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MuscleGallery Stan McQuay

MuscleGallery Stan McQuay

Stan McQuay (3)

Miami, 2011

"Stan McQuay is one of the most popular bodybuilders in the world. As an IFBB Professional, Stan took the Overall in three Pro Shows, most recently the Sacramento Pro Show. However, Stan was famous long before he received his Pro card. This is Stan's third shoot for MuscleGallery and his only shoot after winning the Sacramento Pro contest. Congratulations to Stan!"

MuscleGallery Stan McQuay



Stan McQuay (2)

Miami, 2007

"Stan McQuay had become as well known as any bodybuilder on the contest circuit long before he received his IFBB pro card. Now as an IFBB Pro bodybuilder, Stan has developed into one of the most famous bodybuilding models in the world and gained more fame and exposure than most Mr. Olympia contenders."


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MuscleGallery Stan McQuay

Stan McQuay

Miami, 2005

"Stan McQuay's Lifestyle Video is presented in its full length, remastered for Flash as well as Quicktime and Windows Media Player! Stan, who now lives full-time in Los Angeles, has shot twice in Miami for MG. After spending several hours on a shoot, a photographer can only conclude that it’s impossible for a human body to get better than Stan's."


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2018 IFBB Legion Sports Fest

Men's Classic Physique (9th)



2018 IFBB Dominican Republic Pro

Men's Classic Physique (1st)