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Rocco Martin
Eddie Foulger


ALIAS: Big Wheels Eddie
SITES: Contest Muscle, Jimmy Z Productions

Jimmy Z Productions Big Wheels Eddie


Pumping Fresh

Featuring Big Wheels Eddie
Jimmy Z Productions

July 29, 2012

"Big Wheels Eddie hits the gym and gets his pump on. He starts out with some leg presses and things get even hotter when he strips down to his shorts to show off his hard physique and tattoos. All his muscles get pumped doing different exercises. Finally its time to showoff all the hard work with some sexy posing."





Bigwheels_pump04 Bigwheels_pump32

Bigwheels_pump33 Bigwheels_pump43


Palm Springs Poolman

Featuring Big Wheels Eddie
Jimmy Z Productions

June 5, 2011

"In Palm Springs, Big Wheels Eddie was hired to fix the pool pump, which he did expertly and, since his next appointment wasn't for another hour or two, he decided to relax by the pool and get a nice suntan. He takes in the sun, while he flexes and admires his outrageous physique, thinking about his next tattoo purchase."




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Contest Muscle

2011 South California Bodybuilding Championships

Contest Muscle

"Contest Muscle goes behind the scenes to bring you exclusive videos of muscle hunks backstage at competitions pumping, posing, flexing & oiling up before heading out on stage to be judged on who has the best physique. Also, individual bodybuilders pose and flex in a natural setting to show off their hard-earned muscles, and also give interviews on bodybuilding, techniques, training secrets, dieting, and how they prepare for a bodybuilding contest."

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