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Jim Ferro
Joe Barkley


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Affairs of State

Starring Alejandro Torres, Denis Vega, Flex, Issac Eliad, and Sergi Rodriguez

November 25, 2016

Affairs of State Starring Alejandro Torres, Denis Vega, Flex, Issac Eliad, and Sergi Rodriguez

Affairs of STate

Cine-X Finale

Starring Antonio Miracle, Darius Ferdynand, and Flex

September 30, 2016

"Many hot suited and naked men have enjoyed some sordid fun in the Menatplay Cine-X cinema. We’ve seen Ivan Gregory get it on with both Denis Vega (Part 1) and Victor Rom (Part 2), Dani Robles getting splattered with cum and then fucked by Enzo Rimenez (Part 3), and Emir Boscatto get rammed by the beautiful young Sunni Colucci (Part 4). Well in this the 5th and final installment the boy with one of the most ripped hard bodies in porn, Darius Ferdynand, is back to get his holes filled from both ends by Antonio Miracle and the amazing Flex. Yes in ‘Cine-X Finale’ we have three hot men and 4 shots of their juicy jizz. There’s something for everyone, the butt naked Darius sucking off the impeccably dressed Flex, while sleazy daddy Antonio Miracle watches from a distance and wanks off while Darius rides Flex’s cock as he sits in the cinema seat. Just the sight of that is enough to make Antonio shoot his milk. But that’s not the end for Mr Miracle as he joins the two to lick out Darius’s hole and then fuck him while Darius continues to suck on Flex as he strips out of his suit, climaxing in the three of them cumming all over Darius’s perfect pecs. Now that’s what you call a Finale!!"

























Starring Alex Graham and Flex

January 29, 2016

"New Stud Alert! Alex Graham is a burly muscled blonde who makes his Menatplay debut this week. His thick arms and chest fill out a shirt and suit to busting point. And , during his encounter with top MAP model Flex, Sam does actually burst his way out of his suit so we get to see that stocky heap of man-meat that we love so much here on Menatplay. What a great paring for his first scene. Flex and Alex are a perfect match and seeing Alex play with a dildo between Flex’s big meaty cheeks before pummelling him with his cock is a highlight of 2016 so far! So how did this paring come to be be? Read on…

Muscled Flex fits right in, working part time at his local leather fetish shop. So when a young suited stud arrives for an interview, Flex takes the opportunity to pretend he’s the boss, giving him chance to spend more time with this hot naive executive. So enthusiastic is Flex to give Alex a tour of the shop and demonstrate some of the products, he doesn’t even clock-on that Alex is actually here for an admin position in the company and really doesn’t need to be shown the full range of toys and dildos! But as soon as Flex removes his shirt Alex’s naive innocent demeanour drops and he is ready to enjoy the situation regardless of the misunderstanding. With the shop locked up and now completely on the same wavelength Sam gets to work on Flex’s hole with a thick black dildo before fucking him senseless against the cash desk. This one is all about the muscle, the butt, the toy play, and made all the more delicious by having two real muscle studs sweating it out together."

Alex Graham and Flex in Played

PLAYED_04 Alex Graham and Flex

PLAYED_09 Alex Graham and Flex

PLAYED_10 Alex Graham and Flex

PLAYED_11 Alex Graham and Flex

PLAYED_13 Alex Graham and Flex



PLAYED_16 Alex Graham and Flex



PLAYED_19 Alex Graham and Flex


PLAYED_21 Alex Graham and Flex



PLAYED_01 PLAYED_02 Alex Graham and Flex

PLAYED_03 PLAYED_05 Alex Graham and Flex

PLAYED_07 PLAYED_08 Alex Graham and Flex

PLAYED_12 PLAYED_17 Alex Graham and Flex

PLAYED_22 Alex Graham and Flex PLAYED_23 Alex Graham and Flex


Starring Enzo Rimenez and Flex

December 31, 2015

"Happy Christmas, Happy New Year and all that. Right now that’s out of the way it’s time to get back on track with some good hard fucking between two stacked studs. During the New Year lull Flex is horny at home and pervs on his neighbours across the way using a telescope to get close in on what ever throbbing manflesh he can find. Lucky for him finance worker Enzo Rimenez is suited up and Ready to get back to the office. When Enzo gets the feeling he's being watched he plays up to the peeping tom giving him a cheeky flash of his cock to tease his horny neighbour over to his apartment. When Flex arrives Enzo dominates over him, using him to release his pent up sexual energy by having Flex suck on his suited cock while he sits back, has a drink and lets his naked neighbour work for a piece of this French stunner. Then Enzo loosens his tie and digs his tongue in to the twitching rim of Flex’s muscled ass. Then as Flex gets pounded long and hard he must be thinking was he the hunter or the hunted?!"














