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Kevin Reeves
Samuel Colt


ALIAS: Brandon
SITES: Bound Jocks, Butch Dixon, Cocksure Men, Colt Studios, Dominic Ford, Falcon Studios, Fetish Force, Jimmy Z Productions, JockButt, Lucas Entertainment, Men at Play, Muscle Worship, Naked Kombat, Raging Stallion Studios, Smoking Hunks, The Male Form, TitanMen


Samuel Colt

Comments from Wayne Rogers:

"I don't know if its the cigar smoking, or the leather or the huge ring'd cigar but Sam just can't keep his hands off of his crotch. Soon, his cock is unleashed and then he shows off his beautiful cock. It's just too bad he didn't have someone to suck his muscle."

IMG_5587 IMG_5614

IMG_5633 IMG_5646

P0238-09 P0238-16

P0238-19 P0238-37
Samuel Colt & Frank Valencia

Samuel Colt & Frank Valencia

June 23, 2014

"Here comes big daddy - one of our favourite models, Samuel Colt, beefy, hairy, burly and this time well and truly buggered. Frank Valencia couldn't wait to get his hands on, tongue all over and spicy, uncut chorizo all the way up this stallion. Samuel struggled bravely but horny Frank was not taking NO for an answer, the more Samuel fought the harder Frank fucked, slamming his cock up to the balls in Samuel's beefy butt before finally pulling out and shooting his spooge all over daddy's back."

Samuel Colt & Frank Valencia

Samuel Colt & Frank Valencia

Samuel Colt & Frank Valencia

Samuel Colt & Frank Valencia

Samuel Colt & Frank Valencia Samuel Colt & Frank Valencia

Samuel Colt & Frank Valencia Samuel Colt & Frank Valencia

Samuel Colt & Frank Valencia Samuel Colt & Frank Valencia

Samuel Colt and Josh West Wrestle Down

March 2, 2012

"Josh West is a wrestler who has already been taken down and bound with hands behind his back. His opponent, Samuel Colt, approaches the matt and releases Josh’s massive boner from its lycra wrestling singlet. The two maul each other’s cocks as Samuel manipulates his captive opponent for his own advantage."


Samuel Colt & Alex Graham Flip Fuck

September 13, 2012

"Once in a while a pairing comes along that you know will just be magic. As soon as the cameras started rolling, I knew this scene between Samuel Colt and Alex Graham was going to be amazing, and it is. I can't remember another time when two guys were so into each other, or the bottom was so longing to get fucked hard. Actually, yes I can. It was the scene we shot with Arpad Miklos and Blu Kennedy. Alex and Blu share the look of pure ecstasy and they command their tops to fuck them harder and deeper. The connection in this scene between Samuel and Alex is so strong you could feel it in the air long after the scene ended. I know you'll love this scene just as much as we all did making it. Watch the full movie at"


Samuel Colt & Gabriel Louis

September 7, 2012

"Muscle daddy Samuel Colt comes home bearing gifts: a Fleshjack and a butt plug. He finds his young lover, Gabriel Louis (Joey Rico), diligently poring over his textbooks, busy studying for his upcoming exam. Samuel empties the bag containing the gifts unto the bed and Gabriel asks, "What are those?" "You'll find out," replies Samuel as he pulls out his hard cock. Gabriel sucks on his stiff cock, just like his daddy likes it. Samuel returns the favor and takes his time tasting his young boyfriend's hot uncut cock and foreskin. Samuel picks up the Fleshjack and guides Gabriel's cock into it. Gabriel Louis moans in ecstasy. Wanting to join in on the fun Samuel takes turns using the Fleshjack. At one point Samuel guides both of their cocks into the Fleshjack and they fuck it together. Samuel Colt tosses Gabriel's legs back, his ass propped up in the perfect position for him to eat it up. After Gabriel's hole is wet enough he takes the butt plug and gently stuffs it down Gabriel's ass. Now that Gabriel's hole has been stretched enough, Samuel stuffs his hard cock into it. He slips his throbbing cock in and out of Gabriel's tight, young ass in the missionary position. Gabriel bends over for Samuel and lets him in, enjoying every stroke of Samuel's prick. After pounding Gabriel's sweet ass doggy style, Samuel pulls out and cums all over the small of Gabriel's back then licks it off. Gabriel lays down and jerks off as Samuel Colt licks his nipples. After a matter of seconds Gabriel Louis moans and shoots a thick load up into the air. It's always fun to play with toys."












