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MuscleHunks Nino Sabrini

MuscleHunks Nino Sabrini

A Bodybuilder Prepares

Featuring Nino Sabrini

September 16, 2012

"Just what does a hot, hung, ripped, hung, and magnificently muscled competitive bodybuilder do just before he signs on to LiveMuscleShow to entertain his fans? Well, we know he's spent years in the gym building up that magnificent physique. But exclusive new muscle star Nino Sabrini wants to let you in on a little secret. You see, the big muscle boys of LMS want to get into just the know, mood....before they meet their fans. And the superbly built, powerful Mr. Sabrini has his own way of preparing for the show....let's watch..."

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A Quiet Corner of Heaven

Featuring Nino Sabrini

July 4, 2011

"Nino Sabrini looks like a modest, unassuming guy, always with a peaceful, even beatific expression on his face. With that long hair, you'd think he's probably stoned - but this is most definitely not the body of a stoner! Your first clue as to what Nino is packing has to be those broad lats and that tight butt, but hoo boy: even your highest expectations will be exceeded when Nino strips down! He's all ripped and proportioned muscle, with solid, rocky abs, and a love machine that never quits! If this is beatitude, then light a candle in the window for Nino tonight!"

PowerMen Nino Sabrini

PowerMen Nino Sabrini





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LiveMuscleShow Nino Sabrini

Nino Sabrini

Age: 25
Weight: 195 lbs
Height: 5'8 ft
Chest: 49 in
Waist: 29 in
Bicep: 18 in
Thigh: 27 in

"When it comes to guys, there is that certain type with an appearance and sexiness that lets those of us who worship them inherently know they are extremely horny, wild and dirty, and that they’re just waiting for an opportunity to take us for a naughty ride. Meet Nino Sabrini, who is just that type of guy. Nino is hot, nasty and intense, and he’s equipped with a perfect set of assets from head to toe. Judging from the precision of his musculature, it’s plain to see that whatever Nino does, he does it well. His amazing lats taper into a perfect V-shaped waist, his protruding ass begs to be touched, and his set of thick strong legs balance out this statuesque male specimen, to say nothing of the rocket between his legs. Without a doubt, for someone who’s so sexy and attractive by nature, Nino’s got an extremely tempting bodybuilder physique, to boot! Nino’s waiting for you to come and worship him in private, so that you can do some horny things, together. Contact Nino, now, at, or"

LiveMuscleShow Nino Sabrini

LiveMuscleShow Nino Sabrini