Tracked_03 Tracked_02

Tracked_04 Tracked_05

Tracked_06 Tracked_08

Tracked_07 Tracked_09

Rear View

Starring Flex and Marco Rubi<>

December 11, 2015

"MARCO RUBI has finished a grueling day at work but he’s not in the mood to go home yet. So he drives around in his van to see if anything catches his eye, except today he’s in the mood for a bit of white collar action. So when he sees FLEX walk by fully suited and looking sharp as hell he goes in for the kill. Flex spots Marco cruising him and decides to get in the van hoping to get a hot blow job from the hot, muscled worker. But Marco is hungry for more than just a mouthful of dick and gives up his awesome, muscled ass to the suited stranger. And Flex just goes crazy with that ass, slurping on his hole before giving him a deep-dicking to leave the horny cock-slut well and truly satisfied."
















RearView15 RearView16

RearView17 RearView18

RearView19 RearView20

RearView21 RearView22

RearView23 RearView24

RearView25 RearView26


Starring Flex and Massimo Piano

November 13, 2015

"This week we had a power outage at the MENATPLAY offices, and unable to do any work Flex and Massimo had the time to do some work-place bonding - and even share a few secrets. Flex lets down his barriers and confesses that he’s always had a crush for his handsome, blue-eyed colleague but never dared make a move…until now that is. And the timing couldn’t be more perfect! Massimo guys take advantage of the quiet, empty offices to make his move on Flex, tentative at first but soon the guys are completely lost in the moment, undressing each-other until they are completely naked and fucking right there in the office hallway. Massimo literally fucks the cum out of Flex, pounding his amazing bubble but and releasing months of sexual tension in two tasty cumshots!!"













Blackout_01 Blackout_02

Blackout_03 Blackout_04

Blackout_05 Blackout_06

Blackout_07 Blackout_08

Blackout_09 Blackout_11

Blackout_12 Blackout_13


Starring Flex, Hector de Silva, and Xavi Duran

September 10, 2015

"What a beautiful piece of beef to put between a suited sandwich! The ever stunning Flex gets played like a rich playboy’s toy, as the obliging servant of Hector de Silva, in this weeks “MANSERVANT”. Handsome Spaniard Hector returns as the wealthy business man who likes to show off and conduct meetings in his hillside villa. When sexy young associate Xavi Duran notices the stunning new butler, half naked after having a relax in the pool on his day off, the two tycoons decide to have a little fun. The subservient Flex knows his place and is happy to go down on his Masters house guest. Hector is so turned on by the show he finds he needs servicing too. Before long both Flex and Hector are doing all they can to give Xavi a welcome he won’t forget simultaneously sucking on his thick hard dick. With both businessmen primed and ready for some carnal action, they take turns to fuck, rim, and get sucked off by Flex as his stacked body kneels doggy style on the table just asking to be used. What follows is pure Tag-Team Spit-Roast Heaven!"

Men at Play Manservant




















Pull Up to the Bumper

Starring Dallas Steele and Flex

July 3, 2015

"We’ve imported a masculine, towering ex-anchor man from the U.S. to enjoy a selection of some of our finest European men. And this week you can witness his European initiation when we throw him right in at the deep end – literally, Flex’s deep end.

Former WBBH anchor, Jim Walker has reinvented himself and gives us “Dallas Steele” – 6ft 2” (188cm) of mighty muscled, silver fox. Having worked for 25 years as an anchor we knew he’d be well adjusted to working in full suit and tie so he was perfect for Menatplay. The power of his stature, coupled with the Menatplay sartorial styling make him an impeccable and worthy candidate to sample his pick of the best M.A.P. models.

