Leo Sabatini
Marcio Vieira Goncalves
Ted Colunga


ALIASES: Giovanni Floretto
SITES: Butch Dixon, Colt Studios, Mark Wolff, Men at Play, UK Naked Men

Ted Colunga and John


Ted Colunga & John


June 11, 2011

"This is a reunion video of sorts, both muscle man Ted Colunga and hairy bodybuilder John appeared on Butch Dixon during the first year that the site was operational. They didn't appear together, but here they are in a horny suck and fuck video. John was a competitive bodybuilder and once he took a break from competing and grew in his body hair, he wanted to come back to Butch Dixon and film some more videos. Ted Colunga is a massive muscle man with a bulbous uncut cock and I always love watching this Hungarian hunk fucking ass. (You can see a preview gallery of this video called Naked Bodybuilders.

This scene starts off with bodybuilder Ted Colunga flexing his muscles. John admires Ted's huge guns, licks them, smells Ted's armpits,and rubs his hands all over Colunga's huge muscles. Both muscle men are wearing tight shorts and they look hot together. John has heard about Ted's massive, mushroom head cock, so he can't wait to start feasting on it. He squats, slides Ted's shorts down his tree-trunk thighs and then starts sucking the Hungarian's dick. John plays with Ted's foreskin, pulling it, stretching it, and chewing on it before he finally swallows Ted's meaty cock. And once John gets his lips wrapped around that bulbous cock head, Ted's dick begins to thicken and grow.

After giving Ted Colunga a rim job, John gets down on all fours and Colunga starts fucking him doggy style. I love watching Colunga fuck, or rather, I love listening to him because he utters all kinds of animalistic grunts and groans. And the look on John's face is priceless; a couple of times he looks right into the camera and the expression on his face is saying: "Fuck this is hard work!" Ted stands up and continues to squat fuck John's ass, occasionally pulling out and spitting on his monster meat before slamming it back inside his bodybuilder buddy. For the finale John is lying on his back and Colunga is drilling him hard. John is jerking his own cock and grunts, "Fuck me harder!" With that he spews a huge load of cum all over his hairy belly and chest. Ted pulls out, sits on John's belly and jerks off all over the muscle man's hairy chest. Ted squeezes his cock hard, curling his foreskin around his cock head and pushes out every drop of creamy cum."

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Ted Colunga & Andro de Luca

Ted Colunga & Andro de Luca


January 8, 2011

"I got an e-mail from Ted Colunga before the holidays: he was coming to London and wonder if I wanted to do another session. Did I? Geez, did he even have to ask? I love Ted Colunga. His fat, 9-inch, uncut cock is on the cover of my first DVD, Cum to Daddy. If you missed his solo jerk-off session, check out Hairy Hunk and watch him shoot. So I called up Andro de Luca. He's a sexy, beefy cub with puppy-dog eyes, who I filmed a few weeks back, and I set him up with a session with Ted Colunga. Andro was practically salivating when I showed him some photos of this Hungarian hunk. And Andro was eager to get his lips around Ted's 9-inch dick. I was looking forward to watching Ted's huge sausage sliding between Andro's hairy butt cheeks.

We started out with a massage session. Both Ted and Andro were wearing jockstraps and Ted's was bulging out of control. Ted lied down on a mat and Andro started oiling him up and giving him a massage. When it came time to flip over, Ted's jockstrap was bulging even more than before, he was definitely excited. Andro sat on Ted's crotch while he worked over the hunk's pecs. Then he fished Ted's stiffening cock out of his jockstrap. You're going to love watching Andro slobbering all over that plump cock head. He's a good cocksucker and a pleasure to watch in action. You don't fully appreciate how fat Colunga's dick is until you see a man trying to stuff it down his throat. But I was thrilled when Andro sat on Ted's massive meat and slid it deep inside his butt hole. He moaned and groaned with pleasure, I could almost feel how good it was making him feel.

Ted let Andro have his fun sitting on it frontways and backwards, then this muscle hunk put Andro down on all fours, held Andro's hands behind his back and fucked the shit out of him. With Ted pounding his ass, Andro shot a huge load all over the mat. Listen closely to Ted, he's growling deeply as Andro's ass is spasming around his huge cock. Then Andro lies back and Ted Colunga shoots a thick load of cum all over Andro's face. As he dumps his load, Ted growls like a caveman. Fuck it's hot! 96 images!"



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Ted Colunga


January 3, 2009

"I was thrilled when hairy hunk Ted Colunga approached me about stripping naked for Butch Dixon. I mean, I was over the moon ... down on my knees and praying at the temple of the all-day sucker. I've seen Ted Colunga is a lot of gay porn videos and he's always a pleasure to watch. He has appeared both shaved smooth and hairy, so I had to make sure that when he walked into my studio that he'd be sporting that hot, hairy chest of his. And when he finally did arrive, I was anxious to get him naked so I could gaze upon that super fat uncut cock of his. And I can tell you that it's every bit as satisfying in person as it is on video. It's more like a stump than a cock. Ted's dick is very fat and crowned with a juicy cock head. When he gets it fully erect and peels back his foreskin, it gathers in thick folds behind his plump crown. And if you can take your eyes off his cock long enough, check out that beefy, muscular body of his � massively solid shoulders, bulging biceps, chiseled pecs, and a ripped six pack, all covered in a beautiful mat of fur. I hope you love watching this hairy hunk jacking off as much as I enjoyed filming him."

