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ALIASES: Angelo Guardini, Emilio Guardi, Hutch, Libor Kenda, Pavel, Paolo Verdi, Woody Pepino
SITES: BelAmi Online, Cocksure Men, Colt Studios, Falcon Studios, Jake Cruise, Male Digital, Male Reality, ManAvenue, Mark Wolff, Maskurbate, My Friends Feet, Powermen, SG4GE, William Higgins

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Emilio Guardi in Heavy Lifting, Scene 5

Heavy Lifting, Scene 5

Emilio Guardi
Olympus Productions | Colt Studios

August 13, 2015

"Back in the pump house, it’s ripped muscle stud Emilio Guardi’s turn for a mid-day work break. Stripping down to his COLT briefs Emilio’s body ripples with muscles. Tearing away the fabric Emilio exposes his tight boy-hole, turning around to give the camera an up-close and personal look as he finger probes his glorious butt. Kicking back on a utility chest Emilio beats his uncut meat with both hands stroking the foreskin over the head of his cock until a batch of his creamy white gold oozes forth."

Emilio Guardi in Heavy Lifting, Scene 5

Emilio Guardi in Heavy Lifting, Scene 5

Emilio Guardi in Heavy Lifting, Scene 5

Emilio Guardi in Heavy Lifting, Scene 5

Emilio Guardi in Heavy Lifting, Scene 5

Emilio Guardi in Heavy Lifting, Scene 5

Emilio Guardi in Heavy Lifting, Scene 5

Emilio Guardi in Heavy Lifting, Scene 5 Emilio Guardi in Heavy Lifting, Scene 5
Ennio Guardi and Just Angelo

Buff Boys, Scene 4

Starring Ennio Guardi and Just Angelo

July 11, 2015

"Ennio is at the gym toning is arms while Just Angelo watches from the side. That entire arm pumping Ennio was doing also got a big something else hard."

Ennio Guardi and Just Angelo Ennio Guardi and Just Angelo

Ennio Guardi and Just Angelo Ennio Guardi and Just Angelo

Ennio Guardi and Just Angelo Ennio Guardi and Just Angelo

Ennio Guardi and Just Angelo Ennio Guardi and Just Angelo

Ennio Guardi and Just Angelo Ennio Guardi and Just Angelo

Ennio Guardi and Just Angelo Ennio Guardi and Just Angelo

Ennio Guardi and Just Angelo Ennio Guardi and Just Angelo

Men In Uniform, Scene 2

Ennio Guardi and Mazus

October 2, 2014

"Hard at work in some construction, these guys deserve a break..."

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49035_09 49035_14

Gay Massage 2, Scene 4

Ennio Guardi and Mischu

September 11, 2014

"Some like oils, some like wax, some like ice, but what these guys love is cock..."

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Ennio Guardi & Vadim Farrell

March 21, 2014

"Ennio Guardi is quite unusual for a BelAmi model, he is one guy we have used quite regularly, but never had on an exclusive contract, so he has quite a few scenes filmed for other studios. It is always a joy to work with him as he always gives 100% of himself into any scene he does, and this one with Vadim Farrell is no exception. Normally we use Ennio as a top, but in this condom free update he is bottoming for Vadim. Both guys have an incredible physique and an enjoyment of energetic sex. Nobody Does It Like BelAmi!"









Ennio Guardi Barebacks Adam Weisz

Ennio Guardi Barebacks Adam Weisz

May 7, 2015

"Muscle stud Ennio Guardi and Adam Weisz are in bed jerking their own cocks and taking turns stroking each other's pricks. Ennio hops on his knees and Adam eagerly sucks his thick, uncut cock. Ennio face fucks Adam's mouth. He takes Adam briefs off and eats his ass while stroking Adam's rod. Ennio barebacks Adam missionary with his raw cock. He slams his cock deep inside while Adam jerks his own dick. Ennio leans Adam down and pile-drives his raw cock into Adam's ass. Ennio pulls Adam back to the bed where he continues to bareback Adam doggy-style, pounding his dick deep inside his hole. After a long bareback fuck they go back to the missionary position. Ennio prods him hard making Adam blast his cum all the way up to his shoulder. Ennio Guardi pulls out and jerks his load on Adam Weisz cock. Ennio fucks him bareback again, seeding Adam."

