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Max Hilton


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Featuring Max Hilton and Robin Sanchez

November 23, 2018

"Max Hilton is preparing for an upcoming bodybuilding competition and is trying to convince his good buddy Robin Sanchez to enter as well. The guys strip down and explore each other’s pumped, ripped muscles. As they work through the posing moves, they find that their cocks are unable to remain restrained by their tight posing trunks. Easily distracted by such a sight, Max and Robin begin to peal away their posing trunks to reveal their full, throbbing, rock-hard cocks. Max puts Robin on top of the pedestal and takes his hard cock deep into his hungry mouth. Robin has Max choking down his thick cock as he forces his mouth further down onto his demanding cock. Max helps Robin off of the pedestal and sits down as Robin lowers himself to eye level with the prized muscle. Robin leans in and can smell the man sweat wafting up from Max’s massive thighs. Finally, Robin’s tongue reaches its goal and sucks Max’s cock back into his mouth. Max lifts himself from the pedestal for better leverage to fuck Robin’s awaiting mouth. After some expanding of Robin’s boundaries he is spun around and Max spreads his huge mounds of ass muscle to reveal the hot, sweet, pink, pucker hole and dives in tongue first. Max decides that ass is wet enough for his cock and stands up and starts easing it deeper and deeper into Robin’s ass. Needing more, Max flips Robin onto his back and is able to plunge deeper at this angel. This position has struck gold for both men as cock and ass are experiencing an amazing level of pleasure, as if they were fused together as one pulsating beat of pleasure. Max has held Robin on the edge for so long that he can no longer withstand the pressure as his balls erupt with a thick, creamy load of cum spewing from his cock. Robin’s pulsating ass muscles have thrown Max over the edge as his cock showers Robin with his hot load of cum. This looks like a promising competition."

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Casting Couch #395

Featuring Max Hilton and Xavi Duran

October 27, 2018

"Max Hilton always enters the room as a handsome, muscle beast, so we decided to pair him with Xavi Duran, whom has his own muscle beast that we all desire. These two hot machismos really know how to accelerate our craving for hot man on man sex. Xavi plants some vigorous nipple chewing onto Max’s aroused nipples that truly arouses Max’s cock. Continuing his trek down and across Max’s ripped, hairy abs, Xavi arrives at Max’s straining cock that is only constrained by the thin veil of fabric that Xavi soaks with his tongue. Max’s cock bounces free from the constraints of his KB’s as Xavi begins worshiping his cock from the hooded head to his furry base. Max’s cock continues to grow in strength and firmness as Xavi sucks and swallows his cock like all true expert cock suckers. Xavi continues with his aggressive cock sucking, yet knows that he needs to back off, sensing Max’s heightened pleasure. Putting his cock at mouth level to Max, Xavi unleashes his fat muscle cock as Max’s hunger takes over. Max delves in and devours Xavi’s huge cock. Max pays special attention to Xavi’s mushroom cock head before working his mouth all the way down his thick shaft to the base. This sensation pushes both men into sexual overdrive as Xavi begins fucking Max’s mouth and Max opens wide to receive the huge cock in front of him. With his cock primed for fucking, Xavi bends Max over and rubs his hairy hole with his rock-hard cock before slipping it deep inside that huge muscle ass. Xavi fucks Max deep and hard before flipping him. This time Max lowers that hot muscle ass slowly onto Xavi’s thick, hard cock and steadily builds his rhythm to a pace that brings both men closer to the edge. The threshold has been crossed and Max’s craving to taste Xavi’s cock and his hot load are delivered. Xavi dumps his huge, creamy load of cum on Max’s heaving pecs and Max takes his cock in his mouth to taste his cum and their fuck juices. The smell, taste and flavor overwhelm Max as his cock erupts his hot load of cum. The muscle beasts have been pleased."

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Live Muscle Show Max Hilton

Max Hilton


Age: 27
Weight: 220.0 lbs
Height: 5,7 ft
Chest: 47.2 in
Waist: 33.6 in
Bicep: 18.0 in
Thigh: 27.6 in

"Some of the biggest muscle men are big ole' teddy bears. Hard and tough on the outside, and soft and cuddly on the inside. Not Max. When looking at Max - one thing comes to mind. Rough Trade. Muscles than could snap a telephone pole. An attitude that demands worship. Come on and bow down in front of massive Max. You'll be glad you did."