3 18
Samuel Colt and Luis Valentino

Samuel Colt and Luis Valentino

July 10, 2012

"When we met Luis Valentino he told us he had a 'thing' for daddies. When he found out he was going to be playing with furry Samuel Colt, Luis was ecstatic. Samuel and Luis kiss passionately and clutch at each others' clothes and skin. The take turns swallowing each others fucksticks whole and Samuel even rubs his thick shaft on Luis's feet. Luis spreads wide to accept Sam's tongue and then his fat cock, deep inside his asshole. Samuel proves to Luis what he already knew…that daddies do it best! Sam fucks Luis six ways to Sunday before giving him a warm mouthful of cum. Luis shoots his load all over Sam's pubes and furry stomach."








Samuel Colt and Colby Keller

March 2, 2012

"We find Colby Keller giving Samuel Colt a nice rubdown on the bed. Samuel complains to Colby that he didn't massage his ass. Colby slides down Samuel's underwear and gives his ass a rub. Colby can't resist that bubble butt and drops down to get a lick of Samuel's tasty asshole. Next thing you know Samuel's cock is completely down Colby's throat. Colby makes sure Samuel gets a mouthful of meat before he leans back and offers up his own tight hole for Samuel to fuck! Colby strokes his thick cock as Samuel bangs his tight hole. The guys flip and now Samuel is getting stuffed by Colby! Riding Colby feels so good that Samuel pops his load all over Colby's stomach with Colby still deep in his ass. Colby jacks his cock with Samuel's head on his belly, then explodes a wallop of a load onto Samuel's face. Samuel sucks the last bit of cum out of Colby's cock and, with cum dripping off his chin, goes in for a hot cum kiss."










Hunter Vance and Samuel Colt

Hunter Vance and Samuel Colt

January 3, 2012

"Helmet and mitt in hand, Hunter Vance is about to leave to play baseball when he passes Samuel Colt on the couch. Samuel asks what position he plays and Hunter lets him know he's a catcher. "I bet you are," Samuel remarks as he drops a baseball and has Hunter bend over to pick it up. Hunter's shorts are off within seconds and Samuel is busy burying his tongue deep in his ass. After some hot cock sucking by both studs, Hunter finds that a baseball isn't the only thing he's catching today. Samuel slams his big dick in Hunter's tight asshole. Judging by the moans coming out of Hunter's mouth while getting fucked, big Sam is hitting a home run. On his back with the bases loaded, and still getting his ass pounded, Hunter squeezes out a thick load onto his ripped abs. Samuel blasts a huge load of his own all over Hunter's tight bod. Score one for the home team!"

2 Hunter Vance and Samuel Colt

8 Hunter Vance and Samuel Colt

12 Hunter Vance and Samuel Colt

17 Hunter Vance and Samuel Colt

32 Hunter Vance and Samuel Colt

39 Hunter Vance and Samuel Colt

40 Hunter Vance and Samuel Colt

46 Hunter Vance and Samuel Colt

21 Hunter Vance and Samuel Colt 29 Hunter Vance and Samuel Colt
Samuel Colt and Mitch Vaughn

Samuel Colt and Mitch Vaughn

December 9, 2011

"It doesn't get more intense than this. Super Star Samuel Colt makes his debut on our site and flips with Cocksure Men discovery Mitch Vaughn in a sizzling scene. Both studs are top-of-the-line cocksuckers and swallow each other down to their balls. Samuel punches and paws at Mitch's enormous pecs and then switches gears down to Mitch's tasty ass. Samuel tongues Mitch deep, and then rubs his cock over Mitch's hole, teasing him for what's to come. Mitch spreads wide and Samuel thrusts his thick dick deep inside slamming Mitch fast and hard. In both missionary and doggie, Samuel makes sure Mitch takes every inch. With a devilish grin Mitch exclaims "Now it's your turn!" flipping furry Samuel on his back. Mitch rams Samuel fast and furious, returning the aggressive fuck he received just moments earlier. Feeling Mitch's cock up his ass causes Samuel to cum all over his hairy belly. He licks some of his own cum off his fingers and that sends Mitch overboard. Famous for his massive streams of cum, Mitch sends multiple loads flying all over Samuel. Sam fingers and licks up Mitch's cum, too."

