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Bodybuilders' Jam #16 Group Posing Finale

Featuring Trent Fosters, Alek Armstrong, Anthony and Louis Magnone
Jimmy Z Productions

November 25, 2009

"Another hot show featuring TRENT FOSTERS, LOUIS MAGNONE, ALEK ARMSTRONG (IFBB Pro Stephen Frazier) and ANTHONY in a muscle extravaganza. So much muscle in one show, we didn't know if we could fit all these performers onto the stage. You'll be satisfied to the max when you see these performers, who normally compete on a bodybuilding stage."











Featuring Louis Magnone
Jimmy Z Productions

July 8, 2007

"With this video, JimmyZ brings yet another massive muscle stud to the stage. Louis is competition built and really loves to pose, flex and get oiled by the hungry crowd. He is a beautifully built man."


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Outdoor Posing

Featuring Louis Magnone
Jimmy Z Productions

February 16, 2006

"For this video, we bring you Louis outdoors in the gleaming sun with his bronzed skin glistening and oiled. We get a glimpse into his past and future goals in bodybuilding. Then he strips down to his great packed blue posers holding it in as he flexes his mighty body for us."


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Smoking Hunks Luis Magnone


Luis Magnone


Comments from Wayne:

"Rob Rossi lights up his cigar, and he really enjoys watching himself smoke. The room is cloudy and this gets Rob hotter than the end of his stogie. Soon everything comes off and he loves showing off his erect cock. In order to make this more interesting, whenever Rob would close his eyes, I would make it look like he was thinking of Luis. However, these two men don't know each other and both men are straight. However, it makes for a great fantasy. Two straight men thinking about each other in one video."

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2003 NPC Junior National Championships Men's Backstage Posing Part 3

Repetrope Muscle Video

"America's Windy City set the stage for the 2003 NPC Junior National Bodybuilding Championships where some of the country's best up-and-coming bodybuilders converged to vie for the top placings in their class as well as the coveted overall title. Backstage Posing Part 3 features truly massive competitors from the heavyweight through super-heavyweight classes as they pose exclusively for our cameras in our private backstage posing area. Featuring Dylan Armbrust, Brett Becker, Corey Probst, Bryan Barth, Louie Magnone, Trent Cougle and more."