Live Muscle Show Max Hilton
MuscleHunks Max Hilton

Max's Hideaway

Featuring Max Hilton

January 8, 2014

"LMS Muscle Leatherman (and occasional club dancer) Max Hilton may look tough - and, in reality, he is - so be advised. But Max is not without his secrets. Recently he confessed to us that he likes to go on the prowl well outside the gym and the leather club environment to indulge in muscle play in an abandoned bungalow he found in the South Florida sticks. We begged to come with him some time, and finally he gruffly allowed that we could watch...as long as we kept our distance. So we were at the ready with our cameras one afternoon as Max stealthily broke in to the old, storm-devastated house to do his thing. His muscle play did not disappoint, and better yet, Max has allowed you to watch. And play along."

Max_hilton3A006 Max_hilton3A009

Max_hilton3A011 Max_hilton3A015

Max_hilton3A017 Max_hilton3A018

Max_hilton3A020 Max_hilton3A024
MuscleHunks Max Hilton

MuscleHunks Max Hilton

Club Muscle

Featuring Max Hilton

May 17, 2012

"Daytime: Club Exterior. New MH.com Leatherman Max Hilton is standing by waiting to show you his moves. Tough, compact, built like a pit bull and ready to rumble, leather muscleman Max sees you coming and coolly appraises whether or not you're worth his time. He knows you can appreciate that masculine bubblebutt encased in leather pants. And he can see you love his ripped, razor-sharp abs. And sure, he looks forward to standing over your stupid face while he whips around that big engine of his. Before he gets started, though, you need to follow his rules. It's simple: he leads. You follow. Got it? Good."

WATCH Max Hilton in "Club Muscle" at MuscleHunks!



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Max_hilton2A010 Max_hilton2A013

Max_hilton2A024 Max_hilton2A029

Max_hilton2A037 Max_hilton2A038

Biceps and Beer

Featuring Max Hilton

April 11, 2014

"Max Hilton's back, and MH.com's hardass bad boy is ready as always to deliver his special mix of muscle entertainment, blending leather with solid big muscles. After swigging from a bottle of cold beer, Max strips down to show off what he's got with raw show of naked flexing. Max is a tough customer who demands you pay attention to his supple, powerful physique - or else. Unsmiling, solid, hard as nails and ready to rumble, it's a muscle show for fans who like their bodybuilders to take a walk on the dark side."

PowerMen Max Hilton




Max_hilton2A002 Max_hilton2A011

Max_hilton2A016 Max_hilton2A017

Max's Power Workout

Featuring Max Hilton

June 16, 2012

"Max Hilton may have the face of an ex-con you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley, but there's no denying he's also packing a highly charged, disciplined physique. Musculature, symmetry, cuts, definition and pure power like this don't just happen overnight (or come out of a bottle, for that matter). In a private resort gym, Max pumps up his tasty muscles, slaps oil on himself, and glides into some confident posing - all in preparation of the private showing he's about to give you! Fans of raw muscle flexing won't be disappointed as the hung and hard Max shows you what's what. On your knees, boy."

WATCH Max Hilton in "Max's Power Workout"!











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Max_hiltonA011 MaxHilton10

MaxHilton12 MaxHilton17

Max_hiltonA027 Max_hiltonA028

Max Hilton


"If you like big muscle, you're gonna love my new mate Max. I met 26 year old Max Hilton when I was travelling through. This straight built muscle boy was in Barcelona for a body building competition and told me that he was close to his peak physical condition. Max didn't speak much English so we had some interesting times communicating. He was over an hour late for his shoot at my apartment, and I had no idea that he'd told me that he was going to have a work out at the gym at that time. But I was glad I waited when I saw this hot Spaniard turn up and get his gear off. When you first see Max wearing his dark hoodie and trackpants you wouldn't think he was packing such a huge body under there! We started his shoot with a warm up scene in some speedos in the shower. He only just managed to pull those speedos up over his massive thighs. I've said before that I love big thighs on guys... I think Max could crush me with those trunks!

Apart from being one hot giant, Max is also a really sweet and funny guy. We had a lot of fun shooting in the shower. Max was being very careful not to wet me as I lay shooting on the floor below him. I actually don't know how he went in the competition. But I reckon he would have made it tough for the others in the competition."

MaxHilton04 MaxHilton17

MaxHilton31 MaxHilton39