Meeting with one of our top men, Flex , seems to have brought out the philanthropist in Dallas . With money in his wallet and a suit across his broad muscled shoulders Dallas has an air of the high and mighty, and willingly flashes his money in-front of Flex’s face to see how much it will take to get Flex to expose a little more of his flesh in front of Dallas. Like a trained puppy Dallas has Flex’s perfect body down on his knees in-front of him without too much persuasion. Flex is eager to serve his new sugar daddy and laps up Dallas’ juicy cock before rolling over and letting Dallas play with his beautiful big butt. But as compliant as Flex may seem, Dallas does thing with Flex’s hole so good that Flex just doesn’t want it to end so he reaches through his legs, grabs hold of the business mans hanging tie, pulling it up between his butt cheeks like a leash manoeuvring Dallas’ mouth in to rim that hole over and over. Flex holds that tie tight to bury Dallas’ face deep in to the mounds of muscle and to get his tongue right round the rim of his perfect hole. Flex’s Bumper is well and truly serviced but Dallas has a bit of extra poking around to do with his cock making sure that he regains his rightful place as the mighty dominating imposing man that he is.

So next time you get chance to have a rimming from a hot business man, try out this Kama-Suit-ra position, and PULL him right UP TO THE BUMPER!!!"

Dallas Steele and Flex

Dallas Steele and Flex

Dallas Steele and Flex

Dallas Steele and Flex

Dallas Steele and Flex

Dallas Steele and Flex Dallas Steele and Flex

Dallas Steele and Flex Dallas Steele and Flex

Dallas Steele and Flex Dallas Steele and Flex

2 to 1

Starring Flex, Darius Ferdynand and Hugh Hunter

May 13, 2015

"Flex is a true Menatplay VIP. His dark, handsome looks and his perfectly developed physique earn him the right to get exactly what he wants when he wants it. So when he walks in to an exclusive gentleman's club where Hugh Hunter and new trainee barman are about to close up for the night, it's no surprise that plans quickly change and young Darius Ferdynand is summoned to do some overtime and make sure Mr Flex's needs are pandered to. And what does Flex need? Well apart from his usual poison he wants a beautiful young plaything for the night and Darius fits the bill exactly. Darius is ordered by his boss to suck on their customer's meaty cock as he watches nearby and offer up his ass to his VIP client. But Flex likes his games with more than one player and invites hunky Barman to join in the fun and tag fuck Darius’ sweet ass until he is well and truly served and covered in the men's juicy cum. Not bad for Darius' first day at work!"

Flex, Darius Ferdynand and Hugh Hunter

2to1_14 2to1_24

2to1_20 2to1_15

2to1_16 2to1_23





















Under the Influence

Starring Flex and Jessy Ares

March 13, 2015

"If you’ve got it, then use it right? A guy like Flex has the world in the palm of his hands – with those looks, that body, and of course that incredible butt, he doesn’t really need to try, he just has to be. So Jessy Ares, as the boss of a high profile strip joint has his hands full (literally, two big ass cheeks full) with Flex, the top paid dancer, who just swans in when he feels like it paying no attention to Jessy's rules on punctuality. Jessy is a tough boss who’s usually only interested in cold cash, but with the warm flesh of a god standing before you, even the toughest would melt and as Flex works his magic, Jessy quickly warms up to the idea that he could take this all the way and get to bury his face between those cheeks and teach his wayward employee who’s really the boss by fucking him in his office until he comes up his all up his ripped abs."

Flex and Jessy Ares

UnderInfluence_01 UnderInfluence_02

UnderInfluence_03 UnderInfluence_04

UnderInfluence_05 UnderInfluence_06

UnderInfluence_07 UnderInfluence_08

UnderInfluence_09 UnderInfluence_10

UnderInfluence_11 UnderInfluence_12

UnderInfluence_22 UnderInfluence_23










The Cat's Away

Starring Flex and Ronnie Bonanova

January 30, 2015

"Notice: Any resemblance to real persons in this movie, is purely coincidental,…. unfortunately. But hey, we can all dream that a guy like Flex would ever be our house guest. Oiling his uber-stacked body under the Southern Spanish sunrays, you’d never want him to move his beautiful bubble butt right? Well you might if you got something to hide, like straight villa-owner Ronnie Bonanova. He’s got plenty to be anxious about, for one his soon to return wife is going to have a lot of uncomfortable questions about the unexpected guest, and then there’s the fact that his ragging hard on at the sight of Flex, is playing havoc with Ronnie's best intentions to play the role of “I’m-straight-no-really-I-am” convincingly. Ronnie needs this evidence, this temptation, out of the way and quick. But self assured Flex ain’t going no where, not until he’s got that straight cock pushed between his butt cheeks sliding deep into his hole. While the Cat’s away you need to get playing. So Ronnie, you better drop em quick!"