Ennio Guardi Barebacks Andy West

Ennio Guardi Barebacks Andy West

January 2, 2015

"Ennio Guardi and Andy West kiss intensely while feeling each other's muscular bodies. They take their shirts off and Andy plays with Ennio's nipples. Andy takes Ennio's cock out of his pants and starts sucking on Ennio's huge uncut cock. Ennio takes Andy's jeans off and deep throats his prick while stroking his own. Ennio lays down on the couch and Andy sits on the head-rest. Ennio eat's Andy's ass eagerly as he strokes both his and Andy's dick. Andy licks Ennio's ass while Ennio strokes his pole. Andy lays sideways in front of Ennio who swiftly penetrates his ass bareback with his raw cock. They mix things up and Ennio fucks Andy missionary style, filling his hole perfectly with his raw cock. Andy climbs on top of Ennio and rides him hard bareback. His rock hard cock bounces with each thrust. Andy busts his nut riding Ennio's pole bareback, gushing a thick load all over the place. Ennio Guardi jacks until shooting his hot load on Andy's ass checks, then shoves his raw and wet cock back inside Andy West's ass, breeding his hole. The studs share a passionate kiss and embrace, spent after hot bareback sex."


Ennio Guardi Barebacks Paris Nio

April 25, 2014

"Muscular Ennio Guardi makes out with horny stud Paris Nio. Paris licks Ennio’s hot abs and blows his thick man meat. He pulls Ennio’s pants off and deep throats his long rod. Paris reveals his thick bubble butt and strokes his cock as he sucks Ennio. He gets fully undressed and Ennio playfully tackles him on the bed. Ennio goes straight for Paris’ solid cock and sucks fast. He tugs and pulls on Paris’s boner as he deep throats it to the base. Paris lays to the side and Ennio rims his hairy hole. Ennio spits on his raw cock and shoves it inside Paris’s sweet ass. Paris moans as the large pipe slides in and out of his ass bareback. They kiss and Ennio barebacks Paris sideways on the bed. Ennio removes his sexy underwear to ride Paris’ face. Paris jacks himself as Ennio bounces his firm ass on his face. The studs fuck doggystyle with Paris face down, ass up, and spreading his cheeks. Paris turns over on his back and Ennio continues to drill him bareback. Paris Nio is fucked balls deep and hot cum flies from his thick rod. Ennio Guardi pulls out and shoots a wet load on Paris’s huge balls. The handsome men embrace and kiss."

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Ennio Guardi & Matthew Ross

June 17, 2011

"The men of Prague are always exciting to watch. Ennio Guardi is an exotic looking hunk with a huge cock and tanned olive skin. We paired him with the angelic looking Matthew Ross and let the passion happen. Ennio's dark tan and bulging biceps are amazing. Matt is the perfect match with his fair skin, muscled body and sweet smiling eyes. Both studs love to kiss and suck cock. They take their time going back and forth before settling into a hot 69 session. After that, Ennio greases up his pole and Matthew does the same to his hot hole. Matthew slides his hairy ass on top of Ennio's thick uncut dick. Matthew then switches to all fours and Ennio pounds his ass doggy-style. The passionate boys work up a sweat in the missionary position timing their climaxes perfectly - simultaneously shooting their loads all over Matthew's abs."








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Ennio Guardi Serviced

October 28, 2011

"Ennio Guardi is my latest Prague play friend and we have a great time together. His tan and toned body coupled with his boyish good looks are enough to make me melt! I rub my hands all over his smooth body until I find my way down to his big dick. I start to lick and stroke that monster and it quickly grows long and hard. Sometimes I even impress myself as I manage to deep throat that bad boy! Ennio saves the best for last, serving up a HUGE cumshot which sprays everywhere! With that I'm ready for a snack and lick up his delicious cum. Yum! Hopefully Ennio will go further with me and get that big European cock up my ass!"

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Ennio Guardi and Jake

Ennio Guardi and Jake

December 9, 2011

"Getting to play with naturally smooth Ennio Guardi was one of the highlights of my trip to Prague. He's so sexy I just wanted to eat him up. And that's just what I did, from head to toe and everything in between. Ennio is not only a great kisser and a passionate lover, but a damn good cock sucker, too. I couldn't wait for him to show me how good a top he is! Ennio pounded me good and long before dropping his load onto my ass cheek. He then lent a hand and helped me out until I shot. Prague boys are so nice -- and hot!"

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Ennio Guardi Solo

July 12, 2011

"If you've got it, flaunt it and Angelo Guardini's (Ennio Guardi) got it! Take a look at those guns, twin biceps shown off perfectly in that white sleeveless top. Angelo's firm pecs and smooth tan skin are a visual feast. The view gets even hotter as he slides off his jeans and briefs, parts his legs and starts working on that thick piece of meat. HD may be short for High Definition but in this instance Hard Dick works just as well. Angelo loves showing off his ass, too, and gets on his knees, spreads those cheeks and looks over his shoulder, knowing what you're probably thinking: damn that's fuckable! He eventually works that cum load out by jerking off with both hands, one gripping the skin above his balls, the other sliding up and down the head of his cock. The build up to when he cums is super hot and when he finally pops, you may be doing the same thing."