2 3

4 5

7 9














Kyle Stevens, Samuel Colt and Antonio

BBJAM #28 Group Posing Finale

Featuring Kyle Stevens, Samuel Colt and Antonio
Jimmy Z Productions

October 3, 2010

"This muscle-packed show features our finest in video capturing of this unique live Muscle Show. With RICKY STARR (RICK SOSIAS) as host, this event showcases KYLE STEVENS, SAMUEL COLT, and ANTONIO (JOE VALENTINO) in a splashing display of manly sensuality. They all get down to business of showing off their magnificent bodies to the crowd, and before you get a chance to take a breath, they are individually naked on stage, making the audience go crazy. Wait until you get to the Posing Finale, where they all come out on stage one last time, and where they all go beyond expectations by shedding any piece of clothing they have on."

Kyle Stevens, Samuel Colt and Antonio

Kyle Stevens, Samuel Colt and Antonio

Kyle Stevens, Samuel Colt and Antonio

Kyle Stevens, Samuel Colt and Antonio

Kyle Stevens, Samuel Colt and Antonio

Kyle Stevens, Samuel Colt and Antonio

Kyle Stevens, Samuel Colt and Antonio

Kyle Stevens, Samuel Colt and Antonio Kyle Stevens, Samuel Colt and Antonio

Kyle Stevens, Samuel Colt and Antonio Kyle Stevens, Samuel Colt and Antonio

Kyle Stevens, Samuel Colt and Antonio Kyle Stevens, Samuel Colt and Antonio
Jimmy Z Productions Samuel Colt

BBJAM #28 Solo Performance

Featuring Samuel Colt
Jimmy Z Productions

November 1, 2009

"Samuel, who has appeared in numerous videos and publications, embarked on our stage, dressed in a Rocky-themed boxer outfit, and the crowd just ate him up...all hairy, and sexy, and handsome, but ready to let loose with the audience. His boyfriend, dressed as a cop, came on stage so he could arrest Samuel for being so indecent, but ended up having a love affair on stage with him, and making out like they had just met for the first time."

Jimmy Z Productions Samuel Colt

Jimmy Z Productions Samuel Colt

Jimmy Z Productions Samuel Colt Jimmy Z Productions Samuel Colt

Jimmy Z Productions Samuel Colt Jimmy Z Productions Samuel Colt

Jimmy Z Productions Samuel Colt Jimmy Z Productions Samuel Colt

Jimmy Z Productions Samuel Colt Jimmy Z Productions Samuel Colt

Jimmy Z Productions Samuel Colt Jimmy Z Productions Samuel Colt
Jimmy Z Productions Samuel Colt and Tyler Saint

Job Gone Sour Part 1

Featuring Samuel Colt and Tyler Saint
Jimmy Z Productions

April 26, 2009

"Tyler meets with Samuel at the office and they get into it over a business deal gone bad. Once they are done arguing anger turns to lust and the business suits come off faster than a couple of $2 whores. Cock sucking at it’s finest as their lust heads for Part 2."


Jimmy Z Productions Samuel Colt and Tyler Saint

Job Gone Sour Part 2

Featuring Samuel Colt and Tyler Saint
Jimmy Z Productions

June 7, 2009

"The office romance continues as these two muscled studs really get hot with each other. Which one can suck deeper? Find out in this screamin hot video."


Jimmy Z Productions Samuel Colt and Tyler Saint

Job Gone Sour Part 3

Featuring Samuel Colt and Tyler Saint
Jimmy Z Productions

July 19, 2009

"Their finale is mega hot. Tyler wants to take it up the ass and he wants it bad. Samuel is eager to please. Tyler knows what he wants and knows how to get it. Before you know it his ass is being pounded by Samuel with the agility of a breeding stallion."



The Game

Starring Issac Jones, Jake Genesis, Morgan Black, Samuel Colt and Wilfried Knight

January 10, 2014

"Menatplay kick-off 2014 with a 5-man muscle, fuck extravaganza. Jake Genesis is not happy with his teams performance on the field and has a few words for them, but the guys are totally fed up of hearing his lectures and they decide that its time to turn the tables on the bossy manager and teach him a lesson. Together Sam, Issac Jones, Wilfried and Morgan overpower Jake and rip off his expensive suit piece by piece, leaving him naked and completely helpless to the guys’ abuse. The team pin him down and hold his legs up as one by one, each of the players takes turn in fucking their bosses tight ass while the others shut him up by feeding him their hard dicks. Its a testosterone-fuelled fuck-fest with Jake getting pounded by the four hard dicks. And despite Jake’s protests they’re not about to stop, its payback time for the team and they wont stop until they leave Jake’s ass well and truly fucked. And just to make sure the manager doesn’t forget this lesson in humility they shoot their big loads all over his hairy, muscular chest, leaving him a wet sticky mess on the locker-room bench."



