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ALIASES: Frank The Tank, Frankie D
SITES: Buff and Bound, Colt Studios, Jimmy Z Productions, Live Muscle Show, Manifest Men, Mark Wolff, Mission 4 Muscle, MuscleHunks, My Friends Feet, North American Bodies, The Guy Site, Thunder TV Wrestling

Frank Defeo

Frank DeFeo

AGE: 29
ARMS: 20"
QUADS: 30"
CHEST: 50"


· July 28-1999 Placed 1st in Junior Nationals
· August 8th-1999 Placed 2nd in Junior Olympia
· November 21st-1999 Placed 1st in AAU St.Champs
· December 19th-1999 Placed 2nd in AAU World Champs
· March 9th-2000 Placed 3rd in Regionals
· July 29th-2000 Placed 1st in Nationals “100% RAW”
· December 9th-2000 Placed 1st in World Champs
· March 4th-2001 Placed 4th in State USPF
· June 16th-2001 Placed 1st in State USAPL
· March 9th-2002 Placed 2nd in State USPF
· June 15th-2002 Placed 1st in USAPL
· August 21st-2004 Placed 1st in Junior, Placed 1st in novice, Placed 3rd in men (All Junior Nationals)
· March 6th-2005 Placed 2nd in States
· May 14th-2005 Placed 2nd in Junior, Placed 2nd in novice, Placed 1st in men (All in Phillidelphia Classic’s.)
· May 21st-2005 Placed 2nd in Junior, Placed 2nd in novice, Placed 4th in men ( All USA Open)
· August 5th-2006 Placd 3rd in Muscle Beach
· June 2011 Placed 2nd in Garden State Super Heavyweight
· June 2011 Placed 2nd in Philly Bodybuilding Show Super Heavyweight
· 2013 New Jersey State Championship, Placed 3rd in Heavyweight
· 2013 NPC Garden State, Placed 2nd in Super Heavyweight

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Featuring Frank "The Tank" DeFeo (2)

February 22, 2014

"Frank stopped off at a coffee shop on the way to this. A woman came up to him and started a conversion. He told her he was on his way to a video shoot.

"A fitness video?" she asked. "No, gay porn." He answered.

"I'm scared," was her reply and that was the end of that conversion.

For those of you not so faint of heart, enjoy Frank DeFeo wearing nothing but a hard hat and a hard on."

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"Dirty Talk and More"

Featuring Frank "The Tank" DeFeo

September 13, 2013

"This one really needs no introduction but I'll try anyway. Frank "The Tank" DeFeo is the star of bodybuilding competitions and a pile of magazine and romance novel covers not to mention adult productions. I found him to be very personable. He talks a lot in his movie both in a sexy way and candidly about his career. He also has a masturbation technique I've never seen before. He humps the bed to get off. You'll be able to see every thrust of his bubble ass going up and down to completion."

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Frank The Tank

Frank The Tank

Age: 29
Weight: 280 lbs
Height: 6'0 ft
Chest: 50 in
Waist: 33 in
Bicep: 21 in
Thigh: 30 in
Language: English

"Just a country boy at heart but that heart is surrounded by 100% pure U.S. Grade A beef. “Frank the Tank” as he’s known, he lives in rural Jersey, where he works hard doing hunting, fishing, doing chores and stripping down to wash the pick-up truck. When the day is done, though, he loves to kick back, relax and have a good time. All that hard work deserves a nice stretch and a lazy sprawl, doesn’t it? Take a seat next to him and let him know how good he looks. Because he just loves to show off."

MuscleHunks Frank Defeo

Frank The Tank DeFeo

Frank "The Tank" DeFeo

"Frank The Tank Goes Country"

"Frank DeFeo is a down-to-earth kinda guy. The city has its appeal, sure, but as for Frank, he prefers to keep it simple and direct. It's true that the body is gym-built, but all that started when young boy Frank split his time between baling hay, playing football - and balling all the chicks he could get. That's country. And that's Frank. 16 all new video clips!"


