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ALIASES: Alpha Muscle, Apollo Phoenix, Joe Thunder
SITES: Jake Cruise, Manifest Men, North American Bodies, Playgirl, PowerMen, SG4GE, Straight Muscle Guys

Manifest Men Apollo Phoenix

Apollo Phoenix

Age: 23
Height: 6'4" 193.04cm
Weight: 260lbs 117.93kg
Biceps: 22" 55.88cm
Chest: 50" 127cm
Waist: 33" 84cm
Quads: 30" 76cm
Shoe: 12 US 46.5 EU

"Apollo Phoenix is no ordinary man of muscle. With his naturally hairy body he defies the cookie-cutter look of other bodybuilders and stands out on his own as a man of overt masculine muscle. With his size and the look of serious confidence he may intimidate you while he draws you in closer, disarming you with his approachable and disarming smile."

Manifest Men Apollo Phoenix Manifest Men Apollo Phoenix

Manifest Men Apollo Phoenix Manifest Men Apollo Phoenix

Manifest Men Apollo Phoenix Manifest Men Apollo Phoenix

Manifest Men Apollo Phoenix Manifest Men Apollo Phoenix
Manifest Men Apollo Phoenix

Apollo Phoenix

Video Gallery Update

December 16, 2008

"The shaving down is it's time to admire and worship the smooth slabs of hard muscle on Apollo Phoenix. Rubbing lotion over his body soothes his naked muscles and immediately excites Apollo Phoenix spurring him to strip off his boxer briefs and stroke his muscle cock. You'll see Apollo Phoenix from every angle as his cock grows and his muscles flex and pump until his mushroom head swells and he shoots a massive load on the floor.

At the end the camera pans down to the floor to get a shot of the artifacts of Apollo Phoenix's video----his shorn off body hair and the splatters of muscle cum."

Manifest Men Apollo Phoenix

Apollo Phoenix

Video Gallery Update

December 10, 2008

"For fans of hairy muscle, it doesn't get much better than the giant muscle stud Apollo Phoenix. Prefer your muscle smooth? Here you get to see exactly what it takes for Apollo to trim down to expose all that magnificent muscle."

Manifest Men Apollo Phoenix

Apollo Phoenix

"Studio 1010"
Video Gallery Update

July 2, 2008

"Prepare to enter the realm of raw masculine and hairy muscle and spend time with Apollo Phoenix in our new studio loft. There you'll see Apollo Phoenix flexing, running his hands over his steel hard pecs and through his chest hair. The mere touch of his own body is enough to spark Apollo to jack his thick cock, hump the bed and draw you in even closer. When he starts jacking, every muscle comes into play.

But make no mistake, Apollo Phoenix is in full control of every inch of his body. Wait until you see him unleash a volcanic cum shot on the glass panel of the balcony, it may be the biggest one ever seen on Manifest Men. We listen to our members' requests for "hairy muscle" and bring you one of the very best!"

Apollo Phoenix

Apollo Phoenix

"Not The Usual Apollo"

"Another of the tall, muscled, and....bald! musclemen, Apollo Phoenix marks yet another diversionary turn for Powermen fans. Those who love tall and lean, with perfect, beautiful smooth skin and a spiky, upturned dick, always at the ready, will love the new god Apollo!"

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Joe Thunder Massaged

"This is truly a dream massage for me. Not only does Joe Thunder have an amazing body builder physique, but he has body hair as well! A great combination, in my opinion. After oiling up this massive hunk, I have the pleasure of rubbing, kneading and caressing every inch of his gorgeous 6' 4" frame, and that includes his tight little butt hole. When I give Joe my patented blow job/hand job treatment, he's a little overwhelmed and the cum flies everywhere!"










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Joe Thunder Serviced

"I'm always on the lookout for hot guys with great bodies, and I really hit the jackpot with Joe Thunder. Joe is a rarity - a body builder with body hair - a combo I find irresistible. And what a body he has built: big, beefy thighs, enormous biceps, sculpted pecs and abs, all beautifully proportioned. I do my best to service Joe from every possible angle, so you can appreciate this hunk to the utmost. Joe returns the favor, shooting all over my face!"







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Joe Thunder Solo

September 8, 2009

"When Joe's not working out, he's a male stripper. In this scene, he gives us a taste of both - first pumping some iron, then stripping off those sweaty workout clothes. Once the workout's over, the j.o. action begins, and it doesn't take long for Joe's cock to grow as thick and beefy as the rest of his body. He works that baby hard, resulting in an abs covering climax."










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Joe Thunder

Age: 31
Sign: Leo
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 245 lbs.
Cock: 8"
Eyes: Brown

"If you like your men muscular, you'll love Joe Thunder. This East Coast bodybuilder can flex with the best of them, but it's when he moves into action that he really shines. The view when he takes his girl from behind is truly spectacular! This hot, passionate scene is one workout Joe won't soon forget. Neither will you."









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Alpha Muscle

Who is Alpha Muscle?

31 yrs old, 6'1, 245lbs, of rock hard muscle, he defines the true meaning of a superior alpha male. The ultimate monument to physical male perfection this stud loves to show off his body and loves the depths to which men and women will go to get close to him. With biceps as big as your head, he is a true musclegod that knows how to exert his power and alpha dominance over both men and women. You'll wanna get closer to this magnificent stud but you should know he likes to be shown the proper respect he deserves. Don't mistake this alpha studs generosity for weakness. Gain his respect and he'll let you in further, try to mess with him and he'll break you in half!

How long you been training?

About 15 years now, I've been playing sports my whole life and got into bodybuilding after I blew out my knee in high school playing basketball. I got heavy into the weights and my body just exploded.

What's your favorite body part?

I would say my my chest. Cause I always had a genetic disposition to having a big chest. In high school I was pretty powerful and win all the bench pressing contests. I could out lift guys older and bigger than me.

What's the best thing about being being a big muscle dude?

People are always coming up to me asking me questions and checking out my guns and staring. It amazes me how many doors open up just from being "the big guy".

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Playgirl TV Hunks

"He's in his prime ready to strip down and provide any kind of pleasure you want. Ask and get ready to receive."



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"Doug is a heavyweight amateur bodybuilder from Long Island, New York. He has won overall Novice title in his first competition as well as 2nd and 3rd place finishes in Pro Qualifiers. He also won 1st place and overall novice New Jersey Title as well as 2nd and 3 place in INBF pro qualifiers. He is also a skilled personal trainer who is an excellent source for training and nutrition needs and very knowledgeable in all aspects of training for both men, women and teens. He stands a tall 6'4" with an off season weight of 240 lbs. and a competition weight of 215. You can see Doug's exclusive appearance on which is the first site to discover this incredibly gifted bodybuilder."


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