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Ted Colunga


Height: 6'1
Weight: 210lbs
Age: 28yrs old
Cock: 9"

Comments from Mark Wolff:

"If you like big bodybuilders with lot's of body hair, then Ted's your man. I shot him in an all white room that makes his thick black hair stand out even more."




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Your Move

Starring Ted Colunga & Eric Lexis

March 21, 2009

"It may be the MAP gentlemen's club but not all members behave like gentlemen as is proved by Ted Colunga who takes advantage of Eric's ignorance of chess to control the game, and trash his novice opponent. But when Eric realises this and leaves abruptly, tempers start to flare and things get a bit out of hand as the innocent game of chess turns into a sexual power game with Ted taking dominance and forcing his defeated opponent onto all fours and into complete submission."

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Yourmove10 Yourmove11

Yourmove01 Yourmove02

Yourmove03 Yourmove04

Yourmove05 Yourmove06

Yourmove09 Yourmove12





Starring Ross Hurston & Ted Colunga

February 6, 2009

"When you're a longstanding member of the MAP Gentlemen's Club anything and everything is a mere click of the fingers away. Refreshments, food, a massage or even a shoe shine. Nothing is too good for our best customers like Ted Colunga. So when he feels like he needs a little extra personal attention there is always someone at hand to oblige. Luckily for him Ross is already on his knees polishing his shoes so as soon as he takes his 10-inch cock out, Ross is ready to offer him a good servicing until Ted blows his thick load all over his face."

Shoeshine02 Shoeshine04

Shoeshine03 Shoeshine01

Shoeshine06 Shoeshine08

Shoeshine09 Shoeshine10
















"The Master 2"

Starring Ted Colunga & Marco Salgueiro

December 27, 2008

"This week we see the long awaited return of Ted Colunga to MenatPlay, ready to give the Master of the house a big taste of his own medicine. Whilst normally Marco Salgueiro would get what and WHO he wants, this time the tables are turned as Ted takes charge and puts the bossy master in his place; that's to say on all fours and ready to take a good hard pounding from Ted's thick, uncut 10 inches!"












Master2_01 Master2_02

Master2_03 Master2_04

Master2_05 Master2_06

Master2_09 Master2_10

Master2_21 Master2_26
Personal Coach

"Personal Coach"

Starring Ted Colunga and Lucas

"Football coach Ted spots a very promising player practicing his free kicks on the pitch, and decides to linger around and follow him into the locker room. But when he sees Lucas in nothing but his shorts and football boots, Ted's thoughts turn onto something much more appealing than his football skills. With barely an introduction Ted is soon exploring Lucas' muscular ass, and getting it nice and ready to take his meaty 9 inch dick."

012 Up Close

"Up Close"

Starring Ted Colunga and David

"Picture this, your working late one night, and the guy your stuck in the office with, has been the object of your desire for weeks! Ted Colunga, the office senior, sits bored and buried under piles of paper work, his co-worker, the gentle David quietly works along side him. After a few minutes of filing and flirtatious glances, the quiet duo are kissing and touching each other, in places two hunky men like this, wouldn't normally touch, shortly after their both naked and fucking on the office floor, these Hungarian studs show us exactly how to do it slow and deep."


Hostile, Scene 3

Starring Akos Piros, Alex Chandler, Giovanni Floretto, Julian Vincenzo
Olympus Productions | Colt Studios

"Danny wakes up with a hangover in the deserted club’s bathroom and is told that Alex is sightseeing in the city. He goes to pass out in the room as the scene cross fades to Alex, who wakes up in an abandoned factory. He is tied to a chair and his throat is fucked by three big, muscular brutes (Akos Piros, Julian Vincenzo and cover man Giovanni Floretto). They brutally fuck Alex’s face before flipping him onto an old mattress, where he is fucked, relentlessly. The entire scene is being videotaped by a lone camera, for an unseen viewer. The scene ends with Alex’s captors shooting all over him. He passes out and is lead away by the leader."





21315_011 21315_014

Hostile, Scene 4

Starring Akos Piros, Danny Roddick, Giovanni Floretto, Julian Vincenzo
Olympus Productions | Colt Studios

"We catch up with Danny, waking up at the hostel. He asks about Alex and the hostel receptionist calls a taxi which takes Danny to the abandoned factory where we last saw Alex. He wanders into it and is attacked and knocked out. He wakes up, bound to the same chair that Alex was. However, he is greeted by a masked man, who resets the video camera. It is the Hungarian businessman, who explains that these are videos for some very rich clients. He leaves and the three brutes who used Alex return to do the same to Danny. He is surrounded by all three and each one takes a turn at his sweet, handsome face. After an extended period of facefucking, the guys strip down and begin to gang bang Danny’s beautiful and smooth ass, in as many positions as you can imagine. Danny is additionally demeaned by having to lick the cum off of the leader’s boots."