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ALIAS: Adam Santos
SITES: ManAvenue, PowerMen

Tools of a Bouncer

Featuring Barry Bangor

August 8, 2011

"Barry Bangor just found a job as a bouncer in Chicago after he was laid off as a construction worker. The new job allows to find more time to hit the gym for bodybuilding and Mixed Martial Arts. Being a little low on cash, Barry is looking for new opportunities to highlight his talents. He came to our studio for a test shoot, but he did not waste much time to get down and dirty. As Barry says "I know what they really want, and I can give it to them, as long as they can handle it ..." Are you ready?"

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Barry Bangor

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Adam Santos (2)

"Waking Up With Adam Santos"

July 28, 2011

"Don't look now, but there's a man in your bed. He rolls around and throws the sheet back and then you realize it's a massive, muscle man in your bed. Adam Santos moves to the bedside chair, stretches his ripped body and then exposes his fat, hard dick. After doing some seated muscle flexes for your pleasure, he walks with a boner into the next room, spots himself in mirror and performs a flexing routine. Enjoy his fully erect manhood while he enjoys looking at himself. Blowing his juice all over his reflection, he stops for a moment then flexes some more as his cum drips from his dick and down the mirror. Shit. If only I could wake up to Adam every morning."

Adam Santos

July 28, 2011

"We've been following Adam Santos around for quite some time trying to coax him to expose himself on ManAvenue and we finally succeeded. We knew he had an awesome body, but didn't quite know he was such a show-off, as evidenced in his continual display of muscle madness on camera. It's really hot in The Magic City this summer...and with Adam sweating and fully boned up in front of us for hours, it was all we could do to avoid a heat stroke. WOW! What a debut on ManAvenue!!!"

Adam Santos

Adam Santos Adam Santos

Adam Santos Adam Santos