Frank The Tank DeFeo Frank The Tank DeFeo

Frank The Tank DeFeo Frank The Tank DeFeo

Frank The Tank DeFeo Frank The Tank DeFeo

Frank The Tank DeFeo Frank The Tank DeFeo

Frank The Tank DeFeo Frank The Tank DeFeo

Frank The Tank DeFeo Frank The Tank DeFeo
Frank The Tank & Eddie Camacho

Frank The Tank & Eddie Camacho

"Frank The Tank Meets Eddie Camacho"

"Some fantasies are just too good to keep to yourself. When the two SUPERHUNG muscledudes Frank the Tank and Eddie Camacho decide to get together to provide a little fantasy entertainment for you, they're not just fooling around. And as for Frank - WHAT A MOUTH on that man! Can Eddie take it? Find out now - 16 all-new video clips in our Membership Section! We sure hope this won't be the last pairing of these two studs!"


Frank The Tank & Eddie Camacho Frank The Tank & Eddie Camacho

Frank The Tank & Eddie Camacho Frank The Tank & Eddie Camacho

Frank The Tank & Eddie Camacho Frank The Tank & Eddie Camacho

Frank The Tank & Eddie Camacho Frank The Tank & Eddie Camacho

Frank The Tank & Eddie Camacho Frank The Tank & Eddie Camacho

Frank The Tank & Eddie Camacho Frank The Tank & Eddie Camacho

Frank The Tank & Eddie Camacho Frank The Tank & Eddie Camacho

Frank DeFeo Tied Face Down and Tickled!

January 1, 2011

"I've gotten requests to have guys tied face down, and Frank DeFeo is a great candidate because his feet are so torturously ticklish..."

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Worship Frank DeFeo's Feet & Socks

Worship Frank DeFeo's Feet & Socks!

"Gorgeous Italian stud Frank Defeo wants us all to ogle and worship his size 13 feet in this MyFriendsFeet scene and I really think that most of us will have no problem doing that. Even if it's just a fantasy. Frank made a huge impression on all of us at MFF from the start. He's confident. stunning to look at and a load of laughs. And with such a spectacular body, size 13 feet and knowing what to do on video to get us all horny, he had to be on the site!"

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Frank D Worshiped

June 25, 2011

"Smooth skin and dark hair drive me insane on a guy. Frank is ALL hunk and then some. He kicked back on my couch so I could worship his big, size 13 feet for a MyFriendsFeet scene. Frank had never had his feet touched in such a way and I could tell that right off the bat. The expressions of bliss that came across his handsome face were awesome. It's like all the tension of life just left his body as I worshiped his size 13s with my hands and mouth!"

Frank D Worshiped Frank D Worshiped Frank D Worshiped

Frank D Worshiped Frank D Worshiped Frank D Worshiped

Frank D Worshiped Frank D Worshiped Frank D Worshiped
Frank Defeo Tied Up and Tickled Silly

Frank Defeo Tied Up and Tickled Silly

"Who would think such a tank of a man would be so ticklish? Frank's girlfriend came with him to this MyFriendsFeet shoot and she thought it was hilarious. She tickled him a little bit too once he was strapped down. She isn't in the video though. She left the action up to me and Frank, as she knows everyone will get the best out of us. Frank is super ticklish and because he has so much muscle on his body there is a lot more to tickle. He went crazy!"

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Muscle God Frank DeFeo Tickle Tortured Naked

Muscle God Frank DeFeo Tickle Tortured Naked

"Who thought such a huge muscular man could be so powerless over tickling fingers and feathers? Frank is tickled on his feet, armpits, stomach, sides and balls until he is out of breath and gasping with laughter in this MyFriendsFeet scene. Frank is a true man's man, boasting a huge, muscular body and fantastic feet. Which are both ticklish as hell. I drove Frank crazy here!"

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Frank DeFeo Has His Socks & Feet Worshiped By A Fan

Frank DeFeo Has His Socks & Feet Worshiped By A Fan

"Frank DeFeo is a complete man's man. In every possible way. His size 13 feet are the kinds of peds that I fantasize about all day, every day and they smell SO good. Frank is straight, but he loves having his feet worshiped and he let me do it. Frank is proof positive that straight or not, many men don't mind letting another man touch their feet. It just feels that good! And Frank certainly felt good as I worshiped his perfect size 13s with my mouth and tongue!"