Flex and Ronnie Bonanova




















Selfie Sex

Starring Adam Champ and Flex

January 9, 2015

"It's a muscle packed update this week with two prime specimen giving us one of the hottest sex scenes in a long time on Menatplay. In fact Adam Champ and Flex specifically asked to work with each other and the chemistry between the men is clearly evident - simply in the way they look at each other as they kiss you can feel the electricity running between them. And the sex is no less explosive. Its obvious that Adam has been lusting over Flex’s now famous ass for a long time, and finally he's able to get his hands on it, giving him a deep, long and hard fucking. Adam and Flex enjoy each other’s perfect bodies to the fullest, kissing and sucking every single inch. And just so they can remember this hot encounter for a longtime they take photos of themselves as they fuck each other, turning up the erotic gauge even higher!"

Adam Champ and Flex




















Adam Champ and Flex

Adam Champ and Flex

Adam Champ and Flex

Adam Champ and Flex

Adam Champ and Flex

Adam Champ and Flex

Adam Champ and Flex

Fired Up

Starring Flex and Axel Brooks

December 5, 2014

"Sit astride this top class model and enjoy the ride of your life. Feel the power between your thighs as you spark up its engine and pump juice in to it’s powerful hulking body. Comes with a full guarantee that you’ll experience unimaginable pleasure.

Yes, Flex is back and this time its super stud Axel Brooks that gets to ride that amazing beefy butt. Axel turns up to buy Flex’s motorbike he’s seen online. but can’t decide what he wants to ride more, the bike or Flex, so he chooses both. The contrast of the suited executive Axel, the leather clad Flex, against the backdrop of the powerful sexy bike, make this encounter so hot it will singe your retinas. The incredible climax sees Axel and Flex straddle the motorbike so that Axel can drive his cock between Flex cheeks and slam the sweet spot to really get Flex's cylinders Fired Up!"

















Firedup_03 Firedup_04

Firedup_05 Firedup_07

Firedup_09 Firedup_10

Firedup_16 Firedup_18

Firedup_20 Firedup_21

Firedup_24 Firedup_25


Starring Caleb Roca and Flex

October 17, 2014

"As a newcomer to Menatplay, Flex has climbed the ranks quicker than most but there’s still one final test he needs to pass - and that’s getting the thumbs up from the Alpha Boss himself, who despite being straight, has a reputation for demanding ‘favours' from his staff. So when Caleb Roca takes out his meaty, uncut dick and Flex knows exactly what he has to do and gets down on his knees to give him the best blow job he’s ever had. Flex feasts on the monster dick, sucking and swallowing it deep in his throat. Caleb then turns his attention to Flex’s amazing, muscular ass, throwing him against his desk and giving his bubble butt a hard, straight-man pounding."

Caleb Roca and Flex in Alpha

Alpha_03 Caleb Roca and Flex in Alpha Alpha_04

Alpha_01 Alpha_02

Alpha_06 Alpha_07 Caleb Roca and Flex in Alpha

Alpha_08 Alpha_011

Alpha_015 Alpha_020 Caleb Roca and Flex in Alpha

Alpha_09 Caleb Roca and Flex in Alpha

Alpha_010 Caleb Roca and Flex in Alpha

Alpha_012 Caleb Roca and Flex in Alpha

Alpha_013 Caleb Roca and Flex in Alpha

Alpha_014 Caleb Roca and Flex in Alpha




Alpha_019 Caleb Roca and Flex in Alpha



Alpha_023 Caleb Roca and Flex in Alpha



Hot Shot

Starring Dato Foland and Flex

September 26, 2014

"Men of the moment, DATO FOLAND and porn newcomer FLEX get together this week on MENATPLAY, and the result is pure fireworks. Dato is the hot shot VIP guest who sets his sight on the sexy waiter with the insane physique… and men like him are used to getting what he wants. A quick financial proposition later and Flex is all his to enjoy - feeling every inch of his perfectly, muscled torso. But what Dato is really after is Flex’s amazing, muscled ass, and once he gets his hands on it he eats and fucks it like there’s no tomorrow, pulling on his leather jock to get his hard dick deep in his hole. And Flex takes every inch of Dato’s hard cock like the obedient bottom that he is. Dato and Flex make one of the hottest pairings you’ll see in a long time!"
















