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ALIAS: Gabriel Feola
SITES: Live Muscle Show, Mark Wolff, MuscleHunks, PowerMen, UK Naked Men

Live Muscle Show Cosmo Babu

Cosmo Babu

Age: 28
Weight: 185 lbs
Height: 5'7 ft
Chest: 52 in
Waist: 44 in
Bicep: 18 in
Thigh: 32 in

"Young, Hot, Beautiful… Cosmo is the ultimate in MusclePuppy. Mostly, Cosmo is into guys, video games, and working out. And after all that working out? He wants to show it off. Showing off his incredible body is better than just about anything. Don't believe us? Check out Cosmo now, only on!"

Live Muscle Show Cosmo Babu

Live Muscle Show Cosmo Babu

Live Muscle Show Cosmo Babu
MuscleHunks Cosmo Babu


Still Waters Run Hot

Featuring Cosmo Babu

January 18, 2014

"Cosmo Babu is one of those musclemen you pass on the street who you may just not notice the first time you see him. His face seems mild and quiet, and even those muscular arms and rippling abs might not prompt more than a momentary flight of imagination. But hold on, for here's a muscleman whose power becomes jaw-droppingly apparent when he rips off his clothes and lets fly with his fierce posing routines. Brawny, solid, awesomely built, big-dicked and with a magnificent butt, Cosmo's a powerful bodybuilder with a relentless need to show it all. Catch Cosmo's show now!"

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Powermen Cosmo Babu

Cosmo Grew Up!

Featuring Cosmo Babu (2)

November 15, 2013

"When we first met Cosmo Babu in 2007, he was a muscular kid who played video games and hung out with his girlfriend. All that has changed. The girlfriend's long gone, and Cosmo prefers to spend his time now in the gym and not with his X-box. And has it paid off? WOW is all we can say! We lured the big-dicked muscleman to a bar, gave him a few drinks, and brought him back to our hotel room, where he showed off his massive muscles and mammoth tool to our satisfaction - and to his, too, judging by the ropes of cum he shot on our mirror!"



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Powermen Johnny Dirk, Emil Garin and Cosmo Babu

Bed Wrestling

Featuring Johnny Dirk, Emil Garin and Cosmo Babu

"Johnny Dirk is back and he's brought some friends with him! Dirk teams up with square jawed stud Emil Garin and PowerMen newbie Cosmo Babu to lay the smack down and get in some good old fashioned rough-housing."






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PowerMen Cosmo Babu

The Hustler

Featuring Cosmo Babu

"Video games? Check.
Munchies? Got it.
Loud music? You betcha.
Muscle? Hells. Yeah.

Cosmo is your typical slacker. Or is he? We actually found Cosmo in a mall playing a demo of the latest video game! We couldn't believe this young, handsome muscleman was such a gamer. We also couldn't believe he was only 20 years old. Between his girlfriend and his games, we had to know when he found time to work out. He was very shy but we just had to ask if he'd be interested in modeling. He sheepishly replied "I'm kind of shy and I don't think my girlfriend who'd like it." So we figured we'd never see him again.

Imagine our surprise when he called. "I just got into a fight with my girlfriend about posing for you. She's such a bitch." he told us, "She actually forbid me. But I don't care! I really want to show my body off." ...and who are we to say no? See Cosmo Babu now in 15 all-new video clips!"

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Gabriel Feola

"The Wolff machine just keeps on rolling! Traveling the world in search of the finest muscle hunks we can find. This week we bring you another Wolffpac exclusive direct from our recent trip to Brazil. Gabe is a personal trainer and construction worker he's built like a tank with a dick to match. Huge high-res photo gallery of over 75 photos to go along with his 20 min HD muscle worship and JO video. Also added this week new web cam archive videos of 5 Wolff muscle models plus new scenes available for download."

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UK Naked Men Cosmo


"Champion bodybuilder Cosmo has bulges in all the right places and then some... he loves to pose, flexing his huge muscles and stroking first his nipples, then his uncut cock, until it's standing to attention and ready to shoot hot cum all over those bulging muscles. This straight lad was a little nervous at first but relaxed into it when we distracted him with an iPhone full of porn!"

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