TheGamejake1 TheGamejake2

TheGameIssac1 TheGameMorgan1

TheGameSam1 TheGamewilf1
















TheGame7 TheGame8

TheGame9 TheGame10

TheGame11 TheGame13

TheGame16 TheGame25


Starring Samuel Colt and Jake Genesis

October 5, 2012

"Menatplay has a new Tailor - Jake Genesis, and he is responsible for making our men look so smart and sexy. Although some of them are used to wearing suits, others don't own a suit of their own and it is up to Jake to give them the Menatplay Makeover. This was the case of Samuel Colt who arrived at his shop needing a bespoke suit. So Jake takes his measurements and gives him some samples from his collection to try on. But when he sees Samuel all suited up in a perfect grey two-piece, he can't help but feel a twinge of excitement in his trousers and Samuel notices this giving him the signal to go for it. Soon enough Jake is on his knees giving his client the full Menatplay treatment, and for those who aren't familiar with our staff you can bet Samuel left the shop one happy customer after receiving the fucking of a lifetime. That's what we like to call bespoke service! Check out the sizzling hot preview now."

















Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt (6)


Starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt

July 6, 2012

Captive Starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt


Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt (1) Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt (2)

Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt (3) Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt (4)

Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt (5) Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt (7)

Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt (8) Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt (9)

Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt (11) Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt (12)

Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt (13) Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt (15)

Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt (17) Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt (18)

Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt (20) Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt

Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt (10)

Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt (14)

Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt (16)

Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt (19)

Captive starring Alex Marte and Samuel Colt (21)

The Chauffeur

Starring Samuel Colt & Rob Nelson

January 7, 2011

"This week US porn mega star Samuel Colt comes to Menatplay towers for a series of meetings in the UK, and like any big star he demands his own entourage including an assistant, a secretary and not least his very own personal chauffeur. And as you will have come to expect from us at Menatplay, we have certainly delivered once again by giving him Rob Nelson for a driver, something which clearly takes Mr Colt by surprise as he seems to find it hard not to be distracted by Rob's handsome looks, muscular body and in particular his big, beefy ass beneath his suit trousers. Eventually the sexual tension is too much to bear and Samuel tears the clothes of Rob's body before eating his ass and fucking him hard over his office desk."


Chauffeur_aff_6 Chauffeur_aff_7

Chauffeur_aff_8 Chauffeur_aff_9

Chauffeur_aff_10 Chauffeur_aff_11

Chauffeur_aff_12 Chauffeur_aff_14

Chauffeur_aff_15 Chauffeur_aff_16








Brad Steel

• 5'8"
• 210 Pounds
• 29 years old
• 18-inch biceps
• 48-inch chest

"Brad Steel is an up-and-coming bodybuilder with an exceptional backside and a nasty attitude."







Brandon1 Brandon15
Kink Men

Tyler Saint vs Samuel Colt

October 7, 2009

"You asked for big burly guys. You got it. Tyler Saint is a powerhouse but for some reason or another he doesn't have much luck here on NK. He got injured in his last Live Audience match with Patrick Rouge. Let's see if he learns anything from his previous matches. Mustang exclusive Samuel Colt is back for another match. He overpowered Luke Riley in his last match but does he have what it takes to overcome Tyler Saint?"














Luke Riley vs Samuel Colt

August 5, 2009

"Luke Riley has one victory to his credit so far and looks to defend his record against the muscular Samuel Colt this week. Since Luke won his last bout in the Water Match, he's been in the gym everyday working on his cardio. But will it be enough to stay on top with Samuel's Hulk-like body, eight years of military background and hand-to-hand combat experience? Samuel was so horned up to wrestle for Naked Kombat that Mustang Studio agreed to lend us their newest exclusive model."










Samuel Colt and Shay Michaels

Uniform Men, Scene 3

Samuel Colt and Shay Michaels
Colt Studios

May 3, 2012

"“If you ask me… a man in Leather, that’s my thing” says Samuel Colt, fresh off his smoking hot photo-shoot and sex scene with Spencer Reed. Watching as Shay Michaels shows his beef and his brawn in a Leather-Cop fantasy photo-shoot, Samuel goes on to say “…a man in Leather… just makes me wanna do bad things to him”.

