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Benny Ryder
Jack Union


SITES: Alpha Males, Jimmy Z Productions


A Night Out with the Boys

Featuring Jack Union
Jimmy Z Productions

February 10, 2013

"Jack Union is in town from England to have a night out with the boys. After a quick nap in his snug jockstrap, this big beefy stud is ready to get cleaned up in the shower. Next he shaves down his torso so his muscles are nice and smooth. Then its time to get dressed in the tightest clothes possible to get the attention of all the hot guys. Feeling randy after his night out, Jack strips out of his clothes and enjoys his own muscles and his thick uncut cock."








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Dance Audition

Featuring Jack Union
Jimmy Z Productions

January 15, 2012

"Jack Union, from England, is prepared to audition for a dance gig, and he shows us how he does it, having done this for a long time. He loves being interviewed so much and talking about it, that he does a great cum shot for us at the end."







Jack Union

September 24, 2012

"Trojan has spotted a new hunk and after having coaxed him into taking his clothes off in a night club a few day before he arranges a photoshoot. Jack is a bodybuilder and Trojan is a sucker for muscles. Prepare yourself to be treated to a muscle hunk oiling himself up, caressing his hairy body for your pleasure, stroking the meat between his legs for your entertainment and squirting a milky load for you."

Jack Union

Jack Union and Scott Hunter

June 25, 2012

"When Scott agreed to take a pic of Jack in the locker room for Trojan, he only hoped the joke would turn into something more palpable. And palped he got. Jack starts trying to get the phone off his friend's hands as grantically as Scott tried to evade him. Until Jack's hand finds its way onto Ross's cock. awkward moment. they lock eyes onto each other. hand still firmly on the crotch. inevitably this mountain of a man and the hairy muscle pup lock in a hot and passionate kiss. they both have fantasised about this moment and they are certainly not gonnna rush it through as they taste each other's mouth and muscles. Jack moves down to Scott's ass and the gave is given away when discovers the young hunk has been wearing a cockring/buttplug all this time. the sucking and licking continues with Ross taking his turn on Jack's cock. He savours it thoroughly and turns around to offer his butt to him. Jacks is instead in the mood for toys, after all that's what they stuffed his locker with. he takes the clear plug away and replaces it with xxxx before shooting a hot load on Scott face seconds before Scott unloads all over himself."

Jack Union and Scott Hunter