There is a brutal sleeper hold that will leave you amazed. The loser of this match gets a humiliation ending where the other puts a pumpkin pie in his face."

Eric_Fury_vs_Uno_IMG_1141 18

Eric Fury vs UNO

No Holds Barred 16

"After a long and awesome night partying, Eric Fury is just trying to get some much needed shut eye. Uno decides to help him wake up for breakfast with some smacks. As Eric sits up to get out of bed, Uno jumps in and makes a run at him. Eric counters with "good morning" head scissors that Uno laughs at. "You gotta get a little higher to crack my back". These muscle bound wrestlers proceed battle it out on the bed. Uno's choke holds and powerful knee smashes bring yelps of pain from Eric. He attacks even more determined bearhugs, gut punching, painful head scissors and a few dirty tricks. Eric can't resist showing off when he starts to dominate by posing and flexing his powerful chest and biceps. The action spills onto the floor with smashes, as Eric keeps Uno down with his chest and abs, then tries to school boy pin him to add insult to injury. Uno explodes out from under Eric and slings him back into the bed. Eric suddenly finds himself trapped between Uno's powerful thighs in painful head scissors. Will these two stay friends or is this the end of their friendship? What this match and find out."

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Eric_Fury_vs_Uno_IMG_1185 29 Eric_Fury_vs_Uno_IMG_1244 51

Frank The Tank vs Shane Clark

"Muscle Battle"

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"Frank The Tank take on a new and upcoming model Shane Clark in a wrestling match wearing only a jockstrap that reveals their big tight muscle ass. Watch as they both show off to the camera with there cocky attitudes and hot and steamy wrestling moves in this physical battle to find out who has the ultimate power and strength."


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Shane Clark

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