Standing at attention, Shay Michaels stares straight ahead as sergeant Samuel Colt circles him close, giving Shay a thorough inspection from head to toe. Samuel gets up really close and decides to inspect even closer. Stripping away Shay’s leather shirt and opening the front of Shay’s leather pants, Samuel likes what he sees.

Apparently Shay passes inspection as Samuel then kicks back in old school bootblack’s chair and points down toward his boots. Shay knows his place and immediately gets his tongue down on those knee length leather boots. As Shay is busy down below, Samuel opens up a little and takes his hard cock in his leather-gloved hands, giving Shay an invitation to work his way up from his boots. Shay knows how to give service and gives Samuels throbbing cock a very thorough and deep-throated spit shine.

Samuel gets up and orders Shay “Stand Up! Let me see your ass”. “Yes Sir!” he says as he stands up and bends over. Samuel is all business as he dives his tongue deep into Shays beefy ass and hairy hole. Rimming and probing that ass with a true sense of purpose, Samuel is getting that hot hole lubed and ready for what comes next.

Stripping off his leather shirt Samuel takes his piece of meat and plants it deep in Shay’s eager hole. Grunting, groaning and taking it like a man, Shay enjoys a good hard pounding and Samuel lets him have it.

Using the chair to its full advantage Samuel gets Shay’s ass in the air for an even deeper drilling. And when the fucking has both guys ready to blow, Shay gets on his knees again before Samuel and asks permission to blow his load. Samuel nods his approval just as Shay lets loose a drenching load of white hot cum all over his newly shined boots. Shay then dutifully licks away the extra polish as Samuel jack s and strokes a showering load down on him."

Samuel Colt and Shay Michaels
Spencer Reed and Samuel Colt

Uniform Men, Scene 2: Muscled, Army Studs

Spencer Reed and Samuel Colt
Colt Studios

April 19, 2012

"Shortly after his hot scene with Adam Killian, Spencer Reed is still hot and horny. On the sidelines of Samuel Colt’s photo-shoot, Spencer talks with the COLT production crew about how he likes to get down and dirty and talks about what he would do with a guy like Samuel.

Decked out in his Army fatigues, Spencer grabs Samuel by the head and drives his face into his chest. Tearing holes in his shirt, Spencer’s hairy muscled chest busts through as Samuel licks and sucks at those rock-hard and hairy pecks. Spencer takes Samuel again by the head and forcefully drives him down to his crotch, demanding service. Samuel handles the rough treatment well and eagerly services his captain’s throbbing man-tool. “Get down there!” “Yeah suck that Cock!” Spencer demands as he tears off his torn shirt and flexes his muscles.

Shoving Samuel down onto the floor, Spencer puts his boot on Samuel's ripped abs and strokes up a thick batch. Samuel opens wide as Spencer shoots a hot load down on his face. A thick spray of dick juice lands on his tongue as he is showered in cum. The taste of Spencer’s hot cum gets Samuel off as he jacks his load all over Spencer’s army boots."

Spencer Reed and Samuel Colt

Spencer Reed and Samuel Colt

Spencer Reed and Samuel Colt

Spencer Reed and Samuel Colt

Spencer Reed and Samuel Colt

Spencer Reed and Samuel Colt

Spencer Reed and Samuel Colt

Spencer Reed and Samuel Colt

Muscles in Leather, Scene 3

Starring Nate Karlton and Samuel Colt
Colt Studios

May 26, 2011

"For Samuel Colt's first scene with COLT Studio, he got decked out in head to toe leather and practically pounced on COLT Man Nate Karlton. The air is filled with electricity as they lock together and press their muscular bodies against each other with a hungry abandon. Exploring the layers of Muscles in Leather, Nate finds his way beneath Samuel’s leather jock for a manly helping of cock. Samuel returns the favor and gets down on his knees; ripping off the studded leather cod-piece on Nate’s full body harness Samuel feeds on Nate’s hard and throbbing cock.