Hotshot1 Hotshot2

Hotshot9 Hotshot13

Hotshot14 Hotshot15

Hotshot16 Hotshot21

Hotshot23 Hotshot24
Angel Cruz and Flex Xtremo Flip-Fuck


Angel Cruz and Flex Xtremo Flip-Fuck

December 16, 2015

"Angel Cruz was really excited to give us a tour of his city, Valencia, Spain. As one of our only Spanish CockyBoys, Angel takes a lot of pride in his country as somewhat of a gay porn ambassador. He took us to his favorite tower -- a quiet, tranquil place with magnificent views of the city. And it was here where Angel randomly bumped into this guy Flex Xtremo.

Flex Xtremo! What are the odds? Flex's appearance more than lives up to that name -- he's a big, tall guy with some huge muscles and a nicely plump butt filling out his jeans nicely. As Angel and Flex traversed the rest of the tower, they couldn't keep their hands off each other. They took in the city in front of them, kissing, groping, and flirting in Spanish. From the amount of times Angel was using the word, it doesn't take a native speaker to understand "guapo" means "handsome." Before the guys left, Angel took one last hike up to the peak of the tower and said, "On the top!" Little did he know, that wouldn't be for long...

Back at Angel's place, Flex took on a more submissive role at first. They ripped off each other's clothes and Flex took down Angel's cock whole. Angel wanted a taste of Flex's cock, too, so they moved to the couch where Angel gave Flex a blowjob, a rimjob, and then finally... his cock! Angel makes a great top -- even for someone as broad and bulky as Flex Xtremo. He fucked Flex in both missionary and doggy-style, but then Flex turned the tables to finish off the fuck as the rightful top, surprising no one.

Flex rammed and slammed Angel on the couch -- more than living up to his name as his butt muscles contracted tight with every thrust. Then he positioned Angel on the floor for a doggy-style fuck so intense that Angel actually produced a hands-free cumshot! A rare feat to pull off for sure, Flex rewarded Angel with an Xtremo load on the lower part of his back... just beneath his tattooed angel wings."











IMG_1003 IMG_1009

IMG_1013 IMG_1017

IMG_1021 IMG_1023
Antonio Aguilera and Flex

"Drunk Fucked"

Starring Antonio Aguilera and Flex
Stag Homme Studios

December 12, 2014

"Flex is home alone watching porn pouring himself few drinks. He gets horny and soon really drunk until he falls asleep with a big hard-on.. Antonio Aguilera, his roommate, comes back home from the gym and finds his naughty buddy on the couch. He's been longing for an occasion like this and starts stroking Flex's dick. Soon he decides to put his meaty hung cock inside his mouth and after that starts fucking his sleeping buddy. But Flex is not asleep he's just pretending open his eyes and tells his naughty roommate: "Finally you got what you always wanted..!" And the two go at it...Don't miss this hot episode of these two hunks fucking like never before."

Antonio Aguilera and Flex

Antonio Aguilera and Flex

Antonio Aguilera and Flex

Antonio Aguilera and Flex

Antonio Aguilera and Flex

Antonio Aguilera and Flex

Antonio Aguilera and Flex
Stag Homme Studios Flex and Damien Crosse

"The Good Husband 2"

Flex and Damien Crosse
Stag Homme Studios

October 23, 2014

"'The Good Husband 2' stars Flex and Damien Crosse."

Stag Homme Studios Flex and Damien Crosse

Stag Homme Studios Flex and Damien Crosse

Stag Homme Studios Flex and Damien Crosse

Stag Homme Studios Flex and Damien Crosse

Stag Homme Studios Flex and Damien Crosse
Stag Homme Studios


Goran and Flex

Stag Homme Studios

September 17, 2014

"Stag Homme, the company who put in vogue fucking on Spanish roof tops, returns to its roots in this fiery scene between Bulgarian bodybuilder Goran and newcomer and Argentinian bodybuilder Flex. Lose yourself in the sweat, cum and passion as these boys give you their all in plain view of the entire city. This is what wet summer dreams are made of."









