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PowerMen Diego El Potro

Never Enough Diego

Featuring Diego El Potro

September 19, 2014

"It isn't just us. Diego El Potro's firm muscularity and his ever-enlarging physique are always in demand because - well - he's just tooooo hot for words! In his fifth Powermen outing, Big Diego shows yet again why youth, muscles, nicely placed tats, a throbbing engine in front and succulently perfect, round, hard glutes in the rear will always win the day. C'mon, Diego....show us what it's all about! For there can never be enough Diego El Potro!"

CONGRATULATIONS to Diego El Potro for winning in the 2014 NPC Southern States Championships!

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PowerMen Diego El Potro

Pole Power

Featuring Diego El Potro (4)

May 29, 2014

"Okay, it's not really a pole, it's a steampipe Diego El Potro's dancing around. But no matter. In his fourth Powermen appearance, this handsome young muscleboy is now even bigger and more ripped, boasting breathtaking symmetry, cobblestone abs, a highway of crisscrossed veins and a powerful V-taper. It all leads down to a magnificent steampipe of his own, which he proudly produces and shoves in your face in his storage room private showing. You want big muscle? Diego's got it. You're set for the evening."

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Muchas Gracias, Diego

Featuring Diego El Potro (3)

July 26, 2012

"Diego's fuego takes it back to our favorite South Florida private resort where it seems there are dozens of musclemen wandering around just looking for a place to settle! Even the Mighty Zeb Atlas seems to be a guest....and awesome muscle superstars like Gianluigi Volti have also been known to make the scene....all we can do is pray that one day they'll turn around and actually SEE each other! The fireworks that could emerge on that day are well worth the wait. Meanwhile, we lick our lips and bow in gratitude as the implacably beautiful, smoothly-toned and beautifully muscled Diego El Potro makes the scene. Gracias, Diego."

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PowerMen Diego El Potro

PowerMen Diego El Potro










Diego's Fuego

Featuring Diego El Potro (2)

February 19, 2012

"Muscle spitfire Diego El Potro returns to play with your brain in his new dance and jo scene. Seems the powerful little muscleboy Diego had some new moves he wanted to share with you all, and we were only too happy to oblige! Check out his pulse-pounding beat, his toned muscles, hot abs, and backstage private after-party! Diego's on fire tonight at

PowerMen Diego El Potro

Beef in Your Face

Featuring Diego El Potro

August 10, 2010

"Diego El Potro has been lifting weights for a while. He won several bodybuilding titles in the Teenage & Junior categories. But he also realized that he gets more attention in night clubs than at bodybuilding shows. So he decided to show off more and become a muscle stripper. Recently, he also joined the team of live performers at LiveMuscleShow.com where he shows it all one-on-one. If you can't wait for the "beef in your face" at LiveMuscleShow.com, Diego shows all his assets and much more in the PowerMen's Members' area. Enjoy!"

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MuscleHunks Diego El Potro and Bill Baker

MuscleHunks Diego El Potro and Bill Baker

Muscle Grapplers

Featuring Diego El Potro and Bill Baker

May 8, 2012

"Hard body muscleman wrestler Diego El Potro is pumped, primed, ready and waiting for the match of a lifetime. His dream team opponent? Super Heavyweight muscle puppy Bill Baker! Diego can't believe his luck when pretty boy Bill (all 250 ripped and competition-ready pounds of him) cruises into the locker room, strips down to his jock, flexes powerfully, and silently challenges him to a freestyle duel. These powerful two musclemen don't hold back either on the mat - or later, when they grapple with their super-large tools!"

MuscleHunks Diego El Potro and Bill Baker

MuscleHunks Diego El Potro and Bill Baker

MuscleHunks Diego El Potro and Bill Baker

MuscleHunks Diego El Potro and Bill Baker

MuscleHunks Diego El Potro and Bill Baker

MuscleHunks Diego El Potro and Bill Baker

MuscleHunks Diego El Potro and Bill Baker MuscleHunks Diego El Potro and Bill Baker

2015 NPC Dayana Cadeau Classic

Heavyweight (2nd)