The smell of leather is intoxicating as they explore each other with their open mouths, getting off on the feel of their hot muscled bodies against each other. Seeing Samuel’s smooth ass in those leather chaps sets Nate’s cock on fire. Turning Samuel around Nate dives in and buries his face in Samuel’s hot round muscle butt. Pushing Samuel over and grabbing onto the back of his harness, Nate mounts that ass and fucks it hard. “C’mon! Gimme your cock! Give it to me!” Samuel demands as Nate pounds him with everything that he's got. With that hard cock drilling his ass, Samuel lets out a manly groan as his load erupts, drenching himself in sweat and cum. And when every drop is drained Nate climbs up and drenches Samuel even more with his own cum. Covered in two massive loads, Samuel basks in the leather glow of the moment while Nate collapses on top of him."

Nate Karlton and Samuel Colt
12552_004 12552_006

12552_012 12552_015

12554_008 12554_023

12554_025 12554_027



















Worked Up, Scene 1

Samuel Colt and Jim Ferro
Mustang Studios / Falcon Studios

April 6, 2011

"Samuel Colt spots Jim Ferro and checks out the super-buffed trainer and his buns of steel. Eager to tangle, they get to work but the animal attraction quickly overtakes them and the workout takes a more sexual turn. After sinking into each other’s big-muscled embrace, Samuel gets ahold of Jim’s cock and swallows it down, almost gagging on its girth and length. Then Jim sucks Samuel’s dick before dishing out a sopping rim job on his asshole. Pleased with themselves and each other, the studs flex their muscles and preen; they grope and feel each other up. Jim then drives his cock deep inside Samuel’s ass, pumping in and out fast and hard. Samuel next squats onto Jim’s thick prick, grinding himself down as far as he can and both men build up a sweat as they continue fucking with a fury matched only by their enthusiasm. As he pants and shudders, Samuel’s eyes grow big until he finally shoots his wad. Then Jim pulls out and jerks himself off to climax all over Samuel’s abs."








Fit For Service, Scene 1

Samuel Colt and Drew Cutler
Mustang Studios / Falcon Studios

December 2, 2010

"Samuel Colt and Drew Cutler find themselves stuck waiting at the doctor's office. Samuel needs to see someone about his erection that won't quit so Drew suggests he take a look and see if he can remedy the situation. Samuel's cock is indeed hard so Drew administers to it by opening wide and sucking it down his throat, giving the troubled soldier some relief. Soon Drew's got a boner just as stiff and Samuel wraps his lips around it and sucks away before he hunkers down and eats his new buddy's ass. Samuel then gets in position and fucks Drew hard, slamming his cock as deep inside as he can. They continue screwing fast and furious, even after moving onto an exam table, until they both blast their thick loads."







Depths of Desire Part 2, Scene 4

Samuel Colt and Ethan Roberts
Mustang Studios / Falcon Studios

September 17, 2010

"Samuel Colt finds Ethan Roberts looking like forbidden fruit and all the big man wants is a big bite. He approaches his young strapping target and begins to suck his dick, working slavishly up and down the shaft and chewing on its fleshy foreskin. Ethan wants a taste of the action too, but right now, Samuel's calling the shots, dictating how the action proceeds. Ethan finally gets his chance to service his master and he relishes every slurp he's allowed on Samuel's cock; he's even rewarded with kisses and a shot of spit in his face. Samuel then attacks Ethan's ass, first rimming it and then stretching the hole open with his fingers, exposing its rosy inside. Ethan begs Samuel to fuck him and he soon gets his wish. Samuel plows his hole hard with fierce thrusts until one after they other, they bust their nuts, gushing spurts of spooge."

7830_001 7830_002

7830_003 7830_005




Crotch Rocket (MVP 107)

Arpad Miklos, Samuel Colt, Alessio Romero, Brenn Wyson
Mustang Studios

July 17, 2010

"Samuel Colt hits a popular bar while waiting for his repaired bike. He spots Alessio Romero and Arpad Miklos playing pool as barkeep Brenn Wyson reports that the loser's agreed to bottom for a gangbang. Alessio loses and Arpad, Samuel and Brenn waste no time holding the wiry jock to the deal. They corner Alessio like a pig in a pole and drown him in dicks and spit. They brutalize him with taunts, punches and slaps as they jam their cocks into his mouth, even two at a time. Then the unholy trinity each take turns fucking their compliant manwhore after prepping his asshole with a rimming. Samuel and Brenn doubleteam Alessio stretching his sphincter wide as they cram both their cocks inside. Samuel, Arpad and Brenn then finish by showering their quarry with their cum. Brenn is the first to blast Alessio straight in the face, then Arpad drizzles his spooge all over and Samuel creams him with his load. And only after all that can Alessio jerk himself off to finally bust his nut."