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Frank DeFeo's Naked Size 13s & Sexy Dress Socks

"I have been lusting after bodybuilder Frank DeFeo for years now and hoping to get a good look at his feet on his site We started talking a while ago and he sent me a photo of his feet for me to check out. I couldn't believe how great they looked! I was also amazed what a friendly guy Frank is. It took a while, but I finally got Frank here to Florida to do a photo session with him. This man is a tank -- and a tank with amazing feet. He has really high arches and perfect soles, and strong masculine tops -- AND his feet are ticklish, as is the rest of his muscled body. With a body like his, Frank is not shy about showing it off, so I got him to go nude for me. He modeled those hot size 13 feet in his thin nylon dress socks and barefoot. After all this time I'm STILL lusting after his feet! Be sure to see the video of Frank being tickled naked in the VIP Area!"

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Frank DeFeo's Amazing Body & Size 13 Feet

"Frank DeFeo is one smoking hot Italian stud who loves showing off his incredible body and size 13 feet. He's huge. We couldn't resist snapping some pics of this stunning stud. Frank has become a good buddy of ours and hangs around the office quite a bit. Which is fine to us of course, because he just makes the days much, much better!"

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Mission 4 Muscle Frank The Tank


Frank The Tank

HEIGHT: 5' 11"
WAIST: 32"
QUADS: 30"
CHEST: 52"
ARMS: 20"


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"Muscle Service"

Frank The Tank & Justin Cox

June 5, 2011

"Huge muscle bodybuilder Frank The Tank gets a muscle worship and massage. After seeing Frank on cam and videos online Justin Cox hired Frank for the ultimate muscle worship fantasy. Stripping off his clothes Frank flexes his muscle as Justin gets down on his knees rubbing his hands all over Frank's chest and legs looking straight at Frank's huge cock. Justin work on the huge bodybuilder body on the massage table spreading and kissing his muscle ass. After the massage Frank force Justin to wash his muscle before giving him a golden shower."

Frank The Tank vs Mike Buffalari

Muscle Battle III

Frank The Tank vs Mike Buffalari

July 13, 2010

"Frank the Tank returns to the wrestling mat to take on a new challenger and model Mike Buffalari. The match begins with Frank dominating Mike putting a bear hug on Mike but Mike was too quick and broke free to deliver his own attack lifting and squatting Frank on his back several times. Mike continues his aggression of pain by delivering a sleeper hold and leg scissors on Frank. However Frank begins to dominate once again as he delivers a pile driver on Mike and slams him to the ground. Both of these muscle hunks struggle to take control of the match. You will see even more awesome moves like bear hug, front and rear headlocks, pile driver, head scissors, sleeper hold and much more! In addition bonus feature look behind the scene of the photo shoot after the match."

Frank The Tank vs Mike Buffalari Frank The Tank vs Mike Buffalari

Frank The Tank vs Mike Buffalari Frank The Tank vs Mike Buffalari

Frank The Tank vs Mike Buffalari Frank The Tank vs Mike Buffalari

"Beach Grapple 2"

Frank The Tank vs Tommy Ray

September 7, 2009

"It started off as a friendly game of football at the beach. When Frank kept scoring on the run Tommy Ray became frustrated and didn't take losing very well. He challenged Frank in a wrestling match on the spot. Watch as these two big bodybuilders battle it out with strength and power in this no holds-bar muscular grappling video."

Frank The Tank vs Tommy Ray

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"Clean and Jerk"

Frank The Tank and Powerman Priest

July 11, 2009

"Frank The Tank and Powerman Priest have each inspired many a fantasy, each has individually taken our fantasy of a handsome muscular man showering before us to new levels of thrill and excitement. We've shot these two incredibly handsome musclemen and got them BOTH to shower before you. Watch as they help each other lather up those muscular contours, flexing off and stroking their cocks as they get ready to go out clubbing with a private muscle worship session to follow."

Clean & Jerk

"Size Matters"

Frank The Tank

April 20, 2009

"Frank The Tank is one huge hunk of a man who knows how to show you how a real man builds big sexy muscles. You can't help but stare at this handsome bodybuilder as he pumps and flexes his muscles in front of the mirror. Frank gets a little horny and takes his time stroking and teasing his big thick cock and giving us some hot views of his hairy hole and balls before releasing an explosive record cum load in one shot! This cums to show that the best part of a good workout is how good you feel afterward."