Rocco Steele and Flex

Rocco Steele and Flex

March 5, 2015

Comments from Timtales:

"This is a real highlight! Rocco Steele´s supercock meets Flex´s superbutt. Deep down in a dungeon where usually sexy Barcelona guys partying on weekend Flex meets muscledaddy Rocco to service his huge fat cock. We simply couldn't take our eyes off of these beautiful guys and i´m sure you will not either."

Rocco Steele and Flex

Rocco Steele and Flex

Rocco Steele and Flex

Rocco Steele and Flex

Rocco Steele and Flex

Rocco Steele and Flex

Rocco Steele and Flex

Rocco Steele and Flex

Rocco Steele and Flex

Rocco Steele and Flex

Rocco Steele and Flex

Flex and Gabriel Vanderloo

November 6, 2014

Wonderful Flex is back and puts a smile on our faces with his perfection. He gets hardfucked by Gabriel Vanderloo whose extralong cock tested Flex´endurance. But a real man isn´t complaining, he´s taking it! A great scene. Two perfect muscleguys in a sweaty match. Not to miss!

Flex and Gabriel Vanderloo

Flex and Gabriel Vanderloo

Flex and Gabriel Vanderloo

Flex and Gabriel Vanderloo

Flex and Gabriel Vanderloo

Flex and Gabriel Vanderloo

Flex and Gabriel Vanderloo

Flex and Gabriel Vanderloo
Flex, Diego and Wagner

Flex, Diego and Wagner

October 2, 2014

Comments from Timtales:

"Today we have an erotic highlight for you. We spent one of our most wonderful afternoons this year with Flex and Diego Lauzen and Wagner Vittoria on a terrace above the rooftops of Barcelona. We drank Champagne, the boys had fun and well, i (Grobes) shot some Videos and Photos, but believe me that was fun too! When i edited this video i could not get enough watching the three divine hunks even when they were just kissing in the jacuzzi. And watch out for the double penetration of Flex later on the bed. There is more to come from this afternoon, but for now please enjoy this amazing first video."

Flex, Diego and Wagner

Flex, Diego and Wagner

Flex, Diego and Wagner

Flex, Diego and Wagner

Tim and Flex

August 28, 2014

Comments from Timtales:

"We are so proud to present you this new man: Flex. You don´t have to be a prophet to predict that this beautiful masculine hunk will be a new big star in porn. So it is a special honor for us to make his very first video. Flex is beyond perfection. When you see him you think you are in heaven. Just watch this video. We spent a wonderful afternoon and Tim had a lot of fun with him in and out of the jacuzzi. A day full of sensuality and eroticism...and heavy fucking. And you can watch it now, here on Timtales."

Timtales Tim and Flex

Timtales Tim and Flex

Timtales Tim and Flex

Timtales Tim and Flex

Timtales Tim and Flex

Timtales Tim and Flex

Timtales Tim and Flex

Timtales Flex


Photo Gallery

August 31, 2014

Comments from Timtales:

"We were so lucky to be the first to shoot with new porn sensation Flex, the muscle god from Argentina. And of course we did not only shoot several videos, we also have some photos that we would like to present you today."

Timtales Flex

Timtales Flex Timtales Flex
MuscleHunks Joe Barkley


Joe Barkley

"No Average Joe"

September 19, 2011

"Handsome MuscleHunks exclusive model Joe Barkley played college football for Texas State, and since graduation has competed in a few bodybuilding shows. So it's a surprise that when hyper-masculine, tough good old boy Joe, on a walk through a city park, for some reason stops to linger just outside a men's rest station.....Hmmm. What could be on his mind? Later, back in his room, Joe gives some indication - including one of the more succulent close-up butt displays we've had the privilege of presenting for quite awhile. Take a walk in the Park - with Joe Barkley."





JoeBarkley06 Joe_barkley2A013

Joe_barkley2A017 Joe_barkley2A020

Joe_barkley2A022 Joe_barkley2A031
Claudio y EmilianoEmiliano Boscatto presenta a su novio fisicoculturista: "Fue amor a primera vista, convivimos desde la primera vez"
El subcampeón de Gran Hermano 2011 habló con y confesó cómo es su relación con Claudio, con quien lleva cuatro meses en pareja

30 de Agosto de 2013

El flechazo de Cupido impactó de lleno en Emiliano Boscatto (31), quien en una charla distendida con se animó a contar todos los detalles de su noviazgo. El subcampeón de Gran Hermano 2011 (el que ganó Cristian U.) se puso en pareja con Claudio (31), campeón argentino de fisicoculturismo en 2011 y licenciado en química, con quien convive desde el primer día en que se conocieron.

