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Bodybuilders' Jam #20 Group Finale

Featuring Ricky Starr, Luke Garrett, Ty Fox and Dakota James
Jimmy Z Productions

June 1, 2008

"We have 4 of the hottest guys in the industry in this Finale, including superstar Ricky Starr (Rick Sosias), legend Ty Fox, Colt Man extraordinaire Luke Garrett, and Dakota James. They dazzle the crowd with their muscularity, and as a group, they loved working together. Even another Colt Model Gage Weston shows us to tease the guys. What a display of muscle on one stage."










Featuring Dakota James
Jimmy Z Productions

May 6, 2007

"Dakota takes center stage at the Faultline. This well-publicized muscle hunk knows how to dance his way into the muscle-hungry crowds' hearts. He strips down and works the stage like the pro he is. Dakota's black jock strap is frickin' loaded with money. What a man!"




Dakota2 Dakota6

Studio Dream Sequence

Featuring Dakota James
Jimmy Z Productions

January 14, 2007

"Here’s a special fantasy video where we meet Dakota during his “dream to reality” body building journey. This major ripped hunk strips off his work clothes to reveal a body that won't quit. He’s fuckin' huge and he can’t keep his hands off his black jock strap all the way to a real cum gusher!"


Dakota6 Dakota12

Dakota13 Dakota15
Manifest Men Dakota James

Manifest Men Dakota James

Dakota James

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 250
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Chest: 50"
Waist: 33"
Biceps: 19.5"
Quads: 29"
Body Hair: Shaved

"Dakota James is the full-grown muscled-up version of that big beefy football jock you lusted after in high school and fantasized about how he looked now. Dakota still has the serious look of a dedicated athlete, the tough guy whom you can't figure out but that you know must have more going on inside. And he does. When Dakota James gets behind closed doors, that sexual side comes out full force. Just as you dreamed it would."

Dakota James in Seattle Muscle at Manifest Men

Dakota James in Seattle Muscle at Manifest Men

"Dance for Me"

Dakota James (2)

"This is the second shoot I did with Dakota recently. He's retired now so, this will probably be the last movie he does for anyone. Quite a loss as I was hoping to be able to work with him again in the future. Still, what we have here is rather good. Continuing in the vein of Rocky's "Dance for Me" movie, here we have Dakota James, buck naked and dancing for your pleasure."


"At Home"

Dakota James

"Been a while since I did my first shoot with Dakota James and I almost missed my chance to do another. He's now married with children and officially retired from the adult business. I'm not really sure why, but, when I contacted him he agreed to do a couple more shoots for me. The end result is you'll get to see him pleasuring himself in his own living room. This was actually the second shoot with Dakota done that day. It takes place at his new house. He gives a tour and an interview which may have some surprises for his fans. I hope you enjoy it as this may be the one of the last two times you'll be able to see this fantastic man."

TGS90_023 TGS90_033

TGS90_058 TGS90_060
Dakota Fucks Lucas

Dakota Fucks Lucas

July 15, 2005

"I've always been intrigued at the thought of an upperclassmen taking care of a younger guy on the football team on and off the field. So when I recently had Dakota, a college football linebacker, in my studio, the wheels started to turn. I called up Lucas and he agreed to come over.

Dakota is totally straight, just like Lucas, so I wasn't sure how far I could get him to go in his first video with a guy. I knew that Lucas, who is very charismatic and sexy as hell, would be the catalyst to get Dakota to experiment if he was going to.

I took the guys out to toss the ball around before we headed back in the studio for the REAL fun. I could tell Dakota was still a bit nervous, but once Lucas went down on his cock, that loosened him up and when Lucas offered his own cock in return, Dakota began blowing him!

So after some intense kissing and cock worship, both of the guys indicated they were cool with going further with each other. Dakota took control and slid his thick cock into Lucas' muscled frame and proceeded to give him a very vigorous straight stud ass pounding!"

Dakota Fucks Lucas

Dakota Fucks Lucas

Dakota Fucks Lucas

Dakota Fucks Lucas

Dakota Fucks Lucas

Dakota Fucks Lucas

Dakota Fucks Lucas

Dakota Fucks Lucas

Dakota Fucks Lucas

Dakota Fucks Lucas

Dakota Fucks Lucas

Dakota Fucks Lucas

Dakota Fucks Lucas

Dakota Fucks Lucas

Musclemen Moving Company Inc. 2, Scene 4

Ty Fox and Dakota James
Blue Blake Productions

"Ty Fox reprimands Dakota James for fucking Hans on the stairwell. His punishment? He gets to fuck Ty of course. Ty Fox is more muscular than ever, his body ripped and he looks competition-ready. They make a hot pair. Dakota gets the party started, kneeling down to suck Ty`s hard dick enthusiastically. Ty returns the favor, slurping and sucking on Dakota`s bone, peppering his efforts with plenty of dirty-talk, saying he can`t wait to have that hard cock in his hard muscle body, etc. He`s hunched over the cock, sucking like a man possessed. Dakota goes ass-up on the bed, Ty fingering his pink butthole, then Ty sticks his musclebutt out, on his knees at the edge of bed, as Dakota fingers his hole, the camera getting superb close-ups of the juicy-looking rosebud. Then the insertion (Ty on all-fours): Dakota`s hard dick slides right in, Ty TOTALLY loving it, begging for Dakota to fuck him hard, HARDER, as hard as he can. The fucking is intense, Dakota ravaging Ty`s hole, pounding him ruthlessly, the camera capturing it all from the side, overhead, underneath. Then, Ty on his back, legs-up, Dakota pile-driving into his musclebutt, Ty grunting and flexing and begging and talking shit as Dakota is slamming in and out of his spread-open musclebutt with the force of a Mack truck. And when Dakota dumps his load, gobs of spunk drips down from Ty`s sweaty nuts to his just-fucked asshole, cum (lots of cum) dripping all over the twitching hole. Ty then yanks out a gallon of cum. Incredible."





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