Size Matters

"Mano a Mano"

Frank The Tank and Tommy Ray

October 19, 2008

"In Mano a Mano, Frank The Tank and Tommy Ray strip, flex and oil each others muscular contours. Their strong hands massage each others bulging muscles rubbing the oil deep into the tissues. Imagine their hands are yours, that is YOUR finger tips caressing the firm muscular sinews of these handsome masculine studs. This video is a must see exploration of muscle explicitly designed for those who like active muscle worship. After all Your Mission, Our Muscle."






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"Muscle Shrine"

Frank The Tank

May 24, 2008

"Frank The Tank shows a different side of himself in this video: Bold, Brash, Confident, and Cocky. With looks and muscle like that most folk expect a little attitude, and the normally sweet and humble Frank shows the power, pride and masculine panache that brought him into the champion ranks as a powerlifter and now bring him into the upper circle of bodybuilding. This is a Frank that commands your worship, service and obedience. He shows not only his muscle but shows that he is a well hung stud that could steal your lover as easily as he could cow you into obliging cuckoldry. He emerges in this video as an archetype of masculinity and virility cowing the viewer. Pay homage to this paragon of muscle, might and motivation. Worship the Tank!"

Buff And Bound


Frank Defeo

"Bound and Tickled"

"Frank The Tank is a handsome buff bodybuilder shooting a workout video with his friend Powerman. As he began to show the viewers his workout routine, Powerman catches him off guard, gagging him with a cloth until he . With Frank completely naked, vulnerable and powerless, Powerman handcuffs both of Frank's arms to the weight bar and ties his sexy feet to the rail with both legs spread wide open to reveal his hot sexy hole. Wasting no time Powerman began to work on Frank's feet by tickling him with a brush and pencil. Powerman continue to torture his muscular straight friend and tickle his stomach and pits. Frank struggles to free himself from the torture flailing his arms, laughing and screaming until he can't take it anymore."


Frank Defeo

"Bound in Bed"

"Late at night when Frank DeFeo was asleep an intruder breaks into his bedroom, secretly recording in night vision of the straight muscle hunk sleeping. With the camera still on the intruder strapped Frank's arms and legs to the bed. When Frank woke up little did he know that he was bound to the bed. The intruder taunted Frank as he struggles to free himself. After many fail attempts the intruder offer to free Frank on one condition and that is for Frank to do a live show by stroking his huge cock and cum in front of him. Frank kept part of his deal and gave the intruder an explosive performance."

Buff And Bound Frank DeFeo


Manifest Men Frank DeFeo

Frank DeFeo

Age: 23
Height: 5'10" 177.8cm
Weight: 233lbs 105.7kg
Biceps: 19.5" 49.5cm
Chest: 50" 127cm
Waist: 32" 81cm
Quads: 30" 76cm
Shoe: 10.5 US 44 EU

"Frank “The Tank” De Feo has the superbly developed muscle and the size to get his nickname but he has much more going for him. With his handsome Italian face and piercing eyes Frank De Feo could easily be mistaken for a Hollywood star or physical culture icon from the past. But Frank De Feo definitely belongs in the present, flexing and posing with natural style & beauty."

Manifest Men Frank DeFeo

20081231iFrank20_01_6T3U4185 20081231iFrank20_01_6T3U4217

Manifest Men Frank DeFeo

20081013iFrankCamo3201_FrankManifestMen50 20081013iFrankCamo3201_FrankManifestMen56

20081013iFrankCamo3201_FrankManifestMen70 20081013iFrankCamo3201_FrankManifestMen76
Manifest Men Frank DeFeo

Manifest Men Frank DeFeo

"Idyll Summer"

Frank DeFeo
Video Gallery Update

"Frank DeFeo proves once again he has to do very little on camera to turn you on OR himself for that matter. Alone, naked and lying on a lounge chair by the pool Frank puts lotion on his bronzed skin and flexes his muscles, pointing out the highlights of his incredible body along the way. The lotion and the bright sun work together to showcase his pumped up pecs, his peaked biceps, his washboard abs, and his muscular bubble butt while turning him on. And once Frank DeFeo gets turned on there's no turning back. He goes from humping the chair to lying on his back and stroking his cock. His thoughts? They're of himself flexing naked by the pool. You'll have to decide whether Frank's naked muscle worship is for you or himself. Be prepared to see Frank DeFeo put in a few new moves in his sexed up posing routine that may make you lose it."