-¿Cómo comenzó la relación?

-Fue hace cuatro meses. Primero nos cruzamos en una fiesta y no pasó nada, pero la segunda vez nos pusimos hablar en un boliche. Fue amor a primera vista. Vivimos juntos desde la primera vez, porque me dijo que tenía que mudarse y como yo paraba en la casa de un amigo que me dejó el departamento, le ofrecí venirse conmigo. Ahora vivimos solos en nuestro propio departamento en Buenos Aires.

-¿A qué se dedica Claudio?

-Tiene mi misma edad y es licenciado químico, trabaja de eso y además es personal trainer. En el 2011 fue campeón argentino de fisicoculturismo. Estuvo casado con una mujer, se separó y optó por estar con hombres. Hasta el año pasado estuvo seis años de novio con un hombre, y después nos conocimos.

-Por lo que se ve en las fotos, tienen una relación muy intensa...

-Estamos muy contentos, tenemos muchas ganas de hacer una película triple X juntos (risas). En serio, pero sería en el exterior. Nada de un video prohibido, queremos que sea un video bien hecho. No muy zarpado, no me gusta la violencia, que se vea todo lo convencional. Pero bien porno. Por otra parte, somos una pareja abierta, compartimos la cama con otros, pero juntos. Lo disfrutamos, por lo general tratamos de que sean extranjeros para que no tenga problemas. No es que cada uno hace la suya por su lado.

-¿Festejan cuando cumplen meses juntos, se hacen regalos?

-La fecha del inicio del noviazgo es el 19 de abril, y celebramos todos los 19. Pero la relación surgió, no es que uno le propuso formalizar al otro. Así como él estuvo seis años en pareja, yo siempre estuve solo. Y como yo requiero que mi pareja esté siempre conmigo, con Claudio se dio la química. Si fuera por nosotros, nos decíamos “te amo” a la semana, porque si bien estamos hace poco tiempo, sentimos cosas muy fuertes. Regalos no nos hicimos por una cuestión económica, pero todos los días nos cocinamos, entrenamos juntos. Lo que sí, en junio viajamos a San Pablo por la fiesta del orgullo gay. Tenemos las mismas pasiones, comer, salir, el gimnasio, el sexo...

-¿Te gustaría tener hijos en un futuro?

-Sí, pero quisiera tener un hijo propio, no adoptar. Ya lo hemos hablado con Pamela Pombo para tener un hijo. Si ella a cierta edad no queda embarazada, vamos a tener el bebé juntos.

-Ahora que la ley lo permite, en el futuro, ¿te gustaría casarte?

-De los ocho hermanos que somos, ninguno de los cuatro varones se casó. Así que pienso que la boda no es necesaria. Llevamos vida de casados, pero no hay necesidad de casarse legalmente, no me interesa.

-¿Cómo sigue tu futuro laboral?

-Se me venció el contrato con Telefe, hice teatro en el verano, participaciones en algunos programas, pero desde marzo que no tengo nada fijo. Me encantaría trabajar en radio o como panelista, ya que me están llamando mucho y me siento cómodo en los sillones.

-Pamela Pombo confesó una estridente intimidad: que ella y vos estuvieron con 13 rugbiers en una sola noche. ¿Es cierto?

-¡Sí! ¡También estuvimos con un equipo de fútbol entero! Pero como eran 11 y a Pamela le preguntaron lo máximo, contó lo de los 13 rugbiers. Aclaro que no fue por dinero, eh. Los chabones eran todos lindos y la verdad es que fue Pamela la que me hizo la gamba a mí. Ella puede elegir al chico que quiera, pero le tiré la onda. La realidad es que ella mucho no hizo, el que más hizo fui yo. Los chicos no se preocuparon demasiado con la Pombo. Es que los santafesinos son tremendos...

Claudio y Emiliano

Claudio y Emiliano

Claudio y Emiliano
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