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SITES: Manifest Men

Manifest Men Diego del Torro

Diego del Torro

"Diego Del Toro is one of those types that could easily fit into any muscle fantasy role. You can take one look at him and peg him as the handsome Latin lover or the young tattooed bodybuilder. Or maybe you'll see him as he really is: a big and beautifully muscular heroic figure of a firefighter. Hard work and mental & physical discipline are the prerequisites for being a firefighter and these characteristics are just as essential to create the body you see here."

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Manifest Men Diego del Torro

Diego Del Torro

"Studio 1010"
Video Gallery Update

October 24, 2008

"Spanish muscle stud Diego Del Toro literally explodes in the Manifest loft in a video with so much powerful footage that we had to make it over 30 minutes in length. Bespectacled Diego Del Toro pumps up his muscles, strips off his shirt, flexes his muscles, feels them up and within seconds his thick muscle cock is begging for attention. Diego Del Toro obliges, by stripping down completely, lying back on the bed spreading his legs and going to town.

Diego doesn't just stroke his cock--he writhes, flexes and moves around like a hundred hands are pleasuring his body. Even when he turns over and humps the bed he throws his entire body into it showing off his bubble butt and brawny back.

And then Diego stands up, thrusts his hips and his rock-hard cock into his fist, his entire muscle body working hard, edging himself closer. Finally he shoots onto the glass walls of the loft's balcony and rubs his cum-slick bull cock against the glass panel to mark his territory and proclaim "Diego Del Toro was here". Over 30 minutes of muscle with an explosive finale."

Manifest Men Diego del Torro

Manifest Men Diego del Torro

Manifest Men Diego del Torro

Manifest Men Diego del Torro

Manifest Men Diego del Torro
Manifest Men Diego del Torro

Diego Del Torro

Photo & Video Gallery Update

July 13, 2008

"Discipline and hard work are the hallmarks of a dedicated firefighter like Diego Del Toro. While carrying a ladder up a flight of stairs Diego takes a break and decides to take care of his raging problem. He strips down, feels up his smooth muscled body and strokes his cock while he stokes the flames inside. While enjoying every moment, Diego soon reaches the point of no return. Watch as Diego Del Toro lives up to his name and "milks the bull" by shooting a heavy load out of his thick cock and onto his muscled abs. He cleans up, dresses and moves on proving that this firefighter knows how to put out a fire and is always prepared for when the next one ignites."