Manifest Men Frank DeFeo

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6T3U4340 6T3U4345
Manifest Men Frank Defeo and Rusty Winchester

Manifest Men Frank Defeo and Rusty Winchester


Frank Defeo and Rusty Winchester
Video Gallery Update

"Are you turned on by watching a muscleman like Frank Defeo get tied up and struggle against his restraints? Then how about TWO bound up muscleman? In Bound II Frank is joined by Manifestís half-naked muscle tank Rusty Winchester in a gritty and erotic interactive fetish thriller that features a double dose of pulse-pounding muscle straining action. An unconscious Frank DeFeo is seemingly held captive for hours by fellow muscleman Rusty Winchester. When Rusty has a change of heart and begins to let his muscle victim, a faceless third participant suddenly puts Rusty out and ties both of them in chairs back to back. Bound and gagged the two are left to struggle and strain and flex their rippling and veiny muscles to no avail. Will they get free and how? Only you can decide as Manifest Men presents its first interactive video where members decide (via their votes) as to how this thriller ends."

Manifest Men Frank Defeo and Rusty Winchester

"Hacienda Concordia"

Frank DeFeo
Video Gallery Update

March 30, 2008

"In the world of magazines it is uncommon for one man to hit big in two different publications in the same month. Frank DeFeo is exactly that uncommon type of man. May brings Frank to "Men Magazine" as well as "Playgirl". Our congratulations go out to Frank. Look for his Manifest Men credited layout in "Men". While "Playgirl" and "Men" both bring you images you have never seen before, Manifest Men brings you the greatest video of Frank available anywhere.

This week we update with a great new one from Frank DeFeo "Hacienda Concordia". Flexing, shaving and there any better way to start the day? Watch for the best photos Frank has ever had taken to be added soon to the Manifest Men Image Galleries; images shot by Manifest flagship stud and President: Vin Marco."

Manifest Men Frank Defeo

Manifest Men Frank Defeo

"Fantasy Frank"

Frank DeFeo
Video Gallery Update

"Who is Frank Defeo? Who do you want him to be? Is he the jock you lusted after in school or the bodybuilder you wish would pose naked on stage? Or something darker?

Find out "Fantasy Frank" where versatile Frank Defeo shows many sides of one hot, pumped and ripped muscleman. He's tough Frank Defeo, showing off with some trash talk with an off camera Vin Marco. He's a football player who strips in front of you flexing a body that any jock who kill to have; and a competition bodybuilder who oils himself, flexing and daring to do it nude.

Then there's the ultimate Frank DeFeo flexing and posing wearing leather boots and gloves before stripping them off and standing above you, stroking and shooting -- full power & authority."

Manifest Men Frank Defeo

FrankDeFeoPosers_1 FrankDeFeoPosers_29
FrankDeFeoPosers_3 FrankDeFeoPosers_32
Colt Studios Frank DeFeo

Big Load - Minute Man 34, Scene 4

Frank DeFeo
Colt Studios

August 26, 2010

"Bulging muscle from head to toe, Frank DeFeo, or “Frank the Tank” as he is called, has a body that he just loves to show off. After hitting a few poses and showing us how much muscle he really has, Frank asks if you’re “ready to see more?”

With lots of hot and cocky talk, Frank makes an erotic one-on-one connection directly with you. He knows what you want and he generously shows you everything. “See what a REAL MAN looks like” he says as he slowly strips down. “You like what you see?” he asks as he takes it all off, displaying his bronzed body in all its nude glory.

Frank knows you want to see even more. He knows you want to see him shoot a BIG LOAD. Hammering his cock with his fist, Frank offers to shoot his BIG LOAD all over your face. “You like that?” he asks as he spills every last drop for your pleasure."