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Hutch's Size 11s In Dark Socks and Bare Feet 02

Hutch's Size 11s In Dark Socks and Bare Feet

April 6, 2011

"Hutch took a break from working out and looking gorgeous to pose for some photos of him in dark nylon socks. He actually doesn't own any dress pants, so he wore his dressiest jeans to the shoot. This guy looks great in anything, so it really didn't matter. Those jeans were off in short order and he was just down to his underwear and those hot dress socks. That's quite a package he is sporting inside those boxers and lo and behold they came off along with the socks. Naked size 11 feet on a naked muscle jock - you can't get better dresses than that, right?"

Hutch's Size 11s In Dark Socks and Bare Feet 17

Hutch's Size 11s In Dark Socks and Bare Feet 39

Hutch's Size 11s In Dark Socks and Bare Feet 37 Hutch's Size 11s In Dark Socks and Bare Feet 45

Hutch's Size 11s In Dark Socks and Bare Feet 79 Hutch's Size 11s In Dark Socks and Bare Feet 88
Hutch's Size 11s In White Socks and Bare Feet 11

Hutch's Size 11s In White Socks and Bare Feet

October 26, 2010

"Hutch wants to be a fitness model, and he is well on his way. Not only does he have a perfect body, but his size 11 feet are awesome as well. He practically lives at the gym, as you can imagine, so I got these shots of him before he left for his afternoon workout."

Hutch's Size 11s In White Socks and Bare Feet 12

Hutch's Size 11s In White Socks and Bare Feet 19 Hutch's Size 11s In White Socks and Bare Feet 32

Hutch's Size 11s In White Socks and Bare Feet 55 Hutch's Size 11s In White Socks and Bare Feet 59

Hutch's Size 11s In White Socks and Bare Feet 70 Hutch's Size 11s In White Socks and Bare Feet 75
Woody Pepino

Woody Pepino

"A Little Guy With a Big Surprise"

"Don't let the aloof gaze fool you for one bit. This teen dude knows exactly what he's up to. Woody Pepino may be only 18 years old, but he's been hitting the gym hard for the last 3 years sculpting his body. Tightening up his teen boy abs. But this gym bunny is more than meets the eye. Woody knows, just as well as we do, that what makes Woody special is swinging between his legs. And I do mean swinging! With 10.5 inches of uncut cock and a thick pair of low hangers, all stuffed into a pair of worn jeans, Woody is ready to take the world by storm. By any means necessary."

Woody_pepino_01 Woody_pepino_02

Woody_pepino_03 Woody_pepino_06

Woody_pepino_07 Woody_pepino_10

Woody_pepino_12 Woody_pepino_14
Angelo Guardini and Borec

"Muscle Suckers"

Angelo Guardini and Borec

December 9, 2010

"Angelo and Borec can't seem to keep their mouths off each others' dicks and out of each others' asses. Lucky for you, we got to film these horny suckers. After sucking each others' dicks, they then turn to rimming some ass. Watch Angelo dig his tongue into Borec's ass which makes him cum at the same time. Fucking hot!"






ManAvenue Angelo Guardini

Angelo Guardini

September 24, 2010

"Angelo's hard dick has just the right amount of curve where you can slide it down the back of your throat without gagging.

With puppy dog eyes and a huge, muscular body, Angelo gets naked in the kitchen showing off his huge biceps before moving to the table where he bends over to show us his hairy man-hole.

Shooting his jizz all over the floor makes me want to lick it up to lube my throat, and see if I can get his entire cock in my mouth."




Angelo Guardini

October 13, 2010

"Making his Wolff Nubreed video debut. Young Euro fitness model Angelo Guardini. watch him tease me by showing just a little bit of skin here and there. Bending over and slowly pulling down his jeans. Getting hard with his underwear still on! He gets more turned on as we go. Finally he takes everything off, showing us his beautiful smooth olive skin and massive thick dick! that he can't wait to stroke. Watch him blow a massive load all the way up to his chest. 20 min video added in full HD."



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Ringside, Scene 1

Starring Erik Rhodes, Paolo Verdi, Tomas Friedl
Falcon Studios

July 7, 2009

"Trainer Erik Rhodes puts Tomas Friedl and Paolo Verdi through their paces and ensuring they build up their stamina and endurance by sucking his dick. The trainees are up to the task swapping sucking rights and slavishly working over Erik's uncut cock. Then with Paolo on the ropes, Coach Rhodes sucks his prick. Tomas is right behind the big man to rim his tight asshole before slamming his dick high inside. They move onto the mat and the two students switch positions so Erik can nibble on Tomas' woody while Paolo fucks him up the ass in non-stop action until all three beat their meat to explosive results."

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