Nino Sabrini
Marco Cardona
Cristian Garys


ALIAS: Herodon
SITES: Jimmy Z Productions


Gym Workout Part 1

Featuring Alonzo
Jimmy Z Productions

November 22, 2009

"Larger than life, Alonzo from Argentina pumps and demonstrates his power lifting abilities in this hot video. He’s got major bulk, tattoos and a beautiful uncut cock that he’s equally proud of. Watch Alonzo work out all of his great body parts."

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Gym Workout Part 2

Featuring Alonzo
Jimmy Z Productions

January 3, 2010

"Alonzo continues with his power lifting routine, posing and flexing his bulked up massive man frame. He oils his skin and feels the power he’s created. As he strips to complete his routine of pampering his skin, he finds himself aroused. His beautiful uncut cock becomes fully engorged so he has no other option but to shoot a load for us."

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