Colt Studios Frank DeFeo Colt Studios Frank DeFeo

Colt Studios Frank DeFeo Colt Studios Frank DeFeo

Colt Studios Frank DeFeo Colt Studios Frank DeFeo

Frank the Tank

Jimmy Z Productions

August 26, 2007

"Here is your Italian Muscleman with ATTITUDE. Frank knows how great he looks and makes sure you know it too. Filled with the tough man's confidence, he'll command your attention as he rips the shirt right off his mammoth back. This is a guy who's not afraid to get right in your face and demand you worship him up close."



Frank27 Frank29

Frank Defeo

"Frank has been bodybuilding since he was 13. He entered his first contest at 16 years of age. He lives in NJ just outside NYC."


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Coupe vs Frank the Tank

Bodybuilder Battle 18

"This is an amazing match between two of our best bodybuilders. Frank really wanted to put Coupe (Josh Cooperman) in his place because he has no respect for guys who are all cut up and not thick bodybuilders. Where as Coupe may be shredded in his muscle definition he was not afraid to take on Frank's thick size and power. Coupe's plan was to use great wrestling technique to bring the big man down. Still Frank power is displayed overwhelmingly in this match. You would think that Coupe is some 98 lbs. weekling in certain places. The power Frank has to just pick people up and crush them in his bearhugs and/or body scissors is amazing. Coupe does get a few good licks in on Frank with an amazing head scissors and few other surprise holds. While we did lose the original audio on this match you will laugh a lot listening to the guys talk about this match. Plus the visuals are stunning to see two great bodybuilders tear into each other on this level. We know you will enjoy this match!"

Ace Hanson VS Frank The Tank in Bodybuilder Battle 6

Ace Hanson VS Frank The Tank

Bodybuilder Battle 6

"NEW WRESTLER FRANK the TANK comes in to destroy Ace Hanson. Brutal is the best word we can use for this match. RAW power like Ace Hanson picking up Frank and squatting him several times before throwing him down. The bone crushing bearhugs were amazing, done several times. Real mat wrestling done by each of them trying to go for pin and then switching it up into a school boy pin or cradel. These two really hated each other and attitudes are totally flying off the handle during this match. They go into the classic holds like Boston crab and camel clutch plus Frank has a devistating full nelson that he uses to just destroy Ace with in a round. Plus the BEARHUGS are amazing to watch in this match...don't miss it!"




Conan vs Frank the Tank vs Johnny Bravo

Water Wars 2

Conan vs Frank the Tank vs Johnny Bravo

"Water Wars 2 is back and BIGGER than ever! Now we have 3 of the largest bodybuilders in the world battling it out to see who will be the best. Johnny Bravo and Conan were talking by the pool when Conan insults Johnny it sets things in motion. Johnny starts throwing Conan and Frank into the pool and then dives in himself to show them who is boss."









Frankie D

"Frankie is 22 years old and stands 6' tall. We met him competing at the NPC Muscle Beach Bodybuilding Championships held in Mt. Pleasant Beach, New Jersey. He competed as a heavyweight at around 205 lbs but off-season he grows to a hulking 270 lbs. Frankie runs his own company and is also a part time personal trainer. When he is not working, he is at the gym training because he wants to be a professional bodybuilder. For the past seven years Frankie has been competing in bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions. Some of the competitions that he won are 1999-2001 AAU Powerlifting National Champion, 2000 World Champion Powerlifter, 2004 1st (Juniors Class) at NABBA USA Junior Nationals, 2005 1st at the Philly Classic Bodybuilding Championships, 2005 2nd (Juniors and Novice Tall Classes) at the NABBA US Open Bodybuilding Championships and 2006 3rd (Novice Heavyweight Class) NPC Muscle Beach Bodybuilding Championships. Frankie not only looks strong with his massive bodybuilding physique, but he really is strong judging by his powerlifting achievements. He will compete further in bodybuilding, but he is also interested in exploring any fitness modeling opportunities that may come before him. We are very pleased to add Frankie to the roster of top bodybuilding and fitness models at!"

FrankieD21 FrankieD27

FrankieD11 FrankieD13