7776_002 7776_003

7776_005 7776_008

7776_009 7776_010

Rhodes' Rules Part 2, Scene 1

Adam Killian and Samuel Colt
Mustang Studios / Falcon Studios

May 9, 2012

"Waiting to see who’ll fly into his airspace, Samuel Colt tweaks his tits and plays with his cock and balls. His dick shaft is pierced on the underside, just below the mushroom tip, with a sizeable hole from his Prince Albert. Superstud Adam Killian is smitten and can’t keep his eyes, hands or mouth off of the big man. All that tongue travelling and fevered deepthroating excite both men and generate more play with Samuel giving as good as he gets. He starts sucking Adam’s dick, then pokes his manhole with a finger. Then he rams his face between Adam’s round asscheeks to rim the cleft before he jams his hot rod in and out. Adam takes as much as he can until he finally cums. Then he cradles Samuel in his arms so the big hunk can stroke himself to climax. But that’s not all Samuel’s got as he stands close to Adam and empties his bladder all over him, shooting 2 strong jets of urine — one out of his piss slit and the other from the unblocked piercing below the mushroom tip."





80915 80917

80918 80919

80921 80922

Adrenalin (MVP104)

Samuel Colt & Drake Jaden
Mustang Studios

"Samuel's been ogling Drake's bubblebutt for awhile -- that's a tasty treat he'd like to sink his teeth into. He follows the hunky barkeep into the backroom, gets down on his knees and starts to rim his puckered hole savoring all its hidden secrets and musky smells. Then the big guy spins Drake around and starts to nurse on his dick. Both men quickly grow drunk with lust. Drake then decides it's his turn to show Samuel he can suck cock just as good, so he hungrily feeds on Mr. Colt's pistol swallowing it all the way down to the base. All charged-up, Samuel drives his hardened prick into Drake's hole and fucks him like crazy until both men can no longer hold back and they climax and cum."

80162 80191

80192 80193

Darkroom (MVP103)

Samuel Colt & Sean Everett
Mustang Studios

"Samuel Colt and Sean Everett wake up naked, wide-eyed and fearful; their thumbs tightly manacled behind them, their cocks locked in metal chastity belts, and their mouths stuffed with jockstraps. A masked assailant throws them onto the floor. He frees Samuel's hands, then rams a glistening silver plug up his asshole. It hurts real bad and the big man starts to whimper. With the plug securely in place, Samuel nuzzles up to Sean for comfort. But then he is forced to unleash the same brutal attack on his friend. He shimmies a silver dildo up Sean's hole. Suddenly feeling empowered, Samuel starts to enact his lusty rage by sucking Sean's uncut cock. With dread and anxiety finally abated, the two friends lose themselves in each other's flesh. Sean rims his buddy's buttcrack, digging his tongue deep inside the hole and Samuel responds by screwing him up the ass. Each forceful thrust is steady and relentless, driving both men to finally climax and cum, spilling their manjuice all over."

79776 79764

79771 79788

Sounding 3, Scene 2

Samuel Colt

November 14, 2008

"San Francisco muscle stud Samuel Colt has a hairy chest and a winning smile. Samuel also fucks himself with steel rods. But wait,there's more! He then gets a bunch of silicon sounds (made by the notorious Square Peg Toys!). The greatest moment of Samuel's act is when he takes a 16 inch long silicon sound and shoves the whole thing up his cock. It's as long as a catheter and goes all the way, deep inside. Watch as he has the orgasm of his life!"

SC6318 SC6405

SC4022 SC4031

Lucky Fuck, Scene 5

Hairy Hunks John Magnum and Samuel Colt Flip-Fuck
Lucas Entertainment

October 24, 2011

"John Magnum might be playing a game of pool, but it’s a game of cat-and-mouse that beefy hunk Samuel Colt is interested in. He admires John from afar, and when he strolls into the bathroom, Samuel follows. John misplaces his phone (or so he wants us to think), prompting Samuel to hand it over to him. A reward is needed: Samuel’s cock is hanging out of his pants. John wastes no time dropping to his knees, swallowing the piece of meat, gagging and slobbering with each bob of his head. The bar gets hotter, so the guys take their clothes off, and even though Samuel is a big, strong top, he leans over the bar for John to top him -- a rare treat. The blond cutie with the hot, toned body digs his hard dick deep inside of Samuel, who grunts and yells for more! But John doesn’t want to be left out, so he gets down on his hands and knees like a dog on the pool table. Samuel mounts him like a sex beast and ravages his asshole. All of his thrusts and pounds lead to a strong load-busting!"



LVP113_05_John_Magnum_Samuel_Colt_02 LVP113_05_John_Magnum_Samuel_Colt_03

LVP113_05_John_Magnum_Samuel_Colt_04 LVP113_05_John_Magnum_Samuel_Colt_05

LVP113_05_John_Magnum_Samuel_Colt_06 LVP113_05_John_Magnum_Samuel_Colt_07

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All Access, Scene 2

Angelo Marconi and Samuel Colt
Raging Stallion Studios | Hard Friction

July 8, 2011

"Samuel Colt and Angelo Marconi are in the Hard Friction studio ready to show off their bulging muscles and hard cocks for the Live audience. They stand naked, kissing and exploring each other's hard bodies and throbbing cocks. Angelo is ready to suck some cock and gives Samuel a spit-soaked blowjob before lying back to get his turn from Samuel. Angelo's dick is rock hard as Samuel licks and sucks it while rubbing down his ripped abs and massive pecs. He then spreads Angelo's legs wide and goes to work on his hole. Angelo is really turned on and fingers himself as Samuel tongues his hot hole. Samuel's cock needs more attention, so he climbs up on Angelo and fucks his face push-up style while Angelo hold his legs. These two muscle men are strong! Angelo is a hungry cocksucker and swallows down Samuel's cock and both balls! The audience wants to see some fucking and these two studs do not disappoint. Samuel pounds Angelo's hot ass in three positions while rimming and fingering him until both studs blow their creamy white loads."


On Tap: Scene 1

Samuel Colt & Casey Williams

August 6, 2013

"New beer deliveryman Casey Williams wonders why his predecessor got fired: “I don’t know why it was taking him so long.” But one look at bartender Samuel Colt—whose massive chest peeks out from his unbuttoned cutoff shirt—makes it clear. “Bet I know,” he replies, wrapping his hand around Casey’s neck and pulling him in for a kiss, rubbing Casey’s bulging pecs. With his own boner jutting out of his jeans, Casey feasts on the butch bartender’s throbber, reaching up and rubbing his nip. Samuel returns the suck, his beard meeting Casey’s pubes. Casey’s light-skinned chest has a red imprint, the result of Samuel’s manhandling. Samuel snaps up his boner, spitting on it before Casey sucks him again. Bent over the bar, Casey gets eaten and fucked from behind, pushing down his boner to show it off. Samuel gets on his back, Casey plowing him as an aerial shot looks down on their two buff bods before they shoot—Casey’s load hitting Samuel’s cock."



Strobe, Scene 1

Starring George Ce & Samuel Colt

December 18, 2012

"With his giant pecs peeking through his tank, Samuel Colt smiles at hunky George Ce—the club music drawing them closer as they finally kiss. George licks all over Samuel, dropping down as the stud’s cock is released. George gets it slick, Samuel bending down for a kiss before cupping his balls for the sucker. Samuel feasts on George’s chest before engulfing his massive cock, a thick uncut beauty that pops out of his jeans. Samuel instantly buries his mustache hairs to George’s pubes. George lets out a moan, guiding the breathless sucker’s head down in an impressive sequence. The two kiss, their cocks grazing and poking each other. Samuel eats his bud, then fucks him from behind—wrapping his arms around the bottom, who arches back for a kiss. Samuel gets on his back and opens his hole, grabbing hold of George’s pec as he gets rammed deep. The two stroke out their loads, Samuel’s thighs soaked as they share a kiss."


Stobe_scene1_06 Stobe_scene1_11

Stobe_scene1_12 Stobe_scene1_16

Stobe_scene1_20 Stobe_scene1_23

Stobe_scene1_29 Stobe_scene1_35









Samuel Colt -- Pure Man

Photography By Serg Studios
Men Magazine August 2009

"Meet Samuel. He's got a killer butt, chest and shoulders. A real man with a real sexy edge. He used to do webmaster stuff for Hot House, but now he's unleashed himself on the scene, and we think he's destined to make many